Friday, February 29, 2008

What to wear....

Hmmm, I have 2 functions this weekend and no clue what is or is not going to fit! I got my jeans on last weekend actually and zipped and buttoned them up, but then opted to go unbuttoned with the bella band! much more comfortable! But now...I have to wear something besides jeans or stretch pants Saturday and Sunday!!! ACK! Hope everyone understands if I look slightly off and pray that no one asks me when I am due! ;-)

So for you mommas out there..when did you start to get back to your normal clothes and what do you wear in the meantime to avoid looking preg??

I have some errands to run today...and its 12:30 and I am still in my jammies. Usually I am better and have at least showered by now. But Z Man and I decided to be lazy today. We woke up for our 630 feeding and then decided to cuddle and snooze through the Today show and get up again at 10am. And then Popsie called and was in the neighborhood and stopped by with Whataburger (perfect for getting back into those pre-preg clothes, HA!). Zach was awake from like 10 til almost 12! He is stretched out sleeping on my lap now....I guess Ill get in the shower after Ellen and then go on those errands!

I made a photo book for the grandparents too can check it out here!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Doctor Update!

Z Man had his 2 week doctor appointment today and all is well! Zach was a great little boy (not that I am surprised!) and hardly fussed at all while we were there except for a quick squeal during the heel prick. He was far more behaved than the baby down the hall who was screaming like a banchee!! He is weighing in at 8lbs and measuring 21 inches long....50% weight, 35% height, and head is 60% percentile! So, he is pretty "average" at this point! I was a little surprised he wasn't longer but he always has his legs all scrunched and the height measurement isn't very scientific.
1) lay baby on table with paper,
2) stretch baby's legs as you can,
3) mark a line with pen at head and feet and
4) measure.
You can see how there could be some room for error in there! ;-) But I digress, the kid has huge hands and feet, he will grow into them. Even the lady sitting next to us in the waiting room commented on his hands! She said he could be a piano player...I said, how about a basketball player?! :) The pics don't even do him justice!

Doc felt good about his weight gain too and I'm a little more relaxed about what he is intaking from me. maybe he is getting more than I thought since he only gets about 2-3 formula bottles a day. So, we shall continue on and see how he does and keep weighing him along the way. His next appointment is April 15 for 2 months, Tax Day! (which we need to do!) Oh, and Z's cord stump fell off yesterday too. Woohoo!

Last note, I am finally an iPod owner. Mom won one and gave it to me so I am going to be hip and use it. I need help starting my playlists! I want 2 specific lists right now...a) songs about babies and/or being a parent (got a good start on this one, we have a list on Matt's) and b) songs that remind me of things/people! Feel free to chime in!

Ok, I think that's it for now. Hope all is well in your world. Tomorrow is Friday. I need to head to the grocery store to get my food for the MinGin's shower! This will be a big outing. Wish us luck! We have a busy shopping, Mini Ginny's shower, and Caroline's baptism. I hope we survive!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So somehow today Kerri and I started talking about songs (I think it started with my rodeo dilemma) and she told me about these 2 great songs about being a parent that I had to hear. The first is George Strait's new song...I love it. And the other one is Mark Wills from some years back. Anyway, I got those hormones a goin so I picked up my son and held him tight as I listened to these 2 great songs! Check em out, you will want to hug your child or pat your belly if he/she isn't here just quite yet!
I Saw God Today- George Strait
Just walked down the street to the coffee shop, Had to take a break
I've been by her side for 18 hours straight
Saw a flower growing in the middle of a sidewalk Pushing up through the concrete
Like it was planted right there for me to see
The flashing lights, the honking horns, All seemed to fade away
In the shadow of that hospital at 5:08, I saw God today.

Chorus:I've been to church, I've read the book
I know he's here but I don't look
Near as often as I should (Yeah I know I should)
His fingerprints are everywhere
I just slowed down to stop and stare
Opened my eyes and man I swear, I saw God today.

Saw a couple walking by,
They were holding hands, Man she had that glow
Yeah I couldn't help but notice she was starting to show
Stood there for a minute taking in the sky
Lost in that sunset, A splash of amber melted into shades of red.


Got my face pressed up against the nursery glass
She's sleeping like a rock , My name on her wrist wearing tiny pink socks
She's got my nose, she's got her mamas eyes
My brand new baby girl , She's a miracle
I saw God today...

In My Arms
Written By: Mark Wills, Monty Criswell & Michael White
Three a.m. on the clock,
Lullaby, music box
Oh, baby please don't cry, Let's let mama sleep tonight
You've only been home one day, You don't even know your name
Tiny hand on my cheek, You're a miracle to me
In the stillness of the night, Cradled in this rocking chair
I hold all my hopes and dreams, Every single answered prayer

Chorus:In my arms
Wish I could hold you forever
In my arms, I will give you shelter
Still I know I can't always be there
To protect you from this great big old world
But I swear this much is true
There'll always be a place for my arms

As I watch you take each breathe , Oh, it scares me to death
To know you're counting on me To be the daddy that you need
Wounded knees, broken hearts, Learning how to drive a car
When it's time for you first date Will I know just what to say
And when you find that one true love, I'll put on my best smile
And I'll try to hide my tears As I walk you down the aisle

Repeat Chorus (Twice)

Oh, this promise I will keep, As you finally fall my arms ...

So...are you crying yet????? ;-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2 weeks old!

Ok, so it was yesterday and I took pics but forgot to post! Little Z man is doing good and I cannot believe he is 2 weeks old already! Here are his weekly hippo chair pics and a couple others just because!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thanks Grandma and Popsie!

Thanks to my folks...Matt and I were able to go out to dinner on our own for a break! It was our first post-baby "date". We went to Fajita Flats for well...fajitas! And I had my first beer in 9 months! I had a Dos X lager...delish! How I have missed beer! We followed up dinner with frozen yogurt at the Voss Road Creamery, which happens to be the local teenage girl hang out we discovered. Matt and I were definitely the only people over 29 in there! We drove up to a convertible of girls jammin out to one of the Jock Jams songs from like 1993 that we had a drill team tryout dance to. I was tempted to tell them they were cruisin to a song from my high school years! We got a good chuckle! But through it all, I must say I missed my son!! I called after dinner to check in before we went for our ice cream and of course the Z man was fine. Anyway, it was only a couple hours out but it was nice and good to spend some QT with my hubs. It had definitely been a long time! So thanks Gram and Gramps!! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Witching Hour....

Such a strange phenomenon...I had never even heard of such a thing until today! I had mentioned how Zach was fussy around the time Matt gets home from work and my two TWW friends both mentioned the "witching hour". What is this I wondered so of course I did what all kids our age do...I googled it! Apparently almost ALL babies are fussy during this hour! Matt even googled it too after he read one of the comments and then quizzed old pro parents at his office...they all agreed the witching hour exists too! So tonight we tried to combat it!! We tried the first example first...feeding! I think Zach did what they call "Cluster feeding", nursed on and off for like a couple hours straight. Calmed down enough to sleep and then woke up JUST in time for the pizza man to arrive (who by the way congratulated us on our big boy thanks to the stork!! :) ) Then we had some swing time...and now he is having some Zach and daddy time swaying in the living room. Good times!!

Anyway, had a nice day today. My friend Kerri came and brought me some lunch. It was nice to have some adult time! I miss her! And tonight I went outside of the house to walk Esther-lou. My baby girl has been a bit melancholy. Kerri was sweet too...she brought Esther presents instead cause she knew she has been having a tough time.

Then tomorrow, Ashley is coming by with the baby scale for me, Jen &Rox are coming for lunch, and the Estes for dinner. Wow, we have a busy day! Mom and Dad will come by Saturday to relieve Matt and I momentarily. We may go get dinner together! WOOHOO!

And per request, we now have a link to the smugmug site on the right for your easy viewing access! We will say goodnight with a couple pics! ENJOY!

HOLY CRAP-spell check is FINALLY working again! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

still tryin.....

man, this is confusing! so today i pretty much nursed all day. i think he got 2 bottles but those were what small amounts i pumped of breast milk. im not seeing a dramatic increase but i guess its just day 2 of the reglan(prescription)? i did manage to try to express someand squirt the kid so hey, thats a good sign, right?? seeing my pump outtake though, i just dont trust only bfing. ugh. its a hard call. i desire to bf 1)b/c its good for them and 2) cause i get tired of pumping and washing. lol. but i also want a healthy baby! im very glad im feeling hormonally balanced otherwise though b/c i think this issue could put you over the edge. there is a lot of self-inflicted guilt about it, but im sticking to my mom's reminder that i am a formula baby and turned out pretty good. hey, i helped create this little guy and he is perfect so thats something.

on another note, i miss my belly.........i know, i know....CRAZY. esp after my complaints over the last 4 weeks in regards to sleeping but that was the only time! during the day i felt great! i wonder how soon ill be ready to do this all again! ;-)

on a zach note, he is fabulous. such a good baby. not that i have anything to compare to but i think he is good. only issue is the last 2 nights, he decided that 7-9pm is a good time to be fussy. not good!! thats mommys time with daddy! hoping its just coincidence and not a pattern. also, he has a little conjunctivitis in his left eye. what to do besides wipe with warm water?

and lastly, on a funny note to close on...i laugh every time my child toots or poops. it makes me giggle. guess thats how you know you are a mom!!

ok, thats all for now. ill try to post something not bf related soon. pics on smugmug if you need your zach fix!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We survived!

Today was our first day home alone and we made it. Pretty uneventful which is good! Of course when Matt got home, Zach decided to be all fussy and such! ARGH. Got him quiet now after another bottle and a diapie change, he is chillin in the bouncer.

Still trying to work this whole bf thing out. Today he would nurse for about 30 minutes and then be done but still eat an ounce or two from a bottle afterwards? I guess I will feel more confident in not following up with the bottle once I know my supply is better and that he is actually eating! I just dont want to starve the kid! Like tonight, he was SO fussy, and I think it was because he hadnt had enough to eat today. ANYWAY, still working on it. It will work out one way or another. I have a headache. I think its combo or lack of sleep and caffeine?

Ok, not a lot to say, going to pump, maybe take a cat nap while AI soothes me........

Monday, February 18, 2008


well........jut for curiousity sake...i put little man to the breast tonight before his bottle...he did 5 minutes on one but atleast 30 minutes on the other! so, at least he can do it! i guess ill keep trying that too. but how do you know how much he actually took in? i followed up with bottle just in case...but is this progress???????

Happy 1 week Zach!!!

Oh my son is a WEEK old today! Wow, already I cannot imagine my life without him? Last week at this time we were hanging out in the room with a couple of the girls still. My baby has grown so much already! I swear, I could just stare at him all day. He is so precious to me. I love him with all my heart and peices of it I never knew existed. And I love how Matt loves him too. I will hear Matt from upstairs singing to Zach or just talking to him, its the most attractive thing ever! He is such a great father already and I just know he will have a great relationship with his son because he had that with his father and its really important to him. I look forward to watching it grow through the years!

Anyway, things are going really well. Still working on the whole BF thing. Pumping 8-10 times a day but still only getting about 2-4oz total today...not enough to sustain a growing boy! So, Zach gets a couple of good breast milk feedings a day from these bottles we got called 'BreastFlow'. They most resemble the breast so that if and when we get my supply up, Zach wont be used to the quick flow that traditional bottles offer. They are slow and he has to work for it! I'm drinking my tea too and had a call into my OB for the reglan prescription. My nurse called me back asap and I was super impressed...but when I called Walgreens at 3:30...they still had not received the prescription.....GRRR. I shall harrass more tomorrow. I am so very curious if this will help. If not, on to try to fenugreek.

Other than that continuing issue...we are great! I am feeling good and my son is doing great! He is such a good baby, seriously. He fusses only when it is highly warranted, I am so proud. Praying this continues.

Had a good day of phone calls yesterday and today. My sweet friend Erika called yesterday from Phoenix to check in on us. I miss her and it was so nice to catch up! And then today, I had a call from our pastor, Dr Wende to congratulate us on Zach's arrival. He has been praying for Matt and I all the way from the beginning of trying, the entire pregnancy and now he will continue through Zach's life. He is such a cool guy and I appreciated the personal phone call. And speaking of personal calls.....the pediatrician we saw on our emergency visit on Thursday called today to check on us! OK, I am sold! Yes, the actual doctor, not the nurse or anything, called to see how Zach and I were doing. Talk about bedside manners! So, even though she wasnt the doc I had chosen originally (this one day shares with the one we "picked" but that one didnt work Thursdays so we saw Dr. Assef instead), she will be now! I am super impressed! We go back on the 28th for 2 week check up.

Ok, I have rambled enough. Happy birthday again to my sweet boy...time for another meal for you! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Almost a week!

WOW, last week at this time...we were in the hospital and trying to get to sleep until we heard the screaming woman come into the L&D at 10cm! YOUCHIE!

So what's been going on this week you ask? Well, I updated you on the whole BFing issue. Trying to pump and pump and do all my other things but no real answer yet. Hoping to either get prescription or start Fenugreek this week and see how that improves my supply. I am able to do about 2 feedings a day from BM so thats better than nothing I guess?

What else? I cant get over this feeling, I cannot imagine my life without Zach already!! He is so perfect, I could stare at him all day long. Just adorable and changing every day! He is a really good baby too so far, we just hope it lasts!

Matt's mom, Donna, came in town on Saturday to meet her first grandson and is also so in love! She is going to go by Grammy-Gram. We are so glad she was able to come in town and meet Zach, even if it was for a short visit. We hope to make it to Abilene in April-ish to meet Great Grandma Nonna and then up to Lubbock to meet Aunt Julie and her family!

The other fun thing I've learned this week is how you are so easily impressed by your own kid. I laugh when he toots, smile when he is making a grumpy in his diaper, ooh and ahh at his changing expressions, delight in his every noise! It is so much fun!!

Anyway, Matt has a holiday tomorrow so it will be our last day together. Starting on Tuesday...I am on my own! I hope I can do it okay!!!!!!!!

And for your viewing pleasure...........ZACHARY!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Breast is Best....UGH!

We're BAAaccck..... I will do an update first and then go on about the title!

We are HOME and doing well! We left the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to a beautiful spring day and arrived home to an adorable stork at the front door to greet us! It is super cute and contains all of Zachary's stats! Thank you to all the wonderful brought a tear to my eye!

My mom stayed with us Wednesday and Thursday night to help us out. She has been a huge help just being here, helping with feedings, stuff around the house, etc. I loved having her here and I know Zachary did too...his Grandma gives him lots of love!! She left us to our own devices as Grandma Donna is coming tomorrow and mom wanted us to have a break. So we are on our own tonight!

Overall we are doing really well. Zach had his first pediatrician appointment on Thursday. His doctors didn't admit at Memorial so they wanted to see him now instead of waiting for the typical two weeks. He had already gained back some of the weight he lost at the hospital and doc thought he looked great! We are so proud!

Now onto the tough part...feeding! We did well at the hospital so we thought, but then Zach just decided the boob was not for him. Good all day long and then time to feed...totally not into it. So we had to start supplementing with formula in order to get food into him. Can't starve him for my desire to breastfeed exclusively. So.........we called a lactation consultant and she came by today. Basically, my milk hasnt come in and we have a definite supply issue. She agreed we did the right thing by supplementing which made me feel better. I was afraid she may be one of those nazis and would chastise us for putting him to the bottle so soon. But just as she said, he HAS to get his nutrients! The plan is to work on the supply issue first and then revisit the actual latching issue later. Apparently it is easier to fix than the supply thing. Plan is to PUMP away...about 10 times a day. OMG, thats a lot! I will give it a try though and see if it helps. We also are going to ask OB/GYN about some pill that could help too along with drinking some herbal tea. While Zach is on formula, we bought some new bottles that more resemble the breast and should help with transitioning back to breastfeeding IF we can get my supply in place. Unfortunately, she asked if I had any medical conditions to which I mentioned my PCOS (the issue in us getting pregnant in the first place!!)..and I got the look. Apparently people with PCOS often have supply issues due to the hormonal imbalances. UGH, it strikes AGAIN! Its funny...throughout my pregnancy, I often commented on how my breasts never got larger and wondered aloud if that meant I would have issues breastfeeding to which people always laugh and say no way. Well, apparently I was RIGHT! It is a sign/effect again due to the differences in hormones. Although this was disappointing to hear, I felt somewhat validated and also help to diminsh some of my frustration knowing that truly I have been doing and trying the best that I could do....that the lack of milk was NOT due to me not trying. In the end, I have my new plan and I am going to try it out and see if it can help. I would like to get the supply up so I could atleast bottle feed him breastmilk so for right now, that will be my goal. We will see what happens!

Anyway.......that was much longer than I had planned but felt good to get it all out. There is such an emphasis on breastfeeding and I can see how women can get so upset and frustrated with it AND how it can do a number on your self esteem! I feel like a failure and that I am letting my little man down, but ultimately I know....I was a formula baby and turned out JUST fine! ;)

Now for the fun part if you are still reading (HA!)...PICTURES! This guy is soo cute and I swear gets more handsome every day. And pictures dont even do him justice! There are more at the smugmug site too if you are inclined! Will do my best to keep updated on our goings on here and pictures on the smugmug!

Thank you again to all of our friends and family.Your support has been overwhelming and we feel so blessed to have you in our lives!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best Feeling in the World....

In the quiet hours of this morning...I sit here with tears in my eyes between the sleeping loves of my life! I have little Zachary on one side and my Matthew on the other! Wow, what an amazing feeling! I am still in awe of what the past 24 hours have brought us to...our little miracle!!! Matt was my ROCK yesterday to get me through the tough times and Zach, well, he is perfect. Everything I could have imagined and more!! I have a sign on my wall in Zach's nursery that says "A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty." Ain't that the truth! After everyone had left last night and it was just me and Matt, about all we could do was stare and smile at each other and at in LOVE!

So anyway...I will post pictures and the whole birth story later on but for now, just want to leave it at that. Thank you SO much for the phone calls, texts, emails, and of course those of you that came to share in our joy in person too! You made a perfect day even better! We will probably be in the hospital till tomorrow if all goes well so you can reach us here if you need to!

Love you all!
A Mommy in Love!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

T minus 2 hours....

I cannot believe that today is actually here. In less than 2 hours, we are leaving the house the last time as just me and Matt....and the next time we pull into our driveway, we will be a family of 3!

I am excited, nervous, scared, anxious and a million other emotions all at the same time. Mostly, I am just ready to hold my son and know he is safe and healthy. I am not so nervous about labor and delivery because I know that one way or another I will get through that part. More nervous just about Zach and praying that he is born healthy and safe!

Since we are doing a scheduled induction, my aunt Peggy was able to come into town and she will be our labor coach. That gives Matt and I both a huge sense of relief. She is a labor % delivery nurse in Longview so it will be nice to know that we have someone on our side who knows what's going on!!

Mom and Aunt Peggy will come to the hospital tomorrow morning around 6am when they start the pitocin and break my water. Dad will come in a 2nd car probably around 9am when Dan and Manda plan to arrive in Houston. If all goes as planned, we hope to have our son here late afternoon early evening! I am still praying a little that the cervidil tonight gets things going and perhaps we could have him much sooner but I am sure that is wishful thinking! Donna called to check in and wish us love and luck too. She is going to come in a couple of weeks to stay with us after things calm down a bit since she lives in she and Julie will be first on the list to call since they couldnt be here.

Just want to say thank you to everyone for the phone calls, texts and emails over the last couple of days....and all the prayers over the last 9+ months! You all are so special to us and we thank you for all your love and support! We will update you as soon as we can!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Come and Gone....

That's right. I am "officially" overdue. HA! I really thought this kiddo MAY come early for awhile, but after the growth scan came out normal, I figured we were due for being overdue!

Anyway, we had a good due date. Had lunch with my friend Kerri and dinner with our old pal, Tay! She is in town visiting us and some other peeps. We had dinner tonight and now just relaxing and watching Friday Night Lights. Which btw, is a great show in jeopardy of not being continued....sign the petition to 'Keep the Lights On!"

Had some serious contractions tonight, but again, nothing regular. We will see what tomorrow brings!

So for your viewing pleasure and to comemorate reaching 40 are some pics from tonight!


That's right, I am 40 weeks today! FULL TERM. Zachary, we are ready! It can be your birthday whenever you are ready! If not, it will be Monday! :)

The phone's been ringing off the hook today. Sorry if I've missed your call, I have been out and about. Went to lunch with my friend Kerri today for Thai food. YUM. Maybe it will get things moving! Taylon is bopping into town here soon so she is coming for a visit. Need to go to BRU for some last minute things. Tomorrow night we will have dinner with the family. Then Sunday is the big check in day!! WOOHOO! Hope they can get us in and praying that things go smoothly from there! is almost time for your big DEBUT!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

40 weeks...first craving!

That's right..I will be 40 weeks tomorrow. FULL TERM. Man, we are ready to meet this little guy. Although I'm thinking he is pretty stubborn and will wait until we induce on Monday to make his grand arrival! But who knows, maybe he will surprise us. I have had some contractions tonight...perhaps he is preparing!

So, tonight I had the unexplainable urge for TCBY. I have thought about it all day, but by about 8pm...the urge took control! It's the first time we have really had to make a run for anything...but man, I wanted that TCBY. And boy was it good! White chocolate mousse with reeses peices. I can't remember the last time I have had TCBY but it was as good as I remembered.

I have almost survived the week off. Been working every day so atleast I don't have to feel bad about that. My maternity leave will start on Monday. I am thankful for the way this worked out and to not have to had start my leave this week. Gives me another week at home with Zach!

Not much else going on. Watching Lost. Confusing as always. I look forward to when this ends and it all gets explained!

Love to my Sue...thinking about you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

4 days to go.....

well we had our final doctor appointment today. I only dilated about 1/2cm doesn't look like Zach will be here today...or tomorrow for that matter. My bet is on going in Sunday for the induction and he arrives on Monday. It would be nice to be suprised but I am doubtful. Oh well, Monday will be a fine day and its nice to know there is an end in sight!!!

Today wasnt too bad. I worked this morning, had my doctor's appointment (which I lost another pound this weird but they say its okay), ate my Spicy Chicken sandwich from Wendy's (you know...cause spicy foods are supposed to help), worked some more, took a 30min power nap, took max to the vet, and had PEO meeting. It was good to be out of the house but MAN....tested my patience!!!!!!

The vet...I had an appointment for max at 4pm. I did not get seen until 5:15. The very pregnant woman who is tired of waiting was none to happy to be waiting on a hard wooden bench for an hour and a half. I think they didnt get my chart pulled and into the que when they should have. Luckily there were nice people in the office. A very cute and giant Gorden Setter (like the Irish setter but from Scotland), two lhassa apsos, two dogs that remind me of a cocker/britany spaniel but have some fancy name, a lab, a poodle, a grand pyrinies, some mutts and a lady who used to live in our townhome complex who had the cutest party cocker name Oscar...who of course loved Esther. ANYWAY, what was supposed to be a quick trip turned into about 2 hous of waiting. Max is all good though and thats what matters.

I think thats it for now. If anything happens, we will let you know

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How Its Made

Have you ever watched this show before? Its quite intriguing! Today's show was on hatchery chicks and phylo dough.

The chicks was so weird. They find the fertilized eggs, incubate them, and then they all get hatched together. Someone actually created a contraption that once the little ones start hatching, they go on a conveyor belt and the chicks fall through one way and the shells go another. Then they split them up between girls and boys. There are actually people who sort through them (imagine lucy and ethel at the chocolate factory...but there are even more chicks going by!). They tell the difference between boys and girls by their feathers. Boys are all straight length and girls are 2 lengths. Anyway, its like a giant roller coaster for chicks. They dont seem to be hurt or even bothered, but it is a weird thing to watch. The most interesting is just the fact that there are all these machines created to make this happen!

Now the phylo dough was pretty cool, too. Once they get the dough into big pizza crust pieces....they start stretching it. If people do it, they stretch it out on to these like King Size bed looking blocks! 27 square feet! And this stuff ends up being tissue paper thin!!! Impressive!

Anyway, not a very entertaining post...but you should watch this show some time. It's pretty interesting!!

Soap Operas........

Ok, so you know I have watched AMC for like...ever. Well, they are all about bringing people back right now. They brought old Greenlee back which was cool cause I was ticked when she left (although I was getting used to the new one...kinda feel sorry for her getting the boot!). So anyway...they brought back this Angie and Jessie couple. I think they are like from the 70s cause I have never seen them before nor do I really care about their storyline. Right now I fast forward through most of theit scenes. If they wanted to bring people back...couldnt we get Babe or Dixie or someone else good?

So I also saw some of Days of Our Lives Now that show has some people that have been on there for AGES! But all the young people like Belle and Sean are all different. I couldnt keep track of that! What an interesting be a soap star!

Not much else going on. Cleaning my purse out right now....good times. If anyting exciting happens, will let you know ;)

Monday, February 4, 2008


Wow, was today ever a long day. I basically worked all day...but online. My back up has the the weekend guy covered for him. Well, he is still new to the day to day stuff so i was basically at beck and call online all DAY. UGH. I did accomplish a few things...
1) set up pediatrician. I know, very last minute but hey, its done. Im using a referal from my OB. If she sucks, we can change but atleast its done.
2) called hospital about a recliner. Matt is 6'3" and very concerned about sleeping in the only 6' long window seat. Supposedly they have recliners but I never saw them when my friends were there. Anyway..I called and talked to nice nurse. If not in room, just ask and they will get you one. So thats good!
3) dishes. I know..its basic. but its something.
4) deleted messages off answering machine. we had 17 saved messages. totally unneccessary and drives me bonkers. now we have 4 relevant ones, I feel better.
5) and work all day. Just finished up with him about 5 minutes ago.

Hopefully tomorrow is better, I have to get out of the house some or may go crazy. Im not normally like this...I enjoy leisure days of doing nothing...but this WAITING thing is driving me batty. CMON Zach, Mommy is ready to take care of you!!

Ok, going to walk Esther now. and then make dinner. Hey, its something!

PS- Blogger spell check has not worked for like a week now. It highly annoys me as bad spelling drives me crazy but I do not have the patience or desire to personally spell check my entries right now. So please, forgive the spelling!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I have entered the world of S.mug.Mug now....for those of you who dont like can just click and see pics! Ill do my best to keep track of both!

Have I mentioned how ready I am for this kiddo to be here? I think I am going to have a major case of cabin fever next week just WAITING. Ai yi yi!

I will continue to add pics as I can!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Last Day.......

So today was my last day at work. SURREAL. I know I am having a baby any day now, yet I still can't imagine that I won't be at work for 3+ months? I take great pride in the work I've done and the relationships that I have created and I worry that I will lose that while being out. I know...its crazy, it will be fine when I am back, right?!? Ill come back and it will all go back to normal, right? AHHHHH!!!!

Anyway, got as much completed as I could at work. My big boss is being great and letting me work from home this next week and Ill be available from there...then as soon as the baby comes, that will actually start my maternity leave. I thought that was pretty nice. So this next week, I will just be at home and resting and WAITING.

It was weird saying good-bye too, kinda sad even! Of course Kerri and I almost cried. I will miss my morning coffee chats with my friend and of course our lunches, etc! But...I am JUST down the street so (if you are reading) you better come visit me and hopefully we will be moved by you eventually! And my traders were sweet too...dare say they even looked a tad sad too?? It was cute! But lots of well wishes for me, matt and Zach and that was nice. I sit. I guess the wait is on! We saw Jersey Boys, furniture is in,work is complete...........Zachary....Mommy wants to meet you! Come out, come out, we are ready!!!