Saturday, October 20, 2012

Terrific three!

My baby boy turned 3 on Thursday. I truly can't believe he is such a big boy already. Even with a new baby in the house, I still think of him as the baby!

Mark celebrated his birthday at school with donut holes and cookies. His presents so far have been super hero related and he loves them! Does such a good job with sharing with zach too!

In honor of the terrific three year old, here are 3 things about mark Wendell!
*he has the best laugh ever!! I need to get it on video because it is just so sweet and contagious.
*favorite toy/buddy is his teddy bear. It's super cute how he loves him...until bear gets lost in the house!
*he truly loves his brothers. Wants to do everything and dress like big brother and love and check on little brother. So sweet, hope that love always remains!

I love you, mark! You are such a silly sweet tender hearted boy and I hope that never changes. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you! Happy 3, baby!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Heart movie

I am not a huge sports fanatic, but I do love a good sports movie. Something tugs at my heart every time. I think that's why I don't mind watching College Game Day...I love the back stories and tales of perseverance!

I heard the story of Gainesville State school awhile back in a sermon in church. Just happened to see a post about it today on Facebook and in reading the comments, read it was becoming a movie! Filming this week in south lake if you live up that way!

Check out the video. Awesome story of 2nd chances and redemption for some young men who never have anyone on their side and of a community who decided to live out God's message of love! I look forward to the movie!

And in case you need a good football movie now, check out these:
The blind side (great story!)
Facing the giants (watched this again last week)
Remember the titans (I cry every time)
Rudy(one of hubby's fav)
Invincible (great underdog story...and has market mark in it!) :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thoughts on Post Partum

Well, I am almost 6 weeks from delivery and decided "close enough" and headed out to pound the pavement today.  I have less than 2 months to fit back into some clothes for work and exactly 3 months till the half marathon.  I will admit it now, I think I was a WEE bit ambitious on all that.   But I will give it a shot.

A few of my observations from today.  First....the good stuff/
1) I still like to run.  I enjoyed it.  And it felt good....until I felt like I would die!
2) Eminem's 'Til I Collapse' can still make me not want to give up.  Maybe I should just make that my entire playlist!!
3) I will say it again. I didn't die!!

Now onto the bad:
1) I really almost died. LOL.  I kid.  I could run for about 1.5 miles and then had to walk.  And walk some more.  It was a bit of a reality check but it is sill more than I could do when I first started running less than 2 years ago.
2) I need new ear buds.  They kept coming out.  It was SUPER distracting.
3) My playlist is SEVERELY outdated.  Anyone have any good suggestions??
4) I am SORE!!

I gained almost 50lbs with Luke.  But I did love every minute of it.  He was truly a joy to carry.  I lost almost 30 of it so far but now the hard work comes in.  It is depressing to get on the scale and try and fit into clothes, but I know these things take time.  And I also know moving helps a lot.  As does stop stopping by Sonic for ice cream once a week and McDonalds for breakfast once a week.  Oh to be a celebrity and have a personal trainer and cook!!

So here we go again, time to get busy.  I will do my best to get some of this weight off soon!!  Hoping I can keep up the momentum and make some progress!

And here are just a few pics of my sweet boys!!


Monday, October 8, 2012

I love instagram, do you?  Here are a couple of pics from the last weeks!

Me and my baby boy on his 1 month birthday!

Sweet lil punkin!

Mark was sick this week...I had 2 passed out babies on me at one time!