Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 weeks and counting....

we decided to shell out the $80 to get the 16 week gender ultrasound....call me impatient, i know!  but the parents decided to spring for it so who was I to deny them in finding out early??  ;-)

Appointment will be March 15th @ 4:30pm.  I am placing my bet on boy, so who knows why I am finding out early but I digress....I am very excited nonetheless just to see this little one again.  Matt will finally be with me too so I am excited for him to get to see the baby too!

In other news....the stomach bug hit Matt and I over the weekend.  Ummm, being pregnant and not being able to take medicine=NOT COOL.  Also noted...Men are way worse patients then women.  Just sayin. (love ya honey!)  Finally feeling better today.  WHEW!  Thankfully we had Grammy Gram in town over the weekend and the boys LOVED having her here.  They wanted to play with her a lot which gave us a break....although I am sure she was exhausted by the time she was home.

Not much else new here.  I am 14 weeks now and now that the bug seems to have passed, I think I am on the way to feeling back to myself.  Ready to start eating right and exercising again.  I worked to hard to use pregnancy as an excuse to throw all those good habits out the window.  I also forgot to update, but I was able to get my Lifetime Weight Watcher status still.  My awesome leader dig some digging and turns out if you get pregnant while in maintenance, you can be awarded your LT membership immediately.  Yippee!  Totally made my day when I found out.

Hope you all are well.  Looking at my March calendar and a  lot going on.  Good thing I have my planner to attempt to keep me organized!  :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coming This Summer

Wittliff: Party of FIVE!  Due August 25, 2012!

Yep, that's little "Tres" as I am affectionately calling baby for now.  I had my 12 week ultrasound on Monday and all appears to be moving along well so far. 

I will blame Tres for some of my lack of posting as of late.  Baby has definitely zapped me of my energy (and made me sick for the first month or so) and I feel like I am finally coming out of that fog.  We found out the day before Christmas Eve so it made for a GREAT Christmas present for the grandparents.  They were definitely surprised!

Zachary has already decided it is his baby "gwirl" sister and gets mad when I tell him otherwise....and Mark very emphatically only wants a baby "brudder".  I tried explaining that God gets the final say in this one but that hasn't seemed to make either of them too happy so SOMEBODY is going to be disappointed! ;-)

The only minor bummer of the timing of this little one is that it has kept me from reaching my Lifetime Weight Watchers Goal. Try as I might, I could not seem to maintain no weight gain for 6 weeks so I have put my membership on hold.  As of appointment yesterday, I have only gained 5lbs so far although it feels like 15lbs to me.  My extreme exhaustion definitely has played a part in my exercise decline but I am hoping to get back into a groove here soon.

So anyway, I told work yesterday and figured the blog was the next best place to go before facebook so consider yourself lucky! ha!  And either 4 to 8 weeks till we find out what this little one is...depending on if we decide to do the gender scan at 16 weeks!  Either way, we are happy and excited to be adding another little one to our family!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Recap

We got to celebrate Zach's birthday on his actual birthday, which was fun!  We opted to outsource this year and had his party at a little gymnastics place right by our house.  It.Was.AWESOME!  Not just the party itself but the fact that we didn't have to do anything to prepare!  The party covered the invites, paper goods, snacks, juice box, cake, party favors...and of course the party!  :)  We had a wide range in ages but the instructors did a good job dealing with that.  She led the big kids and let the little kids do their own thing with the help of their parents.  Oh yeah, and no set up or clean up either!  Zach had a blast and  enjoyed the trampoline and zip line the best.  

Zach enjoyed all his new toys from his friends as well.  One of his favs was something I picked up at TRU or $9.99....a little mini fooze ball table! Its cheaply made but its already given hours of entertainment! :)

We enjoyed the birthday fun today with a 4 year well check at the doctor.  I was warned it was a bad one...thankfully my dad was able to come watch Mark so Z and I went alone.  He gets SO shy around strangers in these type of situations which can be a little frustrating...so the hearing and vision testing was a bust.  He was good with the doc for the most part.  He is now 3'7" tall (91%) and 37lbs (61%).  Growing boy!!  And then the shots.  Poor kids.  5 shots!  YIKES!  We survived though and a little trip to the Golden Arches helped soothe the pain.

Can't believe we are on the way to 5 now!

Oh, and just one last cute set of pics from Super Bowl Sunday...love these boys!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Four

Tomorrow morning, my baby boy turns FOUR!  Four, really??  I can't believe it.  Four years ago at this time we were getting all packed up and preparing to head to the hospital for our induction. It was NOT the most restful of nights (I will never forget the woman down the hall SCREAMING and the nurse popping in to tell us that all was okay...the woman was just too late for an epidural!  Little did we know, 2 years later that would be us.  Ha!) 

It was such a time of anticipation!  We had a long road to get to that point, and we knew that the next day, come whatever may, we would be meeting our baby boy, Zachary and making our parents Grandparents!  It was quite the party too.  Parents, friends, relatives...all waiting for the arrival of this precious little boy.  There were moments when I wasn't sure I was going to get through it, but of course we did.  Isn't that how parenting often is?

Anyway, was definitely one of the best days of my life...the day I became a mommy.  It certainly isn't always easy but it is ALWAYS worth it. 

Here are four fabulous things about my first baby:
1) I am amazed at how much you are like your father.  Expressions, mannerisms, moods...sometimes I will just catch myself watching you and thinking how that's how your dad must have looked as a little boy.  And that makes me smile! :)
2) You are really good at numbers and memory.  Counting, memorzing about 95% of the NFL teams and their logos, things that we mention.  You are a little elephant!
3)  You love your little brother, and he loves you.  Although sometimes you fight like cats and dogs, you also show a true loving concern for him when he is hurt, needs help, or wants something.  I hope it always stays that way and you two remain the best of friends.
4) You are truly no longer a baby, but a little boy.  All of a sudden you love things like Power Rangers, Star Wars, Super Heroes!  Stuff I don't really get but as a boy momma...I will love it too because you do!

And one more just because...you LOVE your mommy and daddy.  You still want me to hold and love on you.  When you want to grow up, you say you "want to be a daddy."  Sometimes it may be a super daddy or a football daddy...but always a something daddy!

We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents and we pray every day that He will lead us in the right way to parent you.  You are such a precious gift, and we love you very much!

Happy 4th birthday, baby!!
Baby Z


Monday, February 6, 2012

Slow down!

Holy cow, it's already a week into February which means that in a few short days...I'll be a mom to a 4 yr old! Where has the time gone?

We had a good weekend. Friday night was Kids Night Out at church so we dropped the boys off and headed to dinner with some good friends. Was so nice to see my girlfriend and actually be able to visit! And i think the hubbies had fun too!

Saturday was a rainy day so we attempted to take the boys to the movies to see Chipwrecked...Zachary did fine but mark is just not ready. Thankfully kids were free to get in because mark and I spent an hour in the lobby playing around :)

And Superbowl Sunday, great morning in worship, afternoon of lunch and family time and ended up the evening at home. Probably the first time in years we haven't gone to some kind of party, but mark was not feeling well and was asleep before 6:30! I think Zachary enjoyed the alone time with mom and dad and learning football plays from daddy!

All in all, a good weekend! Oh, and my planner arrived! I spent the weekend starting to fill it out and am vowing to be more organized! Mission #1...remember to send Zachary to school in PJs on Thursday! And I have a whole list of things to bring to church on Sunday too...I can do it!

Hope you had a good weekend too and happy Monday to all!