Monday, July 27, 2009

Home Again, home again!!

We had a great weekend away in Scottsdale with the ladies.  The resort was fabulous, the spa was amazing and of course the company was pretty good too! ;-)  We basically just relaxed, enjoyed the pool/spa and of course ate!  Scottsdale is really pretty and all of the resorts looked wonderful, I would definitely go back.  Allison and I took a couple of hours away from the pool to go see one of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes which was pretty interesting since we are reading a book about him in book club right now.  All and all, a great time was had!

Had my monthly doctor's appointment this morning and all is looking well.  Little boy is moving around a TON these days which is pretty awesome.  I also passed my glucose test which of course I am stoked about! :)  Woohoo, no 3 hour test!  My iron, however, is low so I will have to start taking iron supplements.  No biggie.  They will retest at next appointment to see how we are doing.  And we are onto the every 2 weeks appointments!  Things are going really quickly now!

That's about it now.  I am still pooped from the trip so am enjoying just being chill at home today.  It feels good to be back with my boys and in my own home!  If only I wasn't headed back to work tomorrow ;-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apparently I am huge!

The last two weeks....any time someone asks me when I am due and I say October, I get this SHOCKED look!  One lady asked me if there was more than one in there and another proceeded to tell me about how she was also really big when she was pregnant but it was all fluid and she lost 35lbs when she delivered.  Sheesh people!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls Weekend!

I am leaving tomorrow for a short weekend trip to Phoenix with some of my girl friends!  Looking forward to sleeping in, spa time, pool time and of course time with the ladies...we always have a great time together.  I am sad/nervous about leaving my little monkey.  He is such a momma's boy!  I hope he doesn't miss me TOO much.  Luckily he will have Matt and Grammy-gram in from Abilene to keep him entertained all weekend.  Maybe it will be a good thing for him to have to be separated for a couple of days!

As usual, I have WAY over packed but don't know what to unpack so I will leave it all in.  Hopefully it is under the 50lbs mark at least.  And I am sure I will have nothing to wear once I get there too.  

Anyway, hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and I will check in later!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

We have a new word......

POO!!!!  Ha!  I noticed it this last week, that I thought when he had dirty pants, he would point at his diaper and say "poo".  I kinda thought maybe it was just me hearing it?  But then yesterday at Becky's, Matt and I were together changing his diaper and he says "poo!"  Matt was like, "did he really just say poo?"  :)  And then today when I picked up Z at school, the VERY first thing his teacher says to me is, "Zachary said POO today and pointed at his diaper!!"  :)  Clearly we are all very proud. HA.  His other teacher is working on "more" too and thinks he is getting close to that as well! Go Z!  He is also getting better at the shaking of the head since we have been working on that too.  I think us not answering/enabling him for everything and being more conscious about it is helping too.

Not too much else new going on....oooh, except we leave for Phoenix on Thursday!  Looking forward to some girl time pooling and spa-ing at a fabulous resort!  

And, I am less than a week away from being in the 3rd trimester.  HOLY SMOKES!  We need to get busy on getting the new nursery set up!!  ahhhh!!  And I took my glucose test this morning.  Hopefully I passed, will find out next week at my regular appointment.  

Guess that's it for now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is it too late to catch on to HP?

I consider myself a fairly avid reader. I look at popular book lists quite often for book club ideas and the NY Times Bestsellers list and find that I have read many or at least heard of them and/or have them on my to-read list.....but I have never read a Harry Potter book. Did you just gasp? I am sure some people mayhave ! Not sure why? Same reason I didn't get all in to Twilight I guess? I read the first one but haven't made it past there yet. Too many other books out there I want to read more.

But Harry....he has some allure to him. I have enjoyed the movies I have seen. I like books/movies like Lord of the Rings (I can watch those movies every time they are on TNT and TBS!) So perhaps I should jump on the bandwagon many years later and read them now? What do you think...are they THAT good? I need a good diversion from reality right now...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sometimes my Kid Won't Eat

And it drives me BONKERS!  I feel like, ya know...he needs to eat to live and stuff!!  And then at the same time it infuriates the frugal side of me because I feel like I waste so much food.  Argh.  Esther eats better than Zachary on a daily basis.  Yet daycare says he is a great eater.  Perhaps its the group thing?  I don't know, I am totally clueless on this one but keep finding in reading that this is pretty normal and its what they take in over a week that matters and not by one meal.  

Tonight was just one of the frustrating meal nights.  Yelling at the fridge (him, not me, just to clarify, LOL), me opening the fridge and playing 20 questions to see WHAT it is exactly that he wants, him picking out objects, me preparing them, and him not eating them....AHHHH!!!!  I finally cave after he eats half a pudding cup and about 3 blueberries.  Tonight not even his favorite fruit sounded good apparently.  Drats!  It about brought me to tears which I know, sounds ridiculous and then his cute face looked at me all concerned so I got over it.  

Lots of really serious issues going on in the lives of my loved, friends, friends' family and I think that is what I was more upset about cause Lord knows if all I have to deal with is a night of not eating, I am very thankful for that.  Please keep in your prayers my cousin Courtney, some of my real and cyber friends who are battling IF valiantly, and friends who are also dealing with illnesses in their families.  Life is too short so make sure you tell those you love that you really do!

Love to all of you out there!! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm alive!

I know, its been over a week, guess we have been busy??  The last 24+ hours have been spent battling some kind of stomach virus which was not fun.  It started on the way home from Dallas but I thought it was more because of being hot and in the car.  Once we got home, it was worse and I spent the night running to the potty :(  UGH!  And then it hit Matt today so since I was a little more recovered than he, I got to take care of the Z man who luckily didn't seem too affected minus a little loose poo.  NOT FUN for anyone!  But I think we are hopefully on the mend!

Today was Zach's ECI evaluation.  The two ladies that came to the house were really nice and informative.  Zach was average to above in everything except for communication which we think is attributed to the old ears.  He just barely qualified so we decided to go ahead and enroll in the program.  Together with the team, we came up with a plan for Matt and I to work on with Z over the next few months and starting in August, the teach will come to the house 2x a month to see how we are doing and giving us more tips!  All and all, it was very good meeting and we are excited about getting started!

We spent the weekend in Dallas visiting family which was really nice.  We had not been up there since last April, yikes!  My Grammy is turning 95 this week so we had a little get together with us and a few of her friends.  I think she enjoyed it!  I was also able to visit my cousin Courtney who is still in ICU with CF related issues.  It broke my heart to see her that way but she is a fighter and has wonderful sisters and mom who are with her all the time encouraging her along!  

So that's a very brief catch up.  Not too much else going on...looking forward to NKOTB this Saturday, even in the HEAT!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good weekend and 25 weeks!

We had such a good long 4th weekend....every day at the pool and just spending time with friends and family.  What more can I ask for? I think Zach is becoming a fish though, some times he will cry/whine when we go past the pool and don't stop!  HA!  Thank goodness for the baby pool in the back yard, it seems to get the job done too!  And no suit required! ;-)

I had a doc appt today and all seems to be going well.  Cannot believe I am 25+ weeks!  Next week is the oh so fun glucose test.  I failed my 1st one last time so my doc recommended that I fast before the test this time.  Also time to register with the hospital.  Things are moving very very quickly now!  Need to get this boy's room ready!!  :)

Sue and I took a quick trip with the tots to the outlet mall today.  So many cute things...but I am trying to hold off and not buy too much.  I have so much still from Zachary!  Need to start organizing it so it is ready for the little guy at least!

Not much else really going on.  We have our initial ECI appointment tomorrow and then Friday we are headed to Dallas to celebrate my Grammy's 95th birthday!  Very excited to see the family, it has been way too long.  Hoping to be able to see Courtney too and check in on her in person.  She is a fighter and seems to be getting better which is obviously great news!

Hope everyone had a good 4th! 

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Weekend of the Pool

That is what I am calling it cause I think that is about all we will be doing all weekend!  After work yesterday, we met Kerri and one of her neighbors for an hour or so.  Z loved the water sprouty things on the splash pad and just being in the pool splashing around.  We decided he was trying to swim because he kept falling forward in the baby pool on purpose and really looked like he was trying to swim!  Which is great except for that he can't so we were constantly pulling him up which he found HI-larious!  ;-)  Thanks for the invite Kerri, it did wear Zach out and he slept good!

Matt and Randy are playing golf this morning at the course in the neighborhood so Sue and I are heading to the pool behind our house.  It doesn't open until 11am so chilling for a bit.  Zachary is running around the house talking to himself....if only I knew what he was saying!  So weird, he is so independent now.  He just went upstairs to get some of his balls and is oooh and ahhing to me from the balcony!  So cute!

We watched Gran Torino last night.  I know, that movie came out like over a year ago.  That is how far behind me are in the movie world.  It's just now OnDemand so that was our choice last night.  It was very good...and definitely better than our last 2 rentals (Pineapple Express and He's Not That Into You).  I would like to see Bride Wars, Doubt, maybe 7 Pounds and Taken and The Reader.  Anyone have opinions on any of those or any other movies we should rent this weekend?

Let's see what else has been going on...currently The Boy is OBSESSED with my shoes!  If they are laying anywhere around the house, he will bring them too me and put them on me.  Or, sometimes he will just go into our closet and find a pair (which is really quite impressive if you have seen my closet) and bring them to me.  Let me tell you, heels and my PJs is QUITE the look!  He is also obsessed with the it the baby pool in our backyard or going to the neighborhood one.  As soon as he goes outside, he walks over to the hose and puts it into his pool.  Thank goodness he hasn't figured out how to turn the water on yet! 

As for the talking....I think he may be progressing on his own just in the last couple weeks.  Zach is saying bubble now and Da (dad) and generally just vocalizing a lot more.  He has his ECI apt on Tuesday which will be more paperwork the 1st time and then we will set up an evaluation from there.  I am curious to see what comes of it.  I also got the DVD and book I ordered in this week.  Haven't watched the Baby Babble DVD yet but the book I got has some great activities in there and I am looking forward to trying them out!  

Well, that probably catches us up for now!  Looking forward to the extra long weekend and Happy 4th of July to everyone!  We will be spending tomorrow with friends at where else...but a POOL!  :)

Now back to Sesame Street (Doogie Houser is on it today, interesting!  He is the "shoe fairy"....)