Monday, November 30, 2009

Feeling Scrappy....

As in scrapbooky! A few weeks ago, I bought this scrapbook kit called Project 365 by Becky Higgins. Basically, it is a kit to help you scrap book a whole year simply with the idea to take a picture a day...or even simpler, a picture a week. It contains paper, the book, and journal cards so you can just write a brief description of the picture and that's it! No need for fancy anything (unless you want to doll it up) and you will end up with a chronicle of your year! Ginny is doing it with me so I am hoping we can keep each other accountable for staying on top of it!

So then I read....(on the same blog who got me into 365) about December Dailys. Yep, you guessed it, a scrapbook just on the happenings of this wonderful holiday month, same concept as the 365 one. Everything is on sale at Michael's so I picked up a cute 8x8 book and a bunch of holiday stickers to make this project come true! ;-) It would be a really neat thing to do every year, especially as the kids get older and want to help...until scrapbooking turns into not a cool thing for boys to do with their mom! HA! I start tomorrow...wonder what my picture will be all about?? :)

The only drawback of all this is, will I complete it?? I have MANY unfinished craft projects/endeavors but always seem to find something else to do. This does seem PRETTY easy so I am hoping that I can stick with it.

Check in on me and see how I am doing and feel free to join in on the project too, we can discuss it as we go! :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Circle of Life

What a whirlwind week its been.....Tuesday, Nov 24th was quite a day of absolute ups and downs.

It started around 3am when I was up feeding Mark and saw my blackberry flashing. I excitedly opened the email thinking it would be an email from Allison saying that Evan was here! But instead it was from our good friends who were due in late February, saying they had delivered their sweet baby girl, Charlotte, at just 29 weeks. Thankfully, she is doing well but obviously has a long road ahead and expected to be in the NICU until her original due date. If she is anything like her parents, which I am SURE she is, she is a fighter and will make this journey. Prayers are appreciated for Charlotte and her parents!!

Finally around 8, I heard from Al and she and Just had gone back to the hospital around 6am and was about 8cm! Al was awesome and had labored though the night on her own. Evan was definitely coming today!! We were all anxiously awaiting to hear the good news of his arrival, hopefully for momma...sooner than later! ;-)

And then another text around let me know that my sweet cousin Courtney, who has been battling Cystic Fibrosis her whole life, grew her wings at 10:54 and joined our Heavenly Father as well as her own father and so many more loved ones who have gone before us. For anyone who has read her blog about Court's journey, it was very bittersweet. Sad for those of us left behind to go on without her, but oh so happy to know that Courtney is FINALLY pain free and dancing in the streets with our Savior!! The last entry of her crossing over was totally amazing and I KNOW I will see her again!

So what a day it was. Thankfully Charlotte still seems to be doing well. Her folks are anxiously counting down to day 10 of her life when they can hold her some. Evan finally arrived via c-section in the later afternoon on Tuesday after his momma pushed him for THREE hours! I got to see him on Wednesday and he is adorable! Mark was very excited to meet him! And finally, Courtney had her celebration this morning in Dallas. I was so sad to not be there, but due to a very sleepless night with a congested baby and it being at 10am and 4 hours away...I did not make it. My parents did though and I heard it was a lovely celebration of her life as I knew it would!

All of this during Thanksgiving week. I am thankful for Courtney and her beautiful fight and journey home and for her family for so openly sharing it all with us. I am thankful for Charlotte and Evan and am keeping them both in my prayers to grow big and strong. And of course, I am so very very thankful for my own husband and 2 very sweet boys as well as my parents and brother and SIL and all of the other wonderful people who I am blessed to call family...and my friends, who may as well be family!! I love you all the same!

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving too and enjoyed some of the photos I posted. what could be sweeter than those 2 little boys together! Lovin it! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sweetest Thing....

Had to share this story. After the first week with a few smacks to the baby, Zach has just been the sweetest big brother and really loves his "baby". He loves to hug him and just see him.

Well tonight was the cutest yet....after bath time, my mom and I were in Zach's room with Zach and Mark. Mom and I were sitting on the floor and she laid Mark down on the floor on one of Z's pillows. Z came over and we thought he was going to just pull the pillow out from under poor Mark's head but he was actually adjusting it for him. Then he got HIS pillow and laid it right next to Mark's. Next Z got a blanket and covered Mark up and got a blanket for himself. He then proceeded to get his own binkie as well as one for Mark and then a stuffed animal for each of them and then curled up under his blanket next to Mark. It was ADORABLE! There were both of my boys, side by side, with the pillows, blankets, binkies, and stuffed animal. It was a vision I hope of times to come when they are having slumber parties together! So cute! I wish I had my camera but I left it at Allison's I called Matt up to see and he got it on video, we will see what turns out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prayers for Courtney

**UPDATE** Unfortunately, the dialysis did not have the results they were hoping for and there would need to be more procedures that may or may not work. Courtney has decided to not continue on with any more treatments and my family is supporting her decision. Please keep Courtney as well as my aunt and cousins in your prayers during this time. You can read the blog for more details. I know Courtney knows the Lord and I pray for her peace and comfort during this time. Till we meet again sweet cousin, I am so happy I was able to visit you this summer!**

As you know my cousin Courtney has cystic fibrosis and received a lung transplant recently. Unfortunately, it has not been the answer to the prayers and the pain as we had hoped as of yet.

If you could, please remember her, her 3 sisters and my aunt in your prayers as they continue on this fight! Courtney is an amazing girl and we all hate seeing her in so much pain.

Lovin Me Some Tar-get!

Mark and I headed out of the house on our own today for the first time...celebrating his 1st month of life perhaps? Happy 1 month kiddo!

We went to Target armed with the coupon catalog and did pretty good. The $ bin is rocking it right now and we totally stuffed Z's stocking too! Woohoo! I got him a train table and some Thomas thing to add to his tracks, some bath goodies and I got the twins their 1st birthday presents. I am feeling good on my shopping! I have been taking advantage of online shopping too with discounts and free shipping that is being offered right now. Ready to get the tree out so I can put all these presents out! :)

How are you doing on your Christmas shopping??

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All I Want for Christmas....

I actually have a list this year! What about you? Have you started compiling your list for yourself or your wee ones yet?

For me, I want a kindle or a nook(BN version). I am a SERIOUS book lover...meaning, I actually love the physical book itself, the smell of the crisp new pages (especially in a (ahhhh) hardback book!!), the book jacket, folding down the pages and occasionally even marking specific passages in books!! BUT, the bookshelf OVERFLOWITH!!! I think the kindle could help me read some of our book club choices that may not be my personal choice but that I still want to read...and then I can save the "real" books for my personal time when I get to venture into B&N and pore over the books on my own!

I also need some new wine glasses. In the last couple months, I swear Matt and I have broken about 5 of them between the two of us. I guess cause they are old and cheap, time has finally caught up with them, and they are done for. Don't need anything fancy, just something to sip out of and keeps from serving the guests in plastic cups! :)

As for the kiddos...I am so torn on this. I can think of about a MAZILLION things for the Z Man (anything Thomas the train, cars, blocks, outdoor, sports, etc) and about nothing for Mark??? Its not personal, but the poor dude will be like 2.5 months for his first Christmas. Its not like he will be playing with toys and we obviously still have toys and clothes from Z. Umm, I guess he can get money for college? HA! Thoughts on this from anyone who's little one was LITTLE for their 1st Christmas?

And what about you, Mommas?? What is on your list? IS there any cool item out there that I am missing out on and cannot live without, besides the kindle and the wine glasses? :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

4 weeks!

REALLY? Wowsers! How time flies when you are having fun! I truly cannot believe a month has passed already! Mark is a fabulous little dude and I am enjoying our time together!

Things just for me to remember:
*You are a very chill baby and really only fuss when hungry
*You are NOT into your binkie, very opposite your older brother!
*You LOVE to be in the Moby wrap or just to be held. Often in the middle of the night, you will just sleep in bed with me after eating because you fall back to sleep instantly there!
*You aren't a real fan of the swing either, preferring just to be held!
*Your witching hour seems to be around 730-9ish, often coinciding with brother's bedtime! You two are conspiring against us already, HA!
*You are a precious sweet little boy and I still cannot get over that hair! love it!

Happy 4 weeks, Mark! :)

2nd time around!

We made it out to the wedding and it was great to see Holly on her special day and of to hang out with friends. I am so very very thankful to have my folks live close by and that they are more than willing to babysit almost any time. Getting dressed for the wedding was NOT fun but I think I ended up looking presentable at the least. I am definite need of some non-maternity cute clothes though!!

Leaving Mark for the first time out was not near as difficult as leaving Zachary was. I guess it is just being used to everything and relaxed knowing my folks do such a great job watching the boys! ;-) We had only planned to stay till about 7ish, but when I called and checked in and mom said all was well so we were able to stay until 9 for the couple's departure. Thankfully I had brought the pump with me so I took a good 20 minute break somewhere in there to take care of business!

All and all, the first hours away from Mark went very well. I was actually able to enjoy the time away unlike the first time from Z. It was nice and much needed. Thanks parents! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Chriiiiistmas!

No seriously, it is! Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away but I am seeing Christmas decor out everywhere already. A shopping center by our house already has out their wreaths and lights, the grocery store aisles are filled with Christmas cookies and decorations and candy, the Christmas installation signs are out and yes....I have seen a house with lights up and ON as of last night. WOW. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas and everything that goes along with it, but I also believe Thanksgiving should get its full glory and no Christmas decor until AFTER turkey day is over! I will be listening to Christmas tunes and probably have our tree up by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, but still, that's after! ;-)

Thursday my mom and I made the big adventure with Mark to the infamous Nutcracker Market. We have been going for like 10 years now so why would we let us a little 8lb ball of love stop us?? Thankfully, I have the magical Moby wrap and we were there for about 5-6 hours! Mark was PERFECT! We have been using the wrap a lot already so we were both very comfortable in using it. Seriously, he slept the whole time. We would take breaks to just sit in a quiet spot and let him stretch his legs and of course eat and then he would happily pop back into his little cuddle ball. I did, however, feel like a bit of an attraction. I could not tell you how many times I was either stopped to ask a) how old he was? b) comment on his adorableness c) ask to take a peek at him d) mention what a cool wrap I had or e) my all time favorite and for real comment "I thought you had the biggest boobs I have ever seen until I got close and see there is a baby in there!" Nice...... All and all, a good time was had by mom although it was a little more tiring with baby in tow. I did not spend my usual wad of cash, chalk it up to being a little more fiscally conscious with the whole unemployed thing we have going on. The good part about it was I actually got some gifts for other people this year as well as my book club ornament, woot woot! Always feels good to check some things off the Christmas Shopping List!! Now need to refocus my online shopping efforts and get some things ordered from the multitude of toy catalogs I get and we should be a good dent into having shopping complete!!

Tomorrow is my friend Holly's wedding. We have RSVPed yes and I am hoping we get to go, even if just for a couple of hours. She has been a good friend coming to all my wedding and baby showers and birthday events and I am looking forward to being a witness on her special day. My parents have been all set up to watch the boys (still lovin saying that) so pending my dad doesn't end up having to go out of town for work, I will have my first hours away from my precious wee wun...wish me luck (and in finding something to wear...that thought JUST now crossed my mind, YIKES!)


**(One random note...I am 99.9% sure I saw Kristen Alfonso (aka-Hope Brady from Days of Our Lives) at the Nutcracker Market yesterday. She has a jewelry line apparently and I saw her booth there. When we were walking out around 6 last night...I either passed her or she has one heck of a look a like out there!) :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Picture Post!

Just a few pics of the fam! We had a good weekend...dinner with Kerri and Michael Friday night and Saturday was Caroline's 2nd birthday party! Busy weekend but fun!! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

What to wear.....

I am pondering going to Caroline's 2nd birthday party even though M is only 3 weeks old...but momma needs to get out of the house. We will see how I am doing tomorrow but tonight, I am thinking it is a go. Question is, what the heck do I wear? I have not worn "real clothes" in 3 weeks! Its been a life of yoga pants and t-shirts! Is wearing maternity clothes at this point still acceptable?!?! Cause I think that's just what it may have to be! :)

My name is Lisa....

And I am a bfing, ffing, disposable diapering (don't know the acronym for this one, ha!), bwing, co-sleeping, natural birthing (cause it was SO planned ya know!), WOHM to 2 precious boys!! You gotta own it all, right? :)

Cannot believe that Mark will be 3 weeks old already on Sunday. Time surely does fly! I have said it already, but so far...he is SUCH a good baby! I pray it lasts! He is just a peaceful chill little dude and really the only time he fusses is when hungry or when the cold wipes touch his bum. He is NOT a fan of the wipes! He is also a major snuggle bug. If he does happen to get upset when it not food or diaper related, all it takes is some cuddling and he relaxes. That is how the co-sleeping got started. After the middle of the night feeding (3-4ish) he never seems to be able to get settled back into the bassinet. But as soon as I hold him and bring him into bed, he is lights out for the next 3 hours. Can't deny it, I love sleeping with him too.

As for the whole feeding thing, UGH. I am frustrated but accepting again that formula is not evil. Silly, silly I know. So, for now, sometimes we nurse, sometimes we drink pumped and sometimes we have formula! Days when Z is at school I seem to be able to nurse much easier. Perhaps its the less stress and more time to focus. Anyhow, he is getting the nutrients he needs from formula as well as the benefits of the breast milk that he does get. From reading different things though, I do wonder more about the whole PCOS and bfing relationship. My "girls" never grew during either pregnancy, nor have they either time with bfing so I wonder if maybe I have insufficient mammary tissue that I have read about. I have a post-natal appointment next week and may talk to my OB about taking a prescription to see if that would help with supply too. We shall see.

And the baby wearing, I am loving my moby. Mostly used it for going out on walks so far, but it is really comfortable and Mark falls to sleep almost instantly in it. My mom and I are thinking about venturing out to the Nutcracker Market next Thursday and that would be the big test of it for sure. But so far, I give it 2 thumbs up!

Other than all that, things are going very well. The boys and us are getting used to our new schedule all together and for the most part it flows pretty well. Not sure about the rest of you but we are still cursing Daylight Savings Time. We had Zach to where he was getting up in the mornings between 8-8:30 every day...and now its more like 6:45-7:30! Drats! I hope he goes back to his old sleepy ways at some point! :)

I am glad it is Friday. Having pizza with some friends tonight and then Caroline's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow! Matt and Zach will be there for sure...I have not decided if Mark and I will venture out or not yet. I could definitely use a break from the house but not sure about taking the wee wun out just yet....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Zach had a BLAST trick or treating. We had planned on going to just a couple houses but he was having such a good time we ended up going all the way around our section! He was quite the appreciative trick or treater too offering "thank yous" and "bye byes" and even a hug for once lucky man! ;-) He was definitely on a sugar high by the end of the evening but was all worth it for the good time had by Z and Daddy and the rest of our clan!

(This morning Grammy gram took him on a walk and reported back that Z still thought it was Halloween as he was trying to head up to people's doors again today! HA!)

Fall Festival at Church