Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random musings

Just sitting here watching Duke b-ball with the hubby. They are having a great 2nd half after being down in the first half to NC State. Matt blames it on the students wearing the green shirts. There have been some amazing shots by the Dukies. I like to comment on them, it makes Matt laugh and then try to explain to me the right way to comment...I guess I get the terms wrong sometimes. He wants to make sure I teach Zach correctly ;-) Last night we watched the Ags beat the Horns. That was a good game and a much needed boost for the Aggies. Hubs feels a little better about the team now. Just need them to get to the big dance.

Speaking of...the big dance will begin Thursday, March 20th. Friday, March 21st is Good Friday and also the day of games for the NCAA tourney. Zach should be about 6 weeks. We are hoping Grandma or Grandpa can babysit for the day so Daddy AND Mommy can continue the tradition and go watch games ALL day. Its fun times had by all....mmmmmm....beeeerrr. We will see what unfolds.

So tomorrow is Friday. My last official day in the office. YIKES. Its been interesting with the boss out. I think my back-up will be okay. He's had a couple of days where things havent gone well, but that happens. I just pray my traders remember that he has only been scheduling for like 2 months. More concerned about the little things my boss would help out on or just if new things come up, who will he go to to ask? Oh, and I found out my boss may be taking SIX weeks off instead of just 4. Oh my....gonna be interesting.

Still loving Zach's room. I would go in before and just stare at his crib...but without everything else, it was just a room with a bed in it. Now it's my son's room! I fell asleep in the recliner last night attempting to read Babywise. I need to start it when I am not sleepy. Unfortunately, another family member sthe recliner too...Mr. Max! What to do? Not sure if its a big deal or not that he likes to go in there? Wonder if a baby gate at the door would keep him out?

We watched the Lost premier tonight too. I wasnt too impressed. I almost fell asleep. Hope the new season picks up after this episode.

Well, tomorrow is Friday. TGIF! Praying the day goes okay. Ready to meet this kid. Mom talked to Aunt Peg yesterday(she knows my appts are Wednesdays). Her plan is if Z doesnt come this week on his own, she will just plan to come down to Houston for the week and stay throuh Tuesday. YAY! I hope it all works out!

Oh, other funny...the phone. The "just checking" phone calls have started. Its fun though, but c'mon all tease about my texting...I promise you will know when you head in to the hospital. Speaking of phone, I need a new one. Its like mine lost its spring. Instead of just popping open and snapping shut, it opens and kinda hangs there limp. That may be on the to-do list for weekend.

And of the to-do list...I dont remember what was on it, but I know what's left. Need to install car seat and call pediatrician. Finally paid the day care the deposit so Zach wont have to cmoe to work with me. Bummer. That could have been fun.

Ok, I have rambled enough. I am actually tired. A weird change from the last couple of nights....does that mean anything?!?! :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weekly Update expected, not much progress. Doc said maybe about 1/2cm more since last looking at about 1.5-2cm dilated. She said Zach is still up high but she can feel his head so atleast he is in the right position. He just needs to move down more! We did a quick ultrasound to check on his size and he looks average! Average sized head and belly which supposedly is good!

So........we will see what comes this next week. Maybe he will progress and maybe he won't. If he hasn't come on his own, Feb 10th will be the big day to start things off! We will go in that Sunday night to start the efforts and then we really get going Feb 11th which woud probably be Zach's birthday! I'm comfortable with this decision and if that's what it comes to be, I am ready for it! Just want this guy here safe and sound!

Becky and Katie came for a visit tonight! They checked out the nursery and tested out a few things. Katie enjoyed touching the carpet and the textures! We think she has some designer in her! I wish I had taken some pics! Thanks for the visit ladies!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

10 DAYS!

Holy moly, tomorrow will be in the single digits! Of course this is to due date, not to induction date (feb 11th) if i need it. but stilll! OMG! so close!

Mission (ALMOST) Accomplished!

The furniture is in! The room is just about done! We need to move the bookshelf out and then that should be about it with maybe just some minor re-arranging. I would like a nightstand by the chair too and to hang a couple of things, but other than that, it's finished!

The small chest of drawers under the memory board was actually mine when I was a baby. My parents had their next door neighbor George (who's always been very handy) fix up the drawers and then mom and dad refinished and painted. Looks pretty cute I think! You can see the hippo chair by my big chair too. He will be perfect for taking Zach's monthly and weekly growth pics! And the hutch may be reorganized but we got it fixed up for now.

And you see Esther peering in on this last pic...she and Max are quite intrigued by all the changes and new stuff in the house. I am anxious to see how they respond to the new baby in the house!

Looking forward to my appointment tomorrow. I think I have been having some contractions on and off. Plus I have actually slept the last 2 nights some.....and I woke up this morning feeling different. Almost, more comfortable I dare say? Is that possible? Could that mean Zach is swimming downstream and getting in position? I am praying so, I am officially ready to meet this kid!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Yes folks, we are to the point where I must admit pregnancy is not all the flowers and smiles it has been for me. I am "officially" a complaining pregnant woman who is ready to get this kiddo out!

The good first...I am 38w2d. Wow, that is crazy. We will have a baby within 14 days no matter what. My little Valentine! Zach will be just fine anytime he comes out now. All he is really doing at this point is packing on some more pounds. Other good stuff, I still feel GOOD during the days! I'm not too uncomfortable until its time to sleep.... Also, I finally talked to delivery man. He said he would be in the area tomorrow and could probably deliver between 1 and 3pm. Great, sign me up. I need to get my stuff organized! And I will NOT be happy if this doesn't happen as said. And no one wants to see a 38 week pregnant woman get pi$$ed! Mom also finished my chest of drawers and was going to bring it by tonight but dad had to go out of looks like maybe Wednesday for that.

The bad...I am 38w2d and uncomfortable! And still don't have my furniture. But as said above, if it comes tomorrow, that situation will be remedied soon. Other bad, I am so tired. We tease that I am kinda like a narcoleptic these days. I will be sitting here typing and then ZZZZzzzzzzzz...............I hardly sleep at night so I tend to doze very easily during the day. Not too much actually is bad, just the regular- stuffy nose, heartburn and carpal tunnel type issues. I truly hope these go away as quickly as they popped up!

And the ugly....Well, I managed to almost complete avoid stretch marks....but instead of those I cannot breathe and therefore snore. Matt says like a bear, I say like a sleep apnea patient! It is WEIRD. I mean, I have snored before in life like when I am sick or after too much of the boozin, but this is totally different sounding. I wake myself up! I can hear myself breathing just when sitting here. I hate it. This more than anything, I cannot wait for it to go away.

But even with all the bad and the ugly, I think I will be one of those women who will miss being pregnant. I love knowing Zach is in my belly safe and sound and feeling him move and grow. And I know I have said it before, but I have enjoyed looking pregnant too. I think it goes well with me. Ready for #2, honey? ;-)

And now just random thoughts. I am going to see Jersey Boys tonight! WOOHOO! Mom and I have waited a long time for this show so I am super excited about it. Been listening to the cd to prepare and everyone who saw it say its very good! I also really love the JEEP, "Rock Me Gently" song and finally got tired of wondering if it was a real song or not?!?!? So I googled it and sure enough, its a1974 hit by some dude named Andy Kim. Matt's getting it on his ipod for me. Speaking of the pod...I still dont have one. Should I get one?

Ok, I think that's it for now. Need a little nappy before meeting mom at5:30. Don't want to nod off duringJersey Boys!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thanks Rach.......

My friend Rach would have been 30 today, she was definitely missed. We had a good evening with her folks...sharing dinner and memories and just catching up on life these days.

One of the gifts I really wanted from PBK was the Hippo Critter Chair. It was on my registry, but at $99 it is a fairly frivolous gift. I looked at my registry the other day once I had some gift certificates to use and it showed the chair was unavailable or no longer available. I was so upset that I hadn't ordered it earlier! But somehow I was able to order it online still, just not as part of registry. So was supposed to be here Saturday or Monday. When I came home from dinner tonight, there was a huge box!!! Lo and behold, the Hippo Critter Chair had arrived early! Coincidence? I think not! I love it can't wait to see Zach growing in it!! :) Thanks Rach!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Patience is a Virtue........

And I don't think I have it right now. Said in my best Verunca Salt voice..."I want an oompa loompa NOW!!!!!!!!!"

Dr. appointment was fine but no great progress. Maybe about a 1/2 cm more dilated but that's it. Zach is still high but she can feel his head so at least he is in the right direction. So.......I don't think little man will be here this week. I think we will definitely make Jersey Boys so that's good. I do really want to see that! We went ahead and scheduled an induction date for February 11th, 3 days after his due date in case he hasn't come on his own. If nothing else, there is an END IN SIGHT! YIPPEE! I think I may still keep my last day of work as Feb 1st too. That will give me a week to rest and get last minute things accomplished.

As for the rest of the furniture...its in, but now I have to wait for the delivery man to call me back to schedule a delivery time. It can take 24 to 48 hours for him to call. I find that quite silly, but again, I think its part of the test of patience! Oh well, I think it will be here in time. B says I will dilate as soon as all the furniture is here. I hope so, I am picking the first available time slot! :)

There is nothing on TV tonight, so I am trying out Ginny's show, Crowned. OMG, why didn't I watch this earlier? Pretty funny stuff.

Ok, that's all for now. 16-19 days to go at the MOST! WOOHOO!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The furniture has arrived after its journey across America! I thought it was coming from NC but actually from Utah. Whatever. It is HERE! So, I will call first thing tomorrow morning and get the FIRST available delivery time. Good thing is since I'm a part timer kinda any way right now...I think I can be pretty flexible on times. I just want it here! I cannot wait to see the room all set up with the chair and the knick knacks on the hutch and the stuff in it!!! YIPPEE!

I told work today that my last day would probably be Friday, Feb 1st. They seemed cool. Everyone keeps telling me I deserve this time off and to not worry about it, so that is my goal. This little guy is coming, ready or not! OH MY GOD, I am going to have a BABY soon! My little boy! YEAH!

Nothing else. Doctor appointment is tomorrow at 10:45am. I will update with progress as soon as possible I HOPE! PRAY for some progress!! I'll check in tomorrow!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Notes from the Underbelly...LOL

OK, if you watch this show...Matt and I just had a big chuckle. There was a scene where the hubby bought the wife a Snoogle (pregnancy pillow) and her attempts to use it and sleep. HA, so very funny. It was like a scene from my regular nights!

There were some other very funny things to relate to, too.

Good stuff.

Into the teens.....and some pics!

18 days it says.....that's not too far away! We will have a son by the next holiday! Our little Valentine! :-)

Let's office had a shower for me on Friday. Everyone was so very generous and I am very thankful! Got several gifts as well as a group gift certificate that I was able to use for my pump, monitors, and some other goodies. Here are a couple of pics! Matthew came up too which was sweet!

Sunday was our last time to greet for awhile. We have fulfilled our one year obligation and in just the right time. I love greeting though so hopefully after we get the little guy's schedule figured out, we will be back! I have told Matt how often people talk to me now about being pregnant now that I am so far along. He got to witness it first hand while greeting. Pretty funny. Lots of belly touching and advice and comments, etc. Here is a pic or two from Sunday! Yes, I am getting BIG!

What else.....what to see the Ginster Saturday night at Rob & Lisa's house. Matt played guitar hero for the first time. We may have to invest in one in order to be competitive. ITS HARD!

Today we went house hunting. It was fun! We found one we loved, but alas, want this guy sold first. So we shall see...

Not much else going on. Just a few pics now for the fun of it!


And last but not are Zach's letters for his room!

Guess that's it for now. Next appointment is Wednesday @ 10:45am. Ill let you know how it goes! :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Homestretch.......3 weeks and counting???

Well folks, we are in the home stretch, the final countdown, the end is near!!! I will be 37 weeks on Friday and had my first weekly appointment today. Did a quick ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels and all is well there. I will continue to drink my water though just to be safe. But the good news is, I am actually progressing! I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. It doesn't necessarily mean anything as some women stay this way for weeks...but it does mean that SOMETHING is happening! Zach is head down and in position too, so we shall see what the next couple of weeks may bring. I am so pumped to meet this little guy!

With that said....I would like the rest of my furniture here and to see Jersey Boys on the 27th! After that, I am READY to GO! :) I will go to appointments weekly now, so hoping that next week brings even more progress. I will keep you posted!

Other than that, we are doing good. I have a hair appointment tomorrow (THANK GOD, we cannot bring a child into this world with roots like these! heehee!) and hope to get some new pics up soon too! Things are coming along, we are just anxiously waiting now!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Growth giant baby here!

Ultrasound went fine today. Zach is measuring right at 36 weeks and about even worse case scenario that he gained a lb a week , he would be just over 9lbs. Ultrasound tech thinks 7-8.5 more likely. My amniotic fluid was a little on the low side so she said i need to be drinking more water. Anyone had that before?

I have my weekly check up on Wednesday with the actual doctor so we will go over everything then. I'm curious to see if I have progressed at all! My mom came with Matt and I today which was neat. She enjoyed seeing everything and going by the hospital so she and my dad know where to go! During the ultrasound we got a nice view of Zach's face too and I think he is awfully handsome! I am ready to meet him face to face for real!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Well, we are getting somewhere! With closing in on 30 days to go and lots of strangers stories about going into labor at 36 weeks...we decided it was time to get ready! So from the list from a week or so ago, lets see how things look!

1. Buy Car- check! See post on saying goodbye to Blue Bessie and hello to the silver streak!
2. Pack hospital bag- check! Got the basics in...jammies, undies, nursing bras, baby book, etc...anything else i need to take?
3. Furniture- UGH, still waiting. should be in around the 20th :-(
4. Wash clothes- Doing that tonight! Washing all the 0-3 months in Dreft, smells so good!
5. Finalize daycare- NEED TO DO THIS!
6. Drive alternate routes to hospital- Amy sent me a cool website, so we can look there. I think we will be okay though if not.
7. Find pet care for Esther and Max while we are in the hospital-need to do this!
8. Pediatrician- Yep, still waiting on this one too!

Well, 4 out of 8 aint too bad, right????

Friday, January 4, 2008

35 weeks....35 Days to Go!

Dear Zachary,
This is your mommy here...I cannot believe it is almost time to meet you! Your birthday could be any time over the next 5 weeks and it still seems so unbelievable to me. Even with my ever growing belly and your continuous movements, I still wonder how and why your Daddy and I became so blessed to have you come into our lives? YOU ARE OUR MIRACLE. Every morning on my walks with your fur-sister Esther, I say thank you to Him for allowing me to wake up another day with you growing in my belly. Funny to think I have been praying that same prayer for about 8 months now....especially after praying for 12+ months for your creation! I pray for your continuous health over these next few weeks and a safe delivery into this world. I give THANKS for your creation! It wasn't due to my own doing or even your daddy's or even a doctor. The credit is due only to Him! Don't ever forget that, Zach. All the months your dad and I prayed for you....God already knew when it would be your time and you are wonderfully and mercifully made through Him. He has great things in store for you and I cannot wait to see what all that may be!! I pray that you come to know and love Him as your Dad and I do too and we will do our best to raise you to remember that He ALWAYS loves you!

We LOVE you so much Zach! We cannot wait to meet you and see what you look like and pinch your cheeks and tickle your toes! We will stare in awe and wonder at you on the day you are born...and probably for many years to come after that.

We will promise to rock you and soothe you and feed you and care for you, no matter how tired or cranky we may be. Even if we are those things, it doesn't mean we don't love you. We will always love you and our love for you will grow every day as you grow!!

We will watch you grow and take note of ALL you do and how you change and grow....marking down every milestone along the way so not to forget a thing. We will wonder where the time has gone as you grow and change so fast. Everyone says how you will change before our eyes and we will do our best to remember it all!

We hope to give you a brother or a sister or two so that you can have a bond with a sibling that we both enjoyed. We will go on family vacations to Disney World and the Grand Canyon and Boston and California and where else we can think of, as long as we are all together!

We will read to you and hope you learn to love it as dad and I do. He will teach you math and I will help with English. And of course, Dad will teach you ALL you EVER WANTED to know and MORE about SPORTS!!! You and he will have a great time together watching football and basketball and baseball, etc!!

We promise to support you and defend you as you grow and figure out who YOU want to be...and to love you NO MATTER what. Like I said, we will ALWAYS love you.

We pray for the man that you will grow into, for the husband we hope you will be, and for the father we know you will become. One lucky girl will get to know all of those pieces of you!

We promise you all of this Zachary. And all we ask is that you come safely into this world and let us spoil you rotten and love you forever. Thank you for filling a place in our hearts that we never truly knew was empty. Thank you for making us a family. Thank you for making me a mommy. Thank you for making our dreams come true!

So hang in there for a little bit longer, Zachary...I will be holding you in my arms soon enough.

I love you always and forever little one. See you soon!
Love Always,

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Farewell to Bessie.......

After 9good years of friendship....last night we said good-bye to my dear friend.....Blue Bessie. Bessie is my 1999 Ford Explorer Sport. After the flash flood in Dallas in 1998 that totalled my green Sunfire, Blue Bessie became my girl. Mom and Dad helped finance her since I was still in college at the time. One of favorite stories is about picking her out. I opted for the tape player over the CD player back in the day because I thought CDs were a passing craze and I preferred the company of my mixed tapes! HAHAHA! Bessie has been a part of many memories, often involving road trips.....Dallas, Austin, Nacogdoches, San Antonio, New Orleans just to name a few. Having had her since I was 20 years old, she has definitely played a major role in this phase of my life. She has been a good car to me with relatively few major issues and I think any and all cosmetic issues were due to my own devices in some way or another. I made sure to take her to the car wash yesterday before I dropped her off so she would be feeling spiffy. And I wont lie, as we drove off last night leaving her in the lot...I cried. Its silly, I do know this, but it was kinda like driving away from a part of my life! Actually 10 years is a 3rd of my life! So IS a big deal! ;-)
The first pic is of me and Bessie leaving the house to head to the dealership. The second one is of our last moment before leaving her.
But...with the saying Good-bye to Blue Bessie....we said Hello to THE SILVER STREAK! The new Wittliff mobile, baby friendly and all with 4 doors (bessie only had 2 doors) and a third row of seats! She is a 2008 GMC Acadia and we are glad to welcome her home. I picked her up today after work, it was weird driving home, like I was in someone else's car! I don't have a pic yet, but will get one soon. Its a sweet car, and Matt and I are both excited about all the new memories we will make in SS with Zach in tow as well! Welcome to the family Silver Streak and we look forward to having you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jammin in the new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I am so excited to be starting 2008...why you may ask?? Because this is the year that I get to hold my baby boy! We have waited a long time for this moment! 2007 was a definitely a blessing with his conception and carrying him these last 8 months, but now, we are ready to meet him! :)

We had a great time "jammin" in the new year at the Labbe's house last night. Everyone wore their jammies, parents and kids alike! It was great to be comfy for once, especially this year for me! We did make your own pizzas and had lots of other yummy snacks and treats. Mike and Jason even bought some fancy fireworks to dazzle us with. It was a nice display. Oh yes, and we played Dance, Dance Revolution...those are me in action in the last 2 pics. And....we all actually made it to midnight! When the clock struck midnight, and I shared a kiss with my hubby...I think I caught a twinkle in his eye as he said "this was our last NYE together alone...and I couldn't be more excited for what's to come". Me too, Matthew! It was a great way to ring in the new year surrounded by the friends I love and who love us. We were missing some this year but they were definitely with us in spirit!

2007 was still a year of ups and downs as I think life just is at this age...but ultimately, it was a wonderful year personally for Matt and I. We are blessed with great friends and family, successful jobs, some fun trips, blessed events of weddings and babies to share in with our friends, and of course, our little miracle Zachary. We are so thankful for the prayers of those who love us and know that we are grateful to have you in our lives.

So thank you for helping make our 2007 a good year...and to 2008....we are so excited to see what else you have in store for us all!

Here are some pics of the night too!