Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick Takes Friday- Sept 5th

Well here we are again. Attempting to update the old blog...again! I guess 3 kiddos keeps me a little busy! I have now survived my first month as a SAHM. August was full of no schedule craziness since I wanted to enjoy summer with the boys. We stayed up late, ate sno cones, went swimming a lot, took a week long road trip to Dallas to visit family and friends and just generally tried to live up what was left of the summer. It was full of fun but I must admit I am ready for a little bit more structure and routine!
We have also survived the first two weeks of Kindergarten! Seeing Zach off onto the bus the first day was just as hard for Mark as it was for me. There were tears for both. Mark really missed Zachary and with no Preschool yet (it started this week), he was lonely. But he also decided that he and Lukey would be friends! When all 3 boys are together, usually Luke gets either left out or bothered too it has been a welcome surprise to see them play together more! Zach has been happy getting on the bus in the morning and happy getting off in the afternoon so I just pray that the time spent at school is also full of happiness for him! Mark and Luke started school this week too. They both go twice a week. Mark gets to get dropped off in car line this year which has been AWESOME! Something about hopping out of the car instead of getting dropped off by mom or Tita at the classroom has worked wonders because there have been NO tears! Praise the Lord! He has several friends from last year's class and from church in his class this year and had a great week! Luke did awesome too. I was worried about the schedule, but he has had a great time too. One of his teachers is his nursery teacher on Sunday and then there is another little boy in his class from church too so I think the familiar faces helped. When I picked him up on Thursday, the teacher that I dont know as well told me that he is the happiest baby and just a pure joy to have in the class, YAY! :)

Soccer season starts up next weekend. This year we have both boys signed up. Should be interesting to juggle the two different practice and game schedules but the boys are excited so I am excited for them too!
One thing I am looking for now that I am home is some sort of mom's group. I don't know if I want to try MOPS or maybe one of the ladies Bible Studies at church...but I would like to get involved in something that meets during the week so I can have some sort of adult interaction and don't have to talk Matt's ear off when he gets home.
Kids Night Out tonight...yay for date night! Will be much needed since I am on my won for the rest of the weekend. Matt has Guys Weekend with the fellas from church. I think the ladies and the kids are getting together Saturday night so that should be fun!
Speaking of schedules...been looking into different things we could do at home to incorporate some kind of learning and routine on the days we are all home. Read a little about Five in a Row and thought that may be something that is pretty relaxed but would also give us some focus each week!
Last but not least...our little Lukester turned ONE! With it being over the holiday weekend, we decided to just have my parents over for cake and presents. He LOVED his cake! Can't believe he is one already...time is definitely going way too fast. He started walking about 6 weeks ago and thinks he can do whatever his brothers do now too. Life definitely isn't quiet around our house these days! :)

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick Takes Friday-July 20th

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 225)
--- 1 ---
I recently made a switch in diapers in order to start saving a few $$. I have always been a bit leery of cheaper diapers after I bought a package and the boy peed through them every single time. So I am a pampers swaddlers girl from NB to 2 and then Huggies Lil Movers from there on. Two of my girlfriends suggested I try LUVS which are more than half the price. I bought a box, and have been pleasantly surprised! No leaks and they smell really good too! woohoo!

--- 2 ---
I can't believe my oldest is going to be starting Kindergarten in about 6 weeks. All of a sudden, he just LOOKS bigger to me. We spent yesterday flipping through a Land's End catalog looking at clothes for school and backpacks. I am going to have a school aged kid. Not sure I can even comprehend that yet.

--- 3 ---

My middle one has been feeling a bit stuck in the middle lately. He wants so much to be a big kid like his brother and yet he is still a little guy too. I think Zach going to Kinder next year is going to be hard on him because he wants nothing more to do and be everything like big brother. Anyone have tips on how to deal with the sibling separation?

--- 4 ---

The youngest is on the verge of walking. Both the other boys walked at 10 and 11 months respectively. He is standing on his own, walking behind and pushing everything but just not quite ready to take those steps on his own. Which is okay with me for now, I am enjoying every moment of him being little still. Or at least I would like for him to wait another week when I am at home so I can see him do it! :)

--- 5 ---

I am so excited about taking a road trip to Dallas in a few weeks. All my family lives up there but with seems I can only ever get away for quick trips to see them and miss seeing other friends too. So while we are still off for the summer, I am taking the 3 boys for a trip to go see everyone! We are going to stay with my good friend, Becky and my god-daughter for a night or so and finally see their new house. I am going to have dinner with JackAsh and meet their sweet baby girl. And of course see my family and anyone else who wants to see the crazy Wittliff clan! These are the types of things I am looking forward to doing while not working!

--- 6 ---

My weight loss efforts have severely stalled over the summer. Time to get focused...AGAIN. I am doing better at getting back into regular running and still doing boot camp, but I have got to get the eating back under control. I have tried a few new recipes these past couple weeks and need to put up some posts on those. They were healthy and tasty and something new in the rotation is ALWAYS good!

--- 7 ---

I am single-momming it for the next 2 days while the hubs enjoys a well-deserved guys trip. I have mad respect for single moms. The boys were pretty good last night actually but after a long day at work, it is definitely tiring doing it all on your own. They were super cuddly though and we enjoyed watching some Curious George together after the little guy went down. Looking forward to our pizza night tonight and daddy being home tomorrow!

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Hope everyone has a great weekend! I hope to sneak out and take the big boys to see Turbo. Zachary had been counting down to July 17th when it came out for weeks!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thoughts on ending one career...and starting a "new" one...

I've got one more week where I'm a "working mom" before I embark on being a Stay at home mom. The "titles" have always rubbed me a bit because really, aren't we all just moms? That moment a baby is placed in your arms and you are entrusted to care for a child (whether it be through child birth, adoption, fostering, whatever!) you are a MOM. You care for someone else more then yourself. I hate the mommy-wars of sahm vs working because for most people a lot of it is out of their control. It teasr us apart and what we all REALLY want is the very best for our children and for them to know they they are loved unconditionally and forever. So why the justifications and the accusing?

I've been a working mom for 5 years. I've gotten the "I don't know how you do it, I could never leave my child." The truth for me was it wasn't a choice for  MY family. I did it because I had to. I didn't do it all. I failed many times over both as a mom and an employee. I got the looks at work for having to leave early or come in late for a sick child or caregiver. I got it for missing the Christmas or end of year party, for forgetting it was stuffed animal day, or sending in the wrong  x, y or z  to school. 

I know staying at home isn't easy, because after all...I am still a mom every night at dinner, bath, and bedtime. I am with my kids all day long on the weekends. I know there are days of endless diaper changes, wiping noses, playing soccer and candyland on top of cleaning house, cooking dinner and playing chauffer. I still kiss the non-existent boo boos for legs that can't walk at the end of the night and cries for missing stuffed animal that they haven't missed all day....and the morning cries that thankfully happened much less as time went on of "why do you have to go to work again"??

Being a working mom isn't easy either. I don't go to work and "at least get a break and adult interaction". Sure, I'm thankful I've gotten to work with some really great people over the last 9 years. They allowed me to work a modified schedule for the last 4 years in an industry where that's pretty much unheard of. They've picked up my slack and gone through 3 maternity leaves with me. They've consoled me on the days when there was a crying boy on my way out the door in the morning. I wake up early to work out or get to work early so I won't have to miss MORE time with them. I sit in two hours of traffic a day. I get home, tired of dealing with other people and their come home and be with little hands and feet and hearts that just want to have ALL my attention. I often just want to come home and sit...but really that's never been an option because someone wants milk not apple juice, a bubbly bath, and one more story  at bed time.

I find myself sitting here thinking, what now?  Will I be a good stay at home mom? Will I fall into different criticism now because my kids eat too many fruit snacks and not enough fruit? Days where we still may eat McDonald's or a lunchable instead of a well balanced meal  when I should have time to make one? I don't know. But I do know, that regardless of my career, my boys will be just as much loved as they were today as they will be in two weeks.

Ill be honest, I'm lonely at times now. I have a great, no...wonderful, group of women that I call my best friends but unfortunately time does not permit me to do more with than email at most on some days as far as interaction goes. We dont have neighbors we get to hang out with every weekend and i get to see some of my girls just once a month for book club and on sundays at church. I pray that as time goes on and I come into my new role...that I am able to cultivate some new friendships and strengthen some others. I do have a slight fear of still not fitting in with the stay at home moms and now the working moms too. 

Being a mom is the hardest and best thing I have ever done. I am beyond blessed to be called "mommy" by 3 amazing precocious little men. I thank God every day for that. I know the time is right for my family to take this leap of faith to lose income and gain time. I'm ready to not be tied to the blackberry and checking emails. And I vow to do my best to not judge one woman's situation over mine.   

Not sure where all this is really going, just thoughts on what the new me will be.  I am excited and scared and ready! I know that even though this is what I have wanted for years, there will be tears next Friday as I say good bye....not just to good friends but to the end of an era of sorts. There will be hard days to come being at home all day with the boys and little to no breaks in sight. 

So with one week to go...I say YAY to all moms for simply doing the best we all can do, whether in your business attire or yoga pants! God entrusted us all with the greatest job ever and I am thankful that I was called to do it.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend recap

Finally went running this weekend. Besides the 5k I did a couple months ago and the short run I did on our girls weekend...I have barely ran since I have been doing boot camp. I occasionally run at lunch on the treadmill but that's nothing like being outside. Since we won the lotto to be able to run the big Houston half in January, I know I need to start logging some miles before I really start to train. It was hot as heck but I decided to just run and see what happened.  I didn't check my distance or pace once...and happily clocked in just shy of 4miles. If the midday sun hadn't been pouring down...I think I could have gone longer. Hello running...I have missed you!

My parents watched Luke so we coulda take the big boys to the movies.  It was the first time for us to try taking mark again since the last time when we went to see Shipwrecked...mark and I spent 90%of the movie hanging in the lobby. The boys enjoyed it and we didn't even have to take any potty breaks! Looks like we are ready to take on the rest of the summer movies! :)

We also spent a fun Saturday at a pool party with friends.  I was too busy with kids in the pool to take any pictures but we all had a great time and boys slept well Saturday night!

I'm trying to figure out a way to get it off my phone too...but to tonight I took videos of the boys telling their bedtime stories. You can't see anything in the videos since they are in the dark before bed, but on, they are funny and their little voices so very sweet. If your kids love to tell stories, get em on tape some time. Priceless!

Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday-Back at blogging and happy 4th!

--- 1 ---

While enjoying a lovely day at my parents' neighborhood 4th of July friend told me she missed my blogging.  So here is my attempt to jump back into it!  We had a great day with friends and family enjoying the parade, park, slip n slide, pool, and cake walk!  Everyone won at least once except for Mark who was finally consoled with a cookie from his brother's loot.  We also learned from Miss Kate that Matt is "really really funny".  :)  Wish I had taken more pictures because all the kiddos got along really well and it was super duper sweet.

--- 2 ---

It was a very big week in the Wittliff household.  After nearly 9 years at BG, I gave my notice on Tuesday to stay home with the boys full time.  It is going to be a HUGE change in our household, but one that has been prayerfully considered for the past few years and especially since I have been back to work since Luke was born.  I am nervous and anxious and totally excited.  I will be sad to lose Maria, our nanny, as she has been such a blessing to our family these past 3 years but so happy to have more time with the boys.  And not be on call on the weekends, have a 2 hour/day commute, etc.  Looking forward to what's ahead!
--- 3 ---

Matt and I are signed up again for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon in January.  Since doing boot camp for the last few months I have not been running like I was.  Time to start getting some regular miles in and training done!  Hoping to finish a little faster then my postpartum time from last year!
--- 4 ---

Our middle child is becoming a bit of a streaker.  He has no problem with taking his pants off anytime and anywhere to go to the bathroom or change his outfit for whatever reason. It  is slightly funny but also slightly terrible.  We need to work on this.  And then laugh that he is going to be a great frat boy one day.

--- 5 ---

Lukey had his 9 month check up on Wednesday.  My dad came and watched the older boys so I could take him on his own.  He loves his one on one time with mommy and is just the sweetest and friendliest little dude.  The Doc even commented on how social he was for this age.  He is in the 86th percentile for weight at almost 24lbs and 98% with height.  Gotta be a big guy to put up with his brothers!  It was also so liberating leaving the office and making up follow up appointments and knowing I could pretty much schedule them any time and any day that I wanted!

--- 6 ---
Headed to our friends, the Creller's, annual 4th party tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing some of Matt's crew that live on the other side of town that we don't get to see that often.  And their new house.  I haven't been able to go the last 2 years due to either being on call or being preggo and not up for it.  Tomorrow I will be neither of those so it should be a good time for the whole family!
--- 7 ---

It's FRIDAY!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend ahead!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two a Day Tuesday

Starting in on week 4 of boot camp.  Kicking booty and taking names ;-)  I have noticed that some things are getting easier while some DEFINITELY are going to take some continued work.  I am not the all over, barely walking, hardly moving sore that I was the first week....but depending on what we do on the day, I will have some isolated muscle soreness.  But it has to be worth it, right??

I am really loving the overall body work out I feel like I am getting from boot camp and the getting it over in the morning.  It is such a relief to get home in the evening and not have to muster up the energy to go work out once hubby gets home.  The ONLY negative of boot camp is my running has suffered.  Since I am getting up in the mornings for boot camp, that has really been the only exercising I have been doing.  The boot camp is a very good workout but I actually MISS running.  And I do desire to run another half some day so I know I need to keep up the practice.  So today, I sucked it up and went at lunch and ran on the dreadmill.  GO ME. Two workouts in one day.  AWESOMENESS!  I made sure to pack a whole other extra work out set of clothes cause no body wants to put back on stinky clothes from the morning.  I knocked out 3 miles.  I am still slow and that frustrates me, but I could still do it.  Definitely need to up my miles in order to run a 10k in May!

I haven't actually weighed in at ww since before Disney which was over a month ago.  I will definitely go this week and get back on that weekly accountability.  I know it helps!  Some of my girl friends and I have been doing weekly emails to keep up our motivation and share successes and struggles.  It is nice to know I am not in the weight loss battle alone!

On a different note, I tried a new recipe last night from Skinny  Baked Jalepeno Popper Chicken.  SOO GOOD!  I only had 4 chicken cutlets so I halved the filling and it was perfect.  Hubs loved it too.  She runs a great website and I have not tried a receipe I did not like on there....

Hope everyone out there is having a good week too.  Looking forward to my day off tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{chirp} {Chirp} {chirp}

yes, that is the sound of crickets after apparently taking a 2 month blog break! How did that happen? I guess it's called life of a working mom with 3 little men!

So what's happened the last 2 months? Well we went to and survived our trip to Disney World, Easter and celebrating His ressurection , zach started t-ball, mark is more and more little boy and less little toddler, Luke is sitting on his own and cutting teeth, I started boot camp, and every daily thing in between!

So in attempts to get back into the swing of is miscellany Monday!
miscellany monday at lowercase letters

1) Susan, Allison, and I started boot camp 2 weeks ago. My friend from church runs it and she was offering a groupon so we signed up! Wow, the first week was a doozie. I could barely move, but no pain, no gain...right? I still feel like an uncoordinated goof most of time, but I know it's a good workout. It is at 5am which I was worried about but I haven't missed yet. I go straight from there to the gym in my office. I get some funny looks walking in in my gym clothes and going straight to the shower, ha!

2) I also got talked into starting a cleanse. We are going to do it the last week of April. I had been reading on several different blogs about them and when friends mentioned wanting to do one too... we decided to do it together. It's only 7 days. I should be able to do anything for 7 days, right?
3) T-ball has been a very humbling and interesting experience so far.  Zach has always been what I would call "athletic".  He walked really early, always been very coordinated with activities, out playing ball at like 1 year old.  He played soccer in the fall and was one of the best players on the teams because he's fast and coordinated.  When spring came along we asked what he would like to do and he said, "try baseball".  Now in the backyard with the wiffle balls, he was also so good that I figured he would be a natural....but I have learned that in comparison to kids on team who are practically a year older and have played before, there is a real difference.  I find myself times wanting to be tough and yelling like some folks and also wanting to just let him figure it out on his own and see if this is even for him.  Ahhhh!  It is definitely a battle of "all kids need a fair shot vs letting the best players play" in my head....but then I think they are only 5-6 years old...can't we just play for fun?  We will see how the season goes!

4. I am back on WW.  I gained about 45lbs during my pregnancy and lost about 20lb of it quite easily.  But ever since Christmas, I just have not been able to get the scale to move.  I would lose and then gain it back.  Good old teeter totter.  But since joining boot camp I have really been tracking my points again and have lost about 6 lbs.  I will be weighing in on Thursdays now so we will get an official weigh in then!

5. I tried my first MyFitFoods today.  They opened a location downtown so I decided to give it a try.  As I was walking over, a lady was passing out free meal coupons so my lunch was free!  yay!  I tried the Buffalo Chicken Salad and it was very tasty!

6. I love you??  If so, come follow me!  I am doing a photo-a-day challenge this month and it is fun to follow along with the little prompts and try and be creative!

I think that is enough for today.  Hope to be back to posting more again!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Tomorrow morning I will make up to being the mother of a five year old.  I truly feel like I don't know where the time has gone?  Every one of the kids' birthdays seems unbelievable but there is something BIG about turning 5.

A lot has changed in five years.  Different house. Three kids.  Same pets ;-) And a slew of other things.

Five years ago at this time, we were checked into the hospital, hooked up to machines and wondering what tomorrow would bring.  What time would precious boy make his arrival? How would labor go?  What would he LOOK like?  Would we make good parents?

It is overwhelming to think about what a miracle and blessing children are and I am so grateful that God entrusted Matt and I to be Zachary's parents.  I love my crazy, strong-willed, sports loving, competitive, funny, loving and sweet little boy.  I can never thank him enough for making me a mommy.  He loves his brothers and even though they may fight sometimes, at the end of the day they are always on the same team.  I pray it always stays that way.

We love you so much, Zachary and can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I did it!!

I still really can't believe I did it....but I did.  I ran a half marathon!  I may not have been the fastest runner out there, but I definitely was not the slowest either.  And I did not stop or walk the entire time.  I finished in about 2 hours and 40 minutes...averaging about a 12 min/mile.  And all nearly 3 hours, was pure awesomeness!!

I was totally freaked out the night before.  Even though I ran 11 miles the Sunday before, I was panicking.  What if I got a shin split, or side ache, or foot whatever?  What if I hit "the wall" and couldn't continue?  Add in the fact that the forecast was low 40s and RAIN!  What to wear??  My mom spent the night to keep the boys and I think I finally fell to sleep some time after midnight.

We woke up early around 4:30am.  And it was COLD and RAINING just as projected.  I had bought these sheddable/disposable jackets for Matt and I at the race expo so my plan was capri pants, long sleeve top, gloves, visor and this sheddable jacket.  We arrived downtown about 5:45am and yay, no rain!  Went inside to meet up with the gang and get our numbers pinned on, etc.  Like cattle we then followed the herd outside to line up....its drizzling.  The race starts.  We are probably several thousand people deep so it takes about 15 minutes before we even are near the official start line.  And by the time we reach it, it is full.on.POURING.  I waved goodbye to Matt so he could carry on and just focused on me.  I didn't care how slow I was, I just wanted to finish.

(Matt, Me, and Thomas pre-race)

It rained for probably the first hour of the race.  Like hard.  I was SO glad to have the visor to keep my face clear and the jacket on.  It was keeping me warm and fairly dry.  And happy to have capris on too and not dealing with wet ankles/pants!  The bad part was the gloves and the shoes.  SOAKED.  But even with running around the puddles, etc it was still pretty cool.  People were cheering us on!

Thank goodness for the music.  There were some great songs on my ipod that really got me through. I felt so powerful and strong!! Passing by Matt and Jenny along the 8-9 mile stretch was pretty cool too.  They were about a mile ahead of me and I saw them as they were coming back on the u-turn.  That really gave me some motivation to keep going!  When I reached mile 10 and was headed back towards downtown...I knew I could do it.  The home stretch. I soaked it in.  And then seeing MARATHONERS passing me...I definitely couldn't quit then.

When I finally reached mile 12 entering downtown...knowing I had just a mile to go....the emotions got me.  I truly couldn't believe I was doing this.  I passed some people, others passed me.  But I was SMILING the whole time with tear filled eyes.  I wanted to reach out and touch everybody around me and give them a high five and say"c'mon...we can do this!  We got this thing!!" That mile was my fastest of all 13.  I loved racing through the final stretch.  I raised my arms up and gave it my all as I crossed the finish line!  It.was.AWESOME.

A little less than 2 years ago I started the couch to 5k program.  I could barely jog 30 seconds.  Last year at this time, I ran the 5k while Matt ran the 1/2 and decided after seeing him finish, that I too wanted to run next year!!  Fast forward 9 months, and sweet Lukey was born. It was beginning to seem a bit ambitious that I would be able to complete the race.  There was no way I could get back in shape enough to run in just 3 months!  But thanks to the persistence especially of my #1 supporter Matt, and forever optimist friend, Jenny...they didn't let me give up.  I kept on training.  And on Sunday...I became a 1/2 Marathon FINISHER!!

If it is ever something you think maybe you would want to do...if you set your mind to it, do your miles, and stick with it, you can do it too.

What an awesome day.  Thank you again to my hubby, my parents, and all my friends for the encouragement and support.  Can't wait to do it again next year!!!
(Post race- Me, Matt, Andy, Jenny, Thomas)
 We did it!!
 (My #1 supporter!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday weigh in

Today was my first official ww weigh in....and happy to report I lost 4lbs! I was hoping for the magic 5lb, but 4is pretty good do I'm not complaining. I tracked every lick, bite and taste...and planned my snacks and meals for work. Still got to have my pizza on the weekend but that is what the ww extra points are for! :)

I have 2 events I'm working towards:
1) Disney. I'd like to lose 10-15lbs by first week of march. Hard? Yes, but doable too! I have a 10k race in there to work for and I bought Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred to start in February too! It's all about planning!
2) summer! Last year I didn't get to enjoy my weight loss as I was already pregnant again. This year, I just want to look good and confident in a swim suit! And be at or under my lifetime goal.

Hoping by putting it out there, it keeps me accountable! Do you have any goals for the next few months?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Stories

It was the first weekend in what seems like weeks that we didn't have any events to attend.  Plan was to get our final long runs in before the Half Marathon next Sunday on Saturday, but the very rainy day decided to interfere with that.  Instead we took down Christmas and I took the boys to the bounce house.  All in all a nice day but not what we intended!

So that left today to catch up. Training with 2 adults and kids it is hard to find the time.  I ended up skipping church so I could run first due to work timing (back to being on call on the weekends).  I am slow, but I did 11.2 miles today.  I have accepted that I will be walking some of the race, but I think I will definitely finish!  We will see what happens.  I do like training for something, so tonight I spent some time looking for some 10ks that perhaps we could do.  Keeps me focused and always good to have a goal to work towards.  I never thought I would say this, but I like 5-6 mile runs.  Its not SO long that my legs feel like they may give out, but long enough to have to work at it too.  Now to get faster would be nice now too...

And I am officially back on ww.  I have a little less than 2 months until our Disney trip and I would really like to lose some weight.  My first weigh in will be Wednesday so we will see how I do.  Besides Saturday night, I think I am doing okay.  I am tracking my points no matter what.  It is a good eye opener to remember how much or little some things actually are and what exactly is going in my body!

Made some taco soup tonight and it was really filling and easy and about 8 points for ~1.5-2 cups.  Plenty of leftovers.  YUM!  Time to get back into the kitchen and get cooking more often.

Baby boy has his 4 month check up tomorrow....where has the time gone already??

Yep, slow, but done!  Hope I can make 2 more miles!!
 My lil cowboy

 Rooting on the Fightin Texas Aggies to Victory!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!

Hello! Anybody out there?? I can't believe it's been months since I have posted. The draw back of Facebook...harder to blog when you can so easily post and comment there.  That and having a baby and 2 other kiddos and work...well you get the picture!

But alas, I am still here and will be better about blogging in the new year! 2012 was a pretty great year for us with the arrival of sweet lukey, but I am thinking 2013 is going to be even better!

We will have some big milestones this year (zach will turn 5, I'll turn 35, zach will start kinder in the fall and Luke will turn 1). Not to mention some fun adventures...Matt and I are running the half marathon in 2 weeks, we are going to Disneyworld in March and I'm sure some other fun along the way.

And I'm committed to getting back on the weight watchers wagon. I gained close to 50lbs with Luke. Have lost half and have about 25lbs to lose to get back to the goal weight I worked so hard to reach last year. Matt and I are both going to try to be healthier this year.

And do you read Beth Moore's blog? She's a really great Christian writer/speaker if you don't and her blog is linked on my sidebar. She is starting her scripture memory for the year this week and I am going to do that too. 24 verses of your choice to memorize in 2013. I'd love you to join me too!

My first verse is from proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this year. Besides the regular resolutions of weight loss, exercise, saving...I want to be more THANKFUL this year...and to extend GRACE more often to my family, friends and even myself.

So that's what's new with me. What about you?! Any new years resolutions or big plans for 2013? 

Heres to making 2013 amazing!!