Saturday, February 28, 2009


Zach slept until 7:30 this morning! I know that sounds very early still to some folks but the last couple of weeks he has been up at like 6am, even on the weekends! So we tried the old stay up a little bit later method and I guess it worked! :)

Matt's on duty this morning so I got an extra hour of sleep before a work person called....I am on call this weekend. blah. oh well, an hour is better than one hour less! ;-)

Friday, February 27, 2009

In response to the bottles

*EDIT* LOL, sorry people. I dont know what got into me, the post wasn't meant to be so fiesty!!! I think the Nuby cups hate me and that's why I dislike them so much. (and sarah, it wasn't just you, everyone loves the Nubys but me!) I just cant take the constant clean up they require me to do. So....I guess I will be on the great sippy cup hunt. I think Ill try some different hard top ones and see what we can work out :)

I HATE the NUBY sippy cups!! I will take a lot of the advice but I will not agree on the Nuby. I bought them since so many people said they were fab. But the problem is with their bottle like that Zach takes them and SMUSHES them into the tray or floor or whatever hard surface is around and then we have milk or water all over the place. Oh, and he likes to drop the Nuby too, to which the top will come undone or leak everywhere some other way. They most definitely are NOT leak proof and spill proof. Or Zach is some kind of super hero sippy cup breaking baby! ;-)

I do like the shape though, but it needs a new top!! Anyhow, that's my rant on the Nuby. Not my favorite at all!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

12 month Check up!

So today since work has been too crazy for me, Matt took the Z Man in for his 12 month check up.  I had typed up my list of questions and Matt was sweet enough to pull them out and ask them all!  

For the stats:
Height- 31" (75-90%)
Weight - 23.1lb (50-75%)
Head- 48cm (90%)  
Since we have only been going to this doc since we moved, he was slightly concerned that Zach's head had grown so he gave us a little measuring thing to check in a couple weeks.  I was concerned so Matt tracked down the doc to talk to me on the phone and reassure me.  He said more than likely the last measurement was off from the last one and since we don't have all of Zach's stats in that office from the beginning, its not a good indicator.  But after hearing from me that Zach was often in the 90% for head, he felt much better and said to come back in a month for a recheck for peace of mind.  Whew.

Other than that....we are going through a couple days of bad diaper rash so we got a prescription for that. response to my bottle question I had listed, was informed to start working on getting rid of those!  DOH!  The night one will be the most difficult, for me that is.  But I guess maybe we can work on doing without the day time ones!  Any advice or thoughts on how to drop the bottles?

All and all he got a clean bill of health!  He had a blood and urine test done for something and all that came back clear.  Ears look good.  So we are happy about all that!  Now if we can get through these next 2 rechecks (hearing in a month and this head thing) we will be good to go.  Yay us!! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long time, no post.

What can I say people. life is busy with wife-ing, mothering, working, etc....Work has been super crazy for the last 2 weeks so by the time i get home and tend to my boys, I am knackered and crash out pretty early.  I have all these thoughts in my head during the day that I think would make good posts but then I forget them before I am even home for the day.

Little man is becoming just that.  he is exerting his independence more and more every day!  ;-)  My mom laughed when I told her a story this morning that went something like this....I was trying to get Zach ready for school and he just had a total melt down.  At first I was trying to hold him and comfort him but he was having none of that.  Then he got up from my lap and went over in the corner, laid down and WAILED!  So after a minute of this, I got up and said "ok, I can see you are upset so I am going to leave now" and stood outside the door.  As SOON as I was out of sight, he sat up, stopped crying, and walked out to find me!!!  So yes, my mom's response was, "wonder where he got THAT from?"  hey now, I'm not stubborn! ;-)

So anyway, lots of time spent running after this wild little man!

I had some other things to write....but my head is a little jumbled so I am going to call it a night.  My heart is heavy for some friends(friends, acquaintances, blog buddies, IRL, etc) so going to spend some time in prayer for those folks.  It is hard growing up and see real life situations affect those you know and love.  If you are one of those people in the trenches right now, know that  I pray for you by name every day and am always here!

So before I fall asleep on the couch, I will wrap this most random post up!  Love you all!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

ALL CLEAR!!! ear infection!  Praise the Lord!  After 3 months of going to the doctor every two weeks and trying every form of antibiotic, ear drops, and getting tubes....we are healthy!!  Zach passed his right hearing test but the left one was inconclusive.  Since he obviously isn't old enough to wear the headphones and raise his right or left hand when you hear the noise, they do this other test where they plug this thing in his ear and we have to be very quiet and still.  The boy didn't do too good with the two aforementioned things.  SO, he didn't pass that part and we will be back in a month and a half to be re-tested.  But I'll take a month and a half over 2 weeks any day.  The doc said there was no scar tissue or any reason why the left hearing wouldn't be okay so he didn't seem too concerned but we will re-test just in case.  I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a healthy boy!  And if we have any signs of drainage of nose or ears, we just start the drops and should clear up!  Yippee!

On a v-day note, sweet hubby sent me some flowers to work and made me an appointment for a spa pedi in the late afternoon tomorrow.  He had plans for a more elaborate spa day but that will be a rain check for another day and I will totally ENJOY my much needed pedi!!

We also had the neighbor gal, C, come over tonight to meet the Z Man.  My mom will be in Dallas on Sunday to be with Grammy so we were sitter-less for bible study. I finally bit the bullet and called to inquire if she was still interested.  She has a 2 year old step brother who she has watched since he was like an infant so I think he will be in good hands.  She seemed real sweet so hopefully Zach will be sweet back so she will sit for us again!!!  BTW, any one know what the going rate is for 13 year old babysitters???

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"My Toddler This Week"?

So I have been getting these weekly emails since Zach was the size of a poppyseed....and today's showed up and now says "your toddler"!  Holy crap.  I have a toddler.  He still sleeps in a sleep sack and lets me rock him to bed!  When do you stop thinking of them as a baby if ever??

We had a good day today.  We got up and played and had breakfast and then Z took a nice long nap.  Our furniture that we ordered during Hurricane Ike FINALLY arrived today and was very impressed that the delivery guys didn't ring the doorbell when they saw me running to get to it so didn't disturb baby-boo.  It looks great, just wish it had been here 2.5 months ago like it should have been!  Then Zach and I met Susan and Samantha at Newk's for lunch!  Samantha looked precious as always, her mommy dresses her well.  She was an angel and after smiling at us for a few minutes, she took a snooze in her seat.  Zach made a mess as he usually does when we are out to eat but all and all he was good too!

We topped the day off with meeting Grandma at Portrait Innovations for some 1 year old pics.  Z Man was good but man, he is so active, he will not pose for a darn thing!  But I will post some of them, we did get some cute ones.

Overall it was a wonderful day spent with my little man.  What a different kind of day it was today then one year ago today!!!

Happy Birthday, Zachary!

Today at 4:14 pm you will be 1 year old! I truly cannot believe it at times.  Even through your ever growing independence, you still feel like my baby.  I am SO blessed to be your mommy and am thankful for that every day.  This has been the most rewarding, happy, tiring, exciting, challenging year of my life and I wouldn't change a thing.  I love you sweet boy, and cannot wait to see what's in store for us this next year!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a weekend!

We had a great weekend with friends and family!  Zach had fun at his party and got lots of great goodies!  He was definitely pooped today though too, he took a 3 hour nap!  Z enjoyed the cake and LOVED playing in the bounce house that Mike and Roxanne brought over, thanks guys!!  Z was funny to watch, he was SO interested in playing with the big boys even if they weren't always into him.  One moment I wish I could have captured was Zach stealing some of Alex's cookie! He has never had sweets before but somehow decided Alex's cookie looked great!  Luckily, Alex was super sweet and sharing and after the initial shock of the little bald guy taking a piece of his cookie....he even came over and was breaking off pieces for Zach.  it was so cute!

The Hallers gave us a giant bubble blower and Popsie and Grandma gave him a fun climber...we spent 75% of today outside!  The boy LOVES being out there and playing and hates coming in!  

Anyway, we just had such a great weekend and are so thankful for all of our friends and family for sharing in the big party.  Its been such a wild ride so far, can't wait to see what else is in store for us!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

ok, so maybe vampires ARE cool!

Yeah yeah yeah, I was late to jump on the bandwagon but thanks to book club was forced to read T.wilight.  I was not too excited, thinking it probably wouldn't live up to the hype and was just a juvenile romance novel.  And even as I started it, I was still thinking about the same thing.  But then Edward sucked me in with his dreamy voice and eyes ;-)  Actually, it was the baseball game that got me hooked.   I stayed up late last night and made it through a crucial part before I decided I could go to sleep.  Although the hunter had me a bit off kilter still that it took me a little bit to fall asleep.  So overall report, good book, where do I find the next one?  :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Today Matt and I have been cleaning fools.  It was overdue but with our busy schedules and active boy, sometimes it hard to find time to do things you don't want to do!  Zach had kind of an off night sleep.  He went to bed a little earlier than usual last night but not enough to warrant stirring around 430!  He was up all the way at 6 so I went up to his room and found him standing in his crib.  But with mommy love in the comfy chair, we both went back to sleep for another hour and a half.  I love that chair!!

Today was daddy's morning so when Z woke back up at 730 we headed to get Dad on duty!  We had plans for church but Zach decided otherwise.  He was rather cranky and we decided that after the day we had yesterday, he could probably use a morning at home.  (We had a GREAT time at Cooper's birthday party yesterday! his mom had cool crafts  and activities for us to do AND they have a SUPER play room and Zach enjoyed playing with Coopie's toys and friends!! however...we did not have a good drive home.  Cooper lives on the other side of town and what is usually a 50ish minute drive.....thanks to construction became an hour and forty + minute drive.  Not fun with an impatient daddy but luckily Zach slept the whole time!) So anyway, when the boy started to get tired cranky today around 10am we decided to sit this Sunday out.  Sure enough Zach was asleep by 11 for a 2 hour nap!  And during that time we CLEANED!!  Good times.  

Only in Houston is it 30 degrees like 2 days ago and a gorgeous 70 degrees today.  We had the ice cream truck go down the street twice today.  IN February!  Craziness!  only hoping this great weather will maybe stick around for Zach's birthday party next Saturday!  I think we are going to take one more quick break outside at the park before the Superbowl fun begins!! :)