Monday, August 27, 2012


I calculated my due date as 8/23, doc had 8/ at this point I'm anywhere from 2-4 days overdue. My first ultrasound estimated due date as 8/ maybe tomorrow will be the day? Or, who knows, we may end up with a September/labor day baby after all!!

All in all... I'm not MISERABLE, but I won't lie, I'm anxious and a little on edge which isn't always fun for everyone else around me ;-)

My maternity leave started today as work pretty much kicked me out. No one wanted to deliver a baby in the office. I have a doc appt on Thursday so we will see how things look that day and schedule an induction for the beginning of the week if Luke hasn't arrived on his own by then!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#2 issues for #2

we got the peeing in the potty down in like 2 days....but the #2, it does not seem to be happening.  Any tips on getting the littles one to go on the pot? 

Mark will be going to MDO this year and since he is potty trained with #1, I would like to send him in underwear since that's what he wears at home...but I am SURE that his teachers would not appreciate the accidents.  Easier to clean up a pull up than undies!


Monday, August 20, 2012

New shoes

Went in for our yearly trip to Stride Rite today for new sneakers. They may be pricier then some, but they last! It's buy one,get one 1/2 off right now so we actually got 2 pair for boys since z in soccer too.

They originally picked out some "lovely" all white light up storm trooper ones but I talked them out of those. Got some less obnoxious light up light saber shoes instead ;-) and then just a regular pair of sneaks. I really thought Mark would choose super hero shoes...but he wanted what big brother picked. Oh these two!!

Zach's foot grew a whole size and a half. He's wearing a 13.5! Mark's just grew a half size to 10.5. But it looks like one of his foot is almost a half size bigger then the other too :)

Need some new clothes and we will be ready for school!

Friday, August 17, 2012

No news

Yesterday's appointment was rather uneventful.  In fact, my doctor joked that it seems I had LESS progress than last week ;-)  Thankfully I am feeling pretty good all in all, so I am feeling okay waiting right now.  She said even if I had wanted to be induced at 39 weeks (which you are able to), she would not let me because my body isn't favorable for it and would probably not respond (ie-end up with c-section). 

I pulled up the old blog from Mark's arrival time...and apparently a week out, nothing was going on with him there is hope!

Latest case scenario, he will be here by labor day! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home Stretch

We haveless than 2 weeks to go until my due date and I must admit I feel a bit of anxiety and anxiousness arising!  With 2 other little guys at home to take care of, there is not a lot of time to really focus on the 3rd one's impending arrival.  It hit me about a week or so ago that I better get things ready!

Thanks to the showers last week, I am stocked up on diapers and wipes and some special goodies for Luke.  I did a last minute Target run yesterday for some neccessities like bottles and binkes.  If nothing else, we should at least be able to survive the first week at home :-)

I think some anxiety rests in wondering what will happen with the actual labor.  You may remember, Mark made his arrival in under an hour at the hospital with no drugs.  Definitely was not planned that way, but looking back, it was kind of nice.  It was hard and intense and scary, but it was over FAST!  And then I felt great.  But the thought of being that screaming maniac for that 45 minutes again kinda freaks me out.  And I get nervous thinking about what if something happened really quickly in the middle of the night.  Could someone get to our house fast enough for us to even make it to hospital? 

And my babies...although it is still wild and crazy with my 2 little men around, we are not outnumbered right now...Matt and I can still divide and conquor!  HA!  How will adding the 3rd little guy into the mix effect all of us?  These are all things we of course discussed before we even got pregnant, but at that point, its all just theory. Now we have to put it into practice and make it work. 

I guess what it boils down to is I worry about my own shortcomings as a wife and mother.  Will I be able to step up to the challenge and make this all work?  I am going to need a lot of Grace and Patience...with myself and given out to my family to make it all work!  But I know God has great things in store for this little man, and I rest in that knowledge. 
          Jeremiah 29:11
           11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to   harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

It is an exciting and nervous time around our household, but more than anything I just can't wait to meet this little guy and bring him in to our family!  Stay tuned!! :-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucky Girl

This is a week of spoiling for me...I have 3 baby showers this week.  Feeling very blessed and spoiled for sure.  With a 3rd baby...and a 3rd boy at that, I was happy to just have the little guy.  But my co-workers, friends, and church friends decided differently.

Today at work, my co-workers had cupcakes to celebrate and contributed to a nice gift card for me.  It was enough to probably cover diapers for a month!

Saturday my bff Sue planned a whole GNO for me....dinner out, seeing Steel Magnolias at the theatre  and who knows what after that!

And Sunday...the Sunday school girls have planned a lunch diaper shower for me after church. 

Me and little Luke Daniel are feeling very loved and extremely grateful for all the fabulous women in our lives! Thank you friends!! :)