Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Teeth and the Mark Man

Well........the first dentist appointment was not that great.  Z Man was great until it was time to actually sit in the dentist seat.  She basically was only able to do a quick visual exam but she thinks he (GASP!!) has a cavity?!?  She can't be how bad for sure since no x-rays were done but that was her take.  She said he has enamel hypoplasia which is when the enamel doesn't fully form on the teeth and more susceptible to decay. Anyhooo....the remedy?  Put the boy under and cap the tooth!  YIKES!  She actually suggested we could get a 2nd opinion, so that is what we are going to do on Saturday.  I read a lot online and it sounds very common but I don't know anyone personally with young kids who has dealt with this.

Obviously want to do what's best for his teeth, but seems crazy to cap baby teeth and put my baby under!!  Perhaps dentist #2 will have a different opinion! ;-)

And what's new with #2 these days??  Aww, my sweet boy...he is DEFINITELY a momma's boy!!  I can't hardly be out of sight before the alligator tears start falling.  It is very endearing at times but can be a wee bit frustrating too ;-)  He is also talking UP.A.STORM!  So very different from big brother at this age! Some things he says: momma, dadda, esther, zach, tita, ready, fast, hot, go, no, flower, boon (balloon), colors, milk, bottle, chicken, cars, ball, map, backpack, blastoff, and i'm sure some more.  he also "sings" the end of the ABCs and any of the dora songs!!  He still is a great sleeper, about 12 hrs at night and a 2-3 hour nap!  And he wakes up happy and content to play in his crib for a bit.  One of my fav things to do is go in and see him before I go to bed.  I am always laughing at how he has moved around, toys askew and wonder just what happens after I leave him at night! :)

I love these 2 little boys and although they can squab at times, it is so fun to see them interact and play and love one another!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wreathy Goodness

One of my other Canton goodies came from visiting the Paul Michael Company.  They are this very cool home decor store that is always at the Nutcracker Market and now has a store in Canton!  In the back of the store, the designers were busy making these very cool mesh wreaths!  I wanted one, but after a day of full on shopping, I wasn't really in the mood to spend $70+ to have one made for me.  But as it happens, they sell the supplies and were more than happy to give a quick tutorial on how to make your own.  The wreath form was $10 and the mesh like $7.  I picked up a couple of picks on sale at Michael's at home...and here is the final lovliness!  It's big and springy and I love it!

One cool feature is that everything is just wired/twisted in so it would be so easy to change it up!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the ladies come up with!

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Spring/Easter Mantle

Over the weekend since we had some down time, I was able to do some crafting again!  Finally able to put together my Spring Mantle!

For my mantle I got to use the old window frame and a floral/egg garland I bought while in Canton.  Matt was a little hesitant when I put the window up there at first but once he saw the whole thing....I think he liked it ;-)  I knew the window needed a little something in it so I ended up making this super easy no sew/no hot glue burlap wreath!  Seriously, it took like 20 minutes and I love the way it looks!

Am loving having all this springy goodness up!  It just brightens up the whole house!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well I took a week off from the blog while I was busy with family stuff.   The boys and I headed up to Dallas on our own over the weekend just to spend some time with my family.  Matt joined us Monday night after work.  I was a WEE bit anxious about driving all the way up to Dallas on my own with the boys but they actually did great.  Believe it or not, we did not make ONE stop the whole way up there!  I kept asking Z if he needed to potty but he was good, woohoo!

It was a very bittersweet reunion.  All 6 grandkids were able to make it in to town which I think was awesome, but still a bummer having it be for the reason it was.  We all vowed to not let this much time go between visits and have a Wells family reunion in the planning stages.

My very sweet friend, Ginny, who lives in the Dallas area actually ended up coming to the funeral.  Something about seeing a real familiar face really helps. It meant so much that she took that time out of her day to be there for me and my family.  I truly am blessed by a great friend!  Even better, after the services, she met us over at my aunt & uncle's house with her daughter, P, who is just 6 weeks younger than Z.  I think it was the first time we all really had a decent break all week!  Z and P and Markey palled around so well together and it is, as always, so fun to see your children playing with your friends' children! :)

Everything was beautiful and it really was a great celebration of my Grammy's life!  She will truly be missed!!

On a very aside note...on Monday for a break we went to my cousin's Bridal Shop to visit her.  There happened to be a bride to be trying on dresses and Z was enamored with her!  He told me she was a "princess" which of course got tons of awwws from all us women.  When she came back with "the one" dress on, he told her she looked SO pretty....and that he was the King!  I think Sarah needs to hire him to be a ringer, how could she not be sold on the dress after that?? :)

I have rambled enough.  We had a very chill and much needed weekend at home.  I was sad to have to cancel a visit to Austin and to Caleb's 1st birthday party, but I know when my boys both sleep till almost 9am on Saturday AND sunday....we had some tired critters!

I got a lot of Easter decorating done and made TWO wreaths today so I will have to share soon.  Wish me luck....we have Zach's 1st dentist appointment tomorrow morning.  YIKES! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My amazing Grammy passed away on Thursday....I am so glad I was able to go see her a couple of weeks ago even if she wasn't really awake while we were with her.  She lived 96 full years....3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren with one more on the way!  I think what has comforted me the most is knowing that she is with my grandfather again.  He passed away almost 50 years ago, they were only married about 15 years and she never re-married.  In my mind's eye picture of Heaven, I have a vision of the grandfather I never met standing at the front of the line with his arms wide open to welcome his beautiful wife Home....Oh the joy she must have felt to be with him and of course in the comfort and peaceful arms of our Heavenly Father, I can only imagine!!

The boys and I are headed up to the Big D on our own tomorrow and Matt will meet us up there late Monday.  Praying they sleep most of the drive tomorrow since I will be on my own!

Grammy was the last living grandparent I had and definitely the matriarch of our family and there will be a hole without her.  Everyone called her Grammy, even if she wasn't their own!

We will be singing one of my all time favorite hymns at her funeral (one of two I want sung at my own some day far far away...On Eagle's Wings is the other)

Rest in peace, will be missed but I know I will see you again one day!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Most wonderful time of the year

Or at least that is what my hubby would say!  The Madness of March known at the NCAA basketball tournament started today.  Matt LOVES basketball and looks forward to this all year....starting with putting "One Shining Moment" as his ring tone about a month ago for all you other bb fans ;-)

Back in the day (aka-pre kids), we would actually take off work to go sit at a local pub so we could watch all the games at one time somewhere and  watch our brackets go up in flames!  Haven't done that in awhile but I do still like to fill in my bracket.  Something about marking off that win with the yellow highlighter and scratching out the losers with my red pen.....I have actually won a few times which makes it even more fun, especially since it makes the boys so mad.  So far I am doing pretty good but there have only been 4 games so we shall see! :)

Hope everyone is having a Happy St Patty's Day too.  I will be celebrating at home with the fam tonight and watching some b-ball, of course!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Puddle Jumper

What does a crazy mom of 2 boys do when it rains and pours all day when the sun finally comes out???   Why she packs up their rain boots, a couple of towels, and the camera and heads to the park! :)

I think the boys didn't believe it when I told them it was okay to get in the puddles and make a mess and get as wet as they wanted, but that's what life is about, making memories, right?  I hope to be the kind of mom that when the boys are older....they will remember that when all else failed...we had some fun!! (and let them mix play dough when they wanted to too!) ;-)

here are a couple of pics from our play date with the puddles! I hope you will go out and make a splash sometime soon too!

I have been working on a couple of crafty things too so hopefully I will get back into the swing of things and back to blogging! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Again, home again, jiggity jig!

We had a wonderful little weekend tucked away in small town Texas.  The lake house was beautiful, the company was excellent and the shopping was oh so fun!  I am anxious for St. Patty's to pass so I can start busting out all the Easter decor I bought! :)  We all had such a great time and definitely will have a girls trip again like this planned in our future.

What was even sweeter, was coming home to my little critters that missed me OH so much.  I think on Monday Markey hardly let me put him down and the Z Man told me how he was "happy again now that you are home from your mommy's meeting".  Oh yeah, and the hubs was pretty happy to see me too! :)

All and all it was a really wonderful trip and I got lots of treasures.  There was something for everyone for sure out there!

here are a couple pics of all our fun!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Market, To Market

This weekend I am headed on a girls trip to Canton, TX for the famous First Monday Trade Days.  I have never been before and am SOOO excited for the shopping and for the fellowship with some of my girlfriends!  Imagine nutcracker market, flea markets, craft shows, antique marts and garage sales all mixed together!  Well at least that is what I am imagining after hearing about it from others who have gone.  I have a list of things I will be on that hunt for.....plates, frames, shutters, vintage sports stuff for game room, wood, and some kind of nightstand or occasional table to refinish.  And some vintage sprinklers for my cousin, Sarah, if I can find any!  Any one gone before and have any tips to share?

We will be staying at my friend's Aunt's house in one of the nearby towns.  The last couple of days we gals have been emailing about our plans, who is bringing what food (and drink), and where we may dine out for a meal.  Each email we have exchanged I have just gotten more and more excited about. I am really really looking forward to a low key weekend hanging with my ladies and actually being able to chat without the interruption of the kiddos or having to head home from book club.  Watch out, Canton, here we come!

I think another thing that has really made me excited about it is I just finished the book The Girls from Ames by Jeffery Zaslow.  (he is the guy who co-authored The Last Lecture, another really good book).  It is a non-fiction account of this one group of women's 40 year friendship.  It was really good and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great read on women, relationships, and life! One of the things the women in the book do is take a yearly retreat together so to speak just to reconnect and relax with one another.  Totally has me wanting to start this tradition.  Let me know if you are interested, friends...let's get this going!  ;-)Would be especially great for my pals who live out of town and we don't get to see as much. 

I am off tomorrow so after that, only a day and a half of work to get through....then let the girl time begin!! :)  Thanks in advance to all the hubbies for watching the babies this weekend so we mommas can play!