Friday, January 30, 2009

14 kids

I am sure you all heard about the lady with the octuplets.....but did you know she already has 6 kids at home...ALL UNDER 7 years old?!?!?!?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

nap strike

the  boy has been on a nap strike this week on Mon and Thursday.  Both days he took like 1 30 minute nap until I picked him up in the evening and he slept then.  So weird!  He is usually a pretty good napper.  What gives?!?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No title

Nothing clever to come up with for a title.  Zach had his post-op appointment today and he STILL has an EAR INFECTION!!! WTH?!?!?!  ARGH.  She said it was not too bad, just a little oozy and that sometimes that happens when the kiddos have had a chronic serious infection.  So, on to new ear drops and this one has a steroid in it to hopefully heal the ear.  Ten more days of drops and another doc appointment in 2 weeks.  I am PRAYING this heals him. The weirdest part of all is that he never tugged his ears before the tubes and now since then, he is tugging so I know something isn't right.  We shall see.

I had my review today at work and am still an over performer.  Go M!!  I truthfully wasn't sure what to expect being as I was out for 4 months on leave.  And although I am still good at what I do and get the job done very well and on time, I don't have the same drive as I did before I had Zachary and I am sure that was noted.  Priorities shift and change.  I am very particular about my work and strive to have it perfect,  but I don't pull the long hours and do the extra work I used to do.  I try to have a hard stop on my hours as I want to get home to my husband and son.  I think one of the toughest part of being a working mom is trying to find that balance.  As an employee, you kinda assume that there is a career ladder and path to climb that is set out for you.  But how can I be trying to "climb the ladder" when I have to leave all the time for doctor's appointments and fevers and whatever else there may be going on.  You are left trying to succeed at working and mothering but not able to fully devote the time necessary to do either the best that you can! Would you keep me in your prayers too?  I may try to see if there is a way to reduce my hours some.  Even if just one day a week.  Its one more day that I am with Zach and I will take it if it can be!  We shall see what comes!

This month we are reading Twilight for book club.  As our lives have gotten more busy with family and work, we sometimes have months that we don't read like we used to.  Myself included!!  So this month we decided to try a super popular book that everyone raves about and see how we do.  I am on page  260 right now.  Bella and Edward are on their Saturday off together in the meadow.  I will say that I am definitely at least interested in this book and making time to read it. But it is still just a romance novel. Anyone else feel that way?  Oh well, at least it keeps me interested unlike last month's Revolutionary Road that I vow to finish SOME DAY!  

Think that's about it for now.  I have been tagged on FB several times about the 25 things about me so I may go do that now....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

no more naked fun for the Z Man

We had a messy poo while he was running around naked tonight and I was reading him Good Night Moon in the hallway.  I didn't even notice he was in action until it was too late!  ;-)  Ah well, I guess perhaps we will have naked fun....with a diaper on from now on! Thank goodness for carpet cleaner!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Target bargain

I found the Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Pony on clearance at Target for $35!  It is usually $70!  Woohoo!  Being as Z likes to climb and sit on anything and everything I think he will like it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Naked fun

So Zach loves to be naked after his bath.  We have started giving him like 5 minutes after bath time to just run up and down the hall in his birthday suit because it is SO.DARN.FUNNY!  He runs like a wild man and squeals with delight.  I need to get it on video. My parents came over tonight so I had to show mom his newest pastime and had JUST commented about how luckily he hadn't had any accidents during naked fun yet.  When all of a sudden I see him Squatting and a poo came out!  Luckily it wasn't messy so all we could do was laugh and pick it up!  Ah kids! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We made it to the Zoo after all!

Thanks to Grandpa Dan and Grandma Manda, we have a membership to the Zoo this year.  Even though it was a bit chilly out, we decided to head out to the zoo anyway, even if we were there for just half an hour!  So we bundled up and ventured out there.  I was thinking we would be the only people there, but there were actually quite a lot of folks!  We strolled around through the zoo for a bit, but the Children's Zoo was by far the best.  Zach enjoyed being able to walk around and touch the glass of the exhibits.  He loved chasing the goats in the petting zoo and ran around clapping.  It was pretty cute.  His fav part of the playground was the big hippo!  When the zoo announced it would be closing in 10 mins, Zach cried when we took him out.  All and all, it was a fun time.  Looking forward to going back already!!

Mommy and Z with the giraffes

Daddy and the Dolphin Rider
Checking out the Goats
And having fun in the hippo!!

Happy Birthday, Rach!

We miss you!

Winter weather strikes again...

All darn week it has been BEAUTIFUL here with Spring-like weather and we weren't able to enjoy it because we were working!  BOO!  And now here it is, Saturday, for the 2nd week in a row....and it turns all cold and windy again!  My trip to the zoo is foiled again!  Maybe it will warm up this afternoon and we can go for a short visit.  Really chaps my hide!

We have had a good morning just hanging out though.  Zach has been his usual smiley self and is really starting to enjoy playing by himself some.  We hung out and played all morning.  Zach got a book shelf from Grandma for Christmas and we finally filled it up.  It entertained him for at least 20 minutes just taking the books on and off.  So cute, thanks Mom!

Not sure what the rest of the weekend will have in store, think it will just be chilling which is fine by me!  :)  

Monday, January 19, 2009


It was a good weekend of relaxing and baby visiting!

Sunday night,  as I said, we went to visit the Estes fam and baby Samantha.  She is just precious and I loved holding her.  I did not snap a SINGLE pic though as after I was finished snuggling with Sam, I was too busy chasing the wild monkey around and trying to keep him from breaking something else!!  For a small fee, you too can allow Zach over and he will show you what needs to be baby proofed!!  Next time I will snap some pics of this beauty!!

Today we went to visit the Bloch babies!  Matt had not met them yet so that was fun!  Kari's sister Kathy also came over with little Kate and Luke so we had a FULL house!  :)  Zach had fun watching and "playing" with Luke.  Zach loves the older kids!  He also managed to not break anything but did stumble and bump his chin adding to his goose egg from the Estes house!  We took a funny pic of me, Dylan, Lilly, Kate and Luke!  I should have added in Zach but it was a Kikis thing ;-)

All the mommies and babies seem to be doing good and figuring out what works for them and that's the most important thing!  Little prayer for poor Sue though. She had to go the after hours ER clinic tonight as she had been sick all day and turns out she has a yucky virus!  Poor momma and hoping Sam stays healthy too!!  Randy says she seems on the mend after some fluids so praying it stays that way!!

And just a few pics of the Bloch babies for your enjoyment. time, you and me girl!! :)

The twins snoozing together when we got there
Matt, Dylan, Zach and I
Me and my godson, Dylan
Me and the babies (I love the way they both have their hands)
And me and all THREE of the babies! Aren't they adorable, sweet cousins!!


We didn't do a whole lot which was kinda nice.  We hunkered down and made sure Zach got back to normal.  

Matt had court side tickets to the Rockets Saturday night with a vendor so Z Man and I chilled on our own.  After he was asleep I watched 2 movies.  The first one was called Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow.  It was on demand and said you could rent it before it was in theaters so I got interested.  After watching it I could see why they were trying this approach cause it is not going to do well at the box office.  It was B.O.R.I.N.G.  Ah well.  Next I watched In the Valley of Elah with Tommy Lee Jones (who I love) and Charlize Theron (who is also pretty darn good.).  It was a decent flick although it ended kind of abruptly with no real conclusion but all in all I was interested the whole time.  While on the movie thought...we also recently watched the 2nd Chronicles of Narnia (prince Caspian).  I loved the 1st one but the 2nd was blah to me.  Kinda reminded me of the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie.  Just couldn't stand up to the 1st and was also trying to pack a lot of info into it.  We also watched The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and that was pretty good.  I would recommend that one if you are in the mood for a life/drama kinda story.  Have you watched any good movies lately?  And don't tell me about anything in the theaters cause there is no way I will be able to go see a movie in the theater again till probably NEXT Christmas ;-)

We did get to go visit little Samantha though which was really nice.  Although as soon as we walked in my monster knocked over one of Sue and Randy's floral arrangements and broke the handle off the vase.  nice.  Luckily they said it was just from Garden Ridge or something so not a priceless heirloom or anything.  Sue...I owe you a new vase!  Sam is gorgeous and sweet and slept like a baby in my arms for like an hour.  I loved every minute of it.  Zach did pretty good with seeing me with a wee one too.  I did not get a single picture though.  DRATS!  I was too busy making sure my kid didn't break anything else in their nicely decorated house!!  I will be back for pics another time!  :)

Talked to mom a lot too and Grammy seems to be hanging in there.  They think she will probably be there for the week but she is stable and seems to be doing okay.  I am just praying she makes a full recovery! 

Today we are going to visit the Bloch babies once Z man is up from his nap!  Perhaps I will remember to take the camera out this time!!

Church Shopping

After close to 10 years (I think about 8ish), we are looking to find a new church.  We LOVE FUMC, but now that we are in the burbs and with Zach, we were finding it increasingly difficult to make the 40 minute drive downtown for church on Sundays.  Especially since our church is on TV, it is very easy to sit in your pjs and drink coffee while we watch the service but we were beginning to miss out on the fellowship that comes with worshipping with others....and not in your pajamas and glasses!

So far we have visited 2 churches (3 if you count Christmas Eve) and have enjoyed them all.  Last week we went to Lakewood UMC which was really nice.  The senior pastors were on a mission exploration (for lack of a better word, they were scouting out a possible new mission opportunity) in Africa so we were not able to hear the regular preachers.  There were lots of young families and kiddos running around which we were glad to see.  Everyone was also very helpful and friendly (I guess they could tell we were visitors!) and by checking out their bulletin, there are tons of different fellowship and service opportunities for all ages.

Yesterday we went to Cypress UMC and had another good experience.  We really enjoyed their senior pastor, he was very easy and entertaining to listen to.  They are currently doing a sermon series on Love & Marriage so the topic was relevant and interesting as well.  They also had a bulletin chock full of activities!

Zach has done really well with going to both of their nurseries too and the ladies in both of them seemed very loving and caring which is a must!!  

The one thing we are having to get used to is simple but HUGE too...these churches are not FUMC.  FUMC has been in existence since 1839 an in its current location since 1910.  It is an old and beautiful church full of history and stained glass.  They have an amazing choir who often receive standing ovations for their performances.  It is a large congregation full of ALL kinds of diverse people from young families to seniors and from power executives to the homeless man on the street.  They have a heart for service and give so much back to our city.  Oh yeah, and they have Dr. Wende, who I think is one of the best preachers and speakers ever.  He was that way of capturing your interest every time and making you think he is talking to you.  We had the pleasure of doing several different bible studies with him and his wife and just think they are the greatest so of course its hard to leave that.  

So these new churches have a lot to live up to!  And we are also finding that "traditional" worship services aren't the main attraction out in the burbs either.  The churches we are visiting have large campuses so we know there are people there and we have seen them all before the services, but they are not in the traditional 11am service.  It seems "contemporary" worship is the thing out here.  Both churches when we have asked where we would find most people like us worshipping at (that being young marrieds with kiddos) we were told the contemporary services.  We went and peaked at both places after the services were over and they are quite the set ups with full bands and all. I guess we will be venturing out and trying these too.  I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian music so I am not opposed to that, I am just used to the good old hymns!  

Anyway, its been fun visiting so far and we are looking forward to finding our new home and a place for Zachary to grow up in the faith at!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Been a week of the sickies for the whole Family, my mom, Zach, and my Grammy.  Mom and Z are on the mend but turns out Gram is still not feeling well.  My folks took her back home to Dallas today to go see a doctor there and after a chest x-ray it turns out she has pneumonia and is being admitted to the hospital.  If you wouldn't mind, would you keep my Grammy in your prayers?  She is an amazing 95 year old woman and I want her to get better soon! We have loved having her come to visit a lot since Zach has been born, I only wish I had been taking more recent pictures!!  We love you, grammy!  Get better!

back to normal!!

yep, all is well!  matt stayed home with zach yesterday and he hasn't had a fever since yesterday morning so I guess the nurses were right, fever prob just a result of surgery and anesthesia! 

Katie and Aaron came by to drop the Hank-dog off last night and zach was up past his bedtime and impressing them with his walking and general cuteness.  Zach is fascinated by this new little dog even though he has met him before, he hasn't been able to chase after him like he can now!  Esther and Hank like to tussle a lot and Zach gets the biggest kick out of it!

This morning was all back to normal.  Slept until 730ish and then up and playing and eating!  I am glad to have my active boy back even though I did enjoy all the cuddling we have been doing these last couple of days....

Ready to go out and about this weekend.  We are off on Monday too so definitely need to go venture out somewhere.  I was thinking possibly the zoo but it will be a MAD HOUSE I am sure.  Where else can we go?  Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Z's had one on and off all day.  When he went to bed it was 101.  But he has been eating and drinking fine.  I think we will go back to the doc tomorrow.  Daddy will be on duty since I have already missed a lot of work this week.  The internet says go to doc after fever for 3 days.  We were just there last night but we thought it was due to ears.  but ears are drained now and still fever so what gives?  Any ideas?


Yep, we are all set with tubes!!  The last 24 hours have been slightly stressful but all is well now. 

 Yesterday around 3pm I got a call from daycare that Zach had a 102 fever and we needed to come pick him up.   I got there and he was asleep and definitely hot and flushed.  I had a call into the ENT and the pediatrician and was waiting to hear back from both.  Since the pedi hadn't called back, I decided to just stop in since the office is right by the house.  They had no walk-ins but I talked to a nurse who of course suggested Tylenol and made us an appointment for the after hours clinic at 7:20pm.  So we headed home, got a dose of Tylenol and Zach fell asleep in my lap almost immediately.  I knew he wasn't feeling good when all he wanted to do was curl up in my lap.  In the meantime, the ENT called back.  They felt like the fever was probably due to the ear infection and to give him some Tylenol and plan on coming in still in the morning.  The anesthesiologist would make the final call in the morning but probably would be okay.  

We went to our evening doc appointment and pretty much got the same verdict.  Lungs were clear, no nasal drainage, and ears were a mess so most likely the culprit!  So we headed home for the evening.  Zach was all smiles and giggles the whole time at the doc office (guess due to his 2 hour afternoon nap and dose of Tylenol).  He played at home and had a late bottle and off to bed.

We were up at 5:30 this morning in order to be at hospital by 6:30.  Zach was not real fond of this no breakfast business.  He was happy enough to charm the nurses and the reception man though with some cuteness and show off his walking skills.  We were put into a Mickey Mouse room to wait to see doc, anesthesiologist, etc.  All came by, rechecked the lungs and temperature and everything looked good!  ENT came by one more time before it was time to take Zach.  He asked if he could pray for Zachary before surgery and of course Matt and I were really touched by that.  We have been very pleased with him and would definitely recommend him to someone else.  He just has a nice calm and caring demeanor.  The anesthesiologist was really good with Zach too and we definitely felt we were in good hands.  Then came the bad part....the nurses came to take Z away.  It is something I will not forget.  Handing over my little man to the nurse and watching him crying in her arms as they walked away.  I of course cried too.  I am just So very thankful it was only something as routine as ear tubes, I cannot imagine more serious surgeries.... Then about 15 minutes later the ENT came in to say all went well.  Lots of thick goo poured out so he felt the surgery was a success and very much needed.  We had to wait for another 20 minutes or so and then got to go see him in recovery.  He was crying when he woke up but got better when he was in my arms and even better once he had a bottle in his mouth!!  :)  

We did a few more things in order to check out and were on our way home by 9am!  WOW, that was fast!  Zach played as normal once we got home with a little bit of fussiness and went down for a nap around 12!

Thanks for all the prayers and warm wishes.  Thankful it is over and hopefully we will see some improvement in the ears and not be at the doctor once a week now!!  :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the words of Alexander

Today was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, very bad day.  It just started off bad.  I had the day off since today was the day of pre-op visits.  I woke up at 8 to crying....but I couldn't hear it through the monitor!!  Apparently it was off or not working so who knows how long little man was crying for (I did find out Matt left after 7 so luckily it couldn't have been too long :( )  Anyway, up I went and poor boy was just not happy.  I picked him up and could tell why, StiNKY!  Through the diaper and jammies.  And apparently it stung or something because he was not caring for the wipes at all so into the tub we went for a nice warm bath.  

Things got a little better while we played in the morning but had some tugging on the ears so thinking they are just hurting.  No getting tired though so I knew this would be interesting with no nap.  Into the car we went for our first appointment with the ENT.  We pulled into the lot 10 min before time and Zach was sleeping and I reached back to get a blankie from his bag.....and there was no bag.  UGH.  Being as we had another appointment at the hospital right after this one , I knew there was no way we could survive without the bag full of diapers and bottles and food!  So we sped back home, called Matt to look up the # and call them to tell them we would be late.  I HATE being late for doc appointments, even though you always have to wait on them anyway.  

So we get back and of course Zach is up when we get out of the car and we still have to wait.  The waiting room was empty though so we had free reign at least.  Doc finally comes in and checks him out and is slightly concerned about Zach's congestion.  As long as it isn't too bad on Thursday, we can proceed but there is a chance we could show up and it get cancelled.  UGH.  He decided a nice shot of Roceferin and amox for the next couple days and hopefully all will be well on Thursday.  

The shot did not go over well, especially since it was now past nap time and food time!  You have to wait for 20min after the shot so at least we got to take care of the food part. Then it was time to head over to the hospital.  Now one good thing did happen cause I remembered to take the stroller, thank goodness!  We checked in 30 min before our appointment and didn't get seen until almost an hour after it.  We strolled in many circles and Z got lots of compliments on his cuteness.  At least we brought some smiles to some people. 

Finally around 3 we were finished and headed home and got meds picked up.  Zach was SUPER tired and cranky and took a lot of lovin but got him down for a nap.  WHEW.

It was a very long afternoon.  We had another poopie episode and a dropped jar of baby food but that seemed to be the end of the yuckiness, thank goodness.

All I could think of during the 2 hours at the hospital was thank goodness we were there for just tubes.  So although the day was crappy in many ways, I did have some time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives too.  I cant imagine having to deal with a serious childhood illness and I snuggled with my little man a little longer tonight.  Here's to hoping that tomorrow is better than today!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What's New!

We had a good weekend with getting things accomplished and time with family and friends.  Friday night was low-key with Kerri and Mike over for pizza and wine from our favorite local pizzeria.  Delish as always!

Saturday was breakfast with my folks and Grammy who is in town from Dallas.  She is still quite spry at almost 95 and loves observing all the things Zach is up to!  And Saturday evening was a night out to dinner with friends, just us adults!  It has been a long time since we have done that and it was fun.  Home before midnight to relieve the babysitters too! :)

And then Sunday was church, errands, and broadway!!  Matt and I are sad and excited a the same time to be looking for a new church home.  We have been faithful members of FUMC for 6+ years, but now that we moved, are finding the 40 minute commute on Sundays to  be tough.  With Zach's schedule it is hard to travel that much and we are lucky to have FUMC televised so we often end up watching from home.  Which watching in your PJ's with coffee can be nice but cannot replace the warmth you feel of worshipping together with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!  SO...we are embarking on finding a more local church. We tried Lakewood Methodist and it was nice.  Lots of young families and friendly folks.  The usual preacher was in Africa on missions work so we will go back to see him another Sunday.  Zach did great in their nursery too which was a comforting feeling!   And the commute was only 5 minutes which works much better for a sleepy head!  We will try out another nearby church next Sunday and see where He leads us!

And then Sunday night was Mom and I's Broadway night.  "Spring Awakening" was the show.  It was good and interesting and a little awkward watching with my mom!!  Very RENT-esque with the pop music and minimalistic sets but quite adult too.  Anyone else seen this show?  What did you think?  Am I just getting more conservative in my older years?

So that was a long drawn out version of our weekend.  Zach was great as always.  Active as always and wore us out!  His 11 month birthday was yesterday so need to snap a pic with the hippo chair.  Tomorrow is his day of pre-op appointments but at least I have the day off work!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Tomorrow is friday...and I am most excited about that!

I think Zach has already decided walking is the only way to go.  When we got home today, he followed me around for about 15 minutes before he toppled and crawled.  How does it happen so fast??  He walks more than he crawls now?!?

He almost crawled into the bathtub tonight.  He actually GOT his leg up and onto the 
side of the tub.  I think he could have gotten in if I hadn't stopped him!  

Slooow down, sweet boy!  You are growing too fast.  Almost a year ago today...I wrote this to you.  It is still I think my fav post of all time.  My son, you are EVERYTHING and more than I imagined you would be.  Almost a year ago I looked like this.....

And then just a few (eh hem) short weeks were here!!  What a ride it has been so far!

And now here you are, cute as can be, almost one and not slowing down a bit!  Thank you Zach for giving us the craziest, sometimes sleepless, most wonderful 11 months so far!
I am feeling very nostalgic and sentimental these days so expect a lot of these types of posts over the next few weeks!  I think Zach needs a sibling.  What do you think? :)

What I wish I doing...

Besides not working and being home with my munchkin....(hey, I am on my lunch break so one can dream!!)

So first would be the weekend. And a momma really needs some time for herself (right, ladies?). If I had a day that was just about me, it would start off something like this...And this would take place after sleeping past 7am of course...
After breakfast with my mimosas, I would head here, cause I could really use one of these!!
Then after my delightful massage, I would spend the afternoon relaxing, perhaps a little shopping, definitely napping and who knows what else!

Then for the evening, I would head to the salon for a full make-up and hair, cause nothing is better than someone else fixing your hair and making you pretty. And since this is my day dream, I would look like this and slip on this little black dress for an evening on the town with the hubby!

We would go dine somewhere delightful, steak most likely cause that's my fav kind of nice meal. Nothing beats a red rare steak with some good red wine!!
And no dinner is complete without this
Is that so much for a girl to ask?? What do you think, can we swing it?
If not...I will settle for this..........Ah well...a girl can dream!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maxi Dress?

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I was looking at Nordstroms and dresses and it was advertising The Maxi dress. I thought, "Is this a name of a style or a brand or what?" So of course I googled it and apparently it is the new trend in dresses! What you may ask does a Maxi Dress look like? Well here is an example off Nordie's site.

Now I have never claimed to be trendy and fashion savvy but I cannot imagine wearing this anywhere but around the house or on a tropical island. Not something that I would slip on Saturday to go run errands or heaven forbid wear to work or church?

What do you think? Is this a style you think the average woman will be picking up and wearing or is this something we will only see on movie stars in the paparazzi pages of People Magazine while getting their Starbucks or maybe on high school girls wanting to be those people in People?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bumps and Bruises

My poor Buddy!!  This is the result of a fearless walking 10 month old!

How do I always get sucked in?

The do I always get sucked in?!?!  I was never a HUGE Jason fan last season with Deana but I did feel horrible for him when she let him practically propose only to make him stand back up to reject him.  Speaking of, did Deana and skater boy make it?  I need to google it and see. **(UPDATE per Ginster and, Deanna and Jesse are splitsville as of November.  Shocking.  Apparently she didn't want to "try" any more and Jesse posted a video on Youtube about it!?!")  WOW-UPDATED AGAIN...If ABC could pull off Deanna coming back and them ending up together...interesting!!

OK, where do these poor girls come up with these crazy things to try to get his attention.  It is SO awkward and weird!  I will make a quick run down of my observations so far:
*Why do they say such weird things when they are walking in and meet him for the first time?
-I am Idaho!  Potatoes!!
-from Stockton-its not a really great place
-asking him if he likes hot dogs
-The Bubba Teeth...doesn't she remember the chick from another season?  It didn't work real well for her!
-the golfer chick
*And then they start stealing him and they just get weirder:
*hot dog girl again, she should have listened to her mom...
*"I've been studying your myspace page"...your brother dates so and so, ty's fav color"..Seriously, can you say STALKER?
* I quit my job to come see you
* the creepy poem writer
*VISION BOARDS?!?!  Really??  Oh my.......
* and the lacrosse mommy who called everyone biotches when she got the rose...nice!

And there are so many more but too many too write!  This should be interesting!!

Oh....and the ballot box.  ABC can always think of something to stir up trouble.  I think thats about it does it for now!          

Today was about as crappy as I expected it to be too.  I was SO happy to get pick up my Z Man today and he was happy to see me.  And in the end that's what matters!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

38 days

That's right, 38 days until the Z Man turns 1 year old. Can you believe it?  Because I surely cannot.

2008 flew by starting with Zach's arrival and followed by 1-Paige, 2- Julia, 3-Blake, 4-Ella, 5&6-Braden & Brooke, 7-Maggie, 8-Kate, 9-George, 10&11-Lilly &Dylan, and 12-Samantha!! WOW, that is a LOT of babies.  And there would be even more if I included bloggy friends, cousins, friends of friends, etc!!  I call 2008 the Year of the Babies!  And that is always a good thing!!

So tomorrow I head back to the grind and am so not looking forward to it.  But I know I have to suck it up and deal with it because that is what it is right now.  I do enjoy my job and even the people I work with, but I enjoy Zachary more.  Unfortunately it is just not in the cards right now to stay home so I need to make the best of the situation.  And I am thankful to have employment because I know others do not!  I guess that's why they always say the grass is always greener on the other side!

Zach continues to amaze me.  Just 2.5 months ago he started crawling forward on his 8 mo birthday.  Then cruising, then stepping, then lunging...and now walking!  He is beyond the 2 steps-fall, he is all over the place and cute as can be!!  Even though I know he is old enough to be doing all that he does these days, I still sit in wonder and awe at all that he learns to do.  I look at him and think "what a big boy!!" but then when I am holding him in my arms at night rocking him to sleep.....he is still my baby and always will be.  

Oh, I am clearly all over the place today so better to sign off now before I continue rambling!

Shout out to Ashley tomorrow...she is heading back to work tomorrow after her months off with Maggie.  Hang in there sister, we are all there for you!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I have the Monday blues....

And its not even Sunday yet.  I Do Not want to go to work on Monday!  Not just cause its a Monday, just because I don't want to go back at all!  WAH!  I have been so spoiled over this last week and a half and have loved being at home with Zach.  We have a routine and just having a good time.  Even if I do spend 12 hours chasing after a toddler (yes, we are walking everywhere now.  Today we circled the whole house without falling down once!), I have loved this short break at home.  Monday is not going to be an easy day for any of us.  Z did go into school a couple hours on a couple days this week just cause we didn't want to totally break his routine and it allowed us to get some much needed chores done too but I am sure a full day will be different.  Thinking when it is review time I may approach the subject of part time and see if there is anything we could do.  I am totally open and flexible to any option!  Half days, 3-4 days a week, working some from home, whatever they would be willing to do!!  I have NO clue if they would go for any of this due to the nature of the business, but it can't hurt to ask right?  We shall see.  

What else!  On a happier note we had a great NYE!  It was a small group due to people being out of town, babies being born, etc etc etc.  But we had a wonderful sit down dinner for 8 after the kids were all nestled down in bed.  Good food, good wine, good friends, good times!  We wondered how it would be in years to come with new babes in the mix but all vowed to do what we could to continue to get together!!  We really do cherish our times spent with friends!

For the first time in a long time one is pregnant currently in book club!  Or not that we know of! ;-)  So who will be next!  We thought there would be 3 babies possibly born in 2009 (Sam, Lilly, and Dylan) but all decided 2008 would be cooler.  So what will 2009 bring??

We also bought office furniture this week and it will be delivered on Tuesday!  So now the house is basically finished for now, at least for the big stuff. We are STILL waiting on our custom stuff that we ordered in SEPTEMBER from Primitives!  Man, I hope it is here by Zach's birthday party in February!!  It is over a month late already!!!  ARGH.

Only other thing is Zach's tubes surgery is set for January 15th.  They go in order of age, and there is a 7 month old ahead of Z so we will be second.  Need to schedule his pre-op visit this week.  I will be glad when this is over and am anxious to see if we can tell a difference besides the lack of doctor's appointments every week.

Ok, I think that is all for now.  Going to go work on my iPod.  I feel so behind the times!   :)

Hope you all had a splendid holiday season and are looking forward to 2009!!