Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Being a Boy Only Mom

It has been quite interesting in talking with people after finding out we have having baby boy #3.  My friend Sunny wrote a post a week or two ago about her similar experience in finding they are having boy #4.  Some people are genuinely SAD for us when I tell them that we are having another boy.  It's an odd thing to react to and their response usually goes something like this:

"Oh Gosh, I am so sorry.  You must be so disappointed, I am sure you really wanted a girl"
Gee, what do you say that?  I usually just say something to the extent that of course it would have been to have a shopping partner and someone to watch musicals with...BUT we wanted a third child, not just a girl, so we are happy!  I had a very sweet lady at church really chat to me how she won't try for a 3rd because she's too worried about having another boy. 

How much honesty do you really share with people?  Was I upset?  Sure, for a few minutes.  But then I was over it.  I told my husband from the very beginning I knew this baby was a boy.  My heart sank a little knowing I would never be shopping for a prom dress or planning a wedding, but how could I not be happy to have another one of these little critters in my clan?  (we do make really cute boys after all) I know that God has plans for these boys that are beyond my wildest dreams and I am beyond blessed to be entrusted with the job of being their mother. 

Boys are wild creatures, I will definitely attest to that.  But along with that wildness comes a fierce loving too.  My boys may be wild, LOUD, rough and tumble, and make lots of potty talk...(I was happy to see while teaching the 4yr olds in Sunday School this past week....they are ALL LIKE THAT), but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My husband's golf foursome is now complete...and so is my my heart! Boy Moms Rock! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's my 1 year anniversary of running!

Last night as I was walking/jogging through the neighborhood...it came to me, it is almost exactly a year to the day that I decided to lose weight and learn how to run.  I started the C25K in secret, almost planning to fail, because that's what I had always done before with exercise and diet.  But this time, it stuck.

I was frustrated with myself as I was struggling a bit and feeling self conscious and slow.  I guess I had thought by now I'd be running 10ks and more and not struggling but getting preggo and the last 4 months of intermittent exercise has taken a toll on my endurance (as I am sure the growing belly has too).  Now that I am finally feeling better and ready to be exercising again, I guess I expected to just be back up to normal.  But then I thought to myself,

"ya know what self...last year at this time, you couldn't even do what you are doing today...and now you are 5 months pregnant!" 
And I had to smile a little!  I would love to say I got pregnant and kept up with all my healthy habits, but let's be real ...the insane hunger and tiredness and sweet tooth make it very easy to slip into some bad habits and grab an extra portion or cookie (or ice cream or cupcake!  Doh!) . But I am still doing better than I was probably doing last year at this time.  I am slowly getting back into an exercise routine.  While it won't be too intense, my biggest fear is totally losing the habit and desire of doing it all together.  I don't always love heading out that door to go....but I ALWAYS love the feeling of being finished with my exercise and the sense of accomplishment that comes along with it.

So anyway, here is to being:  forgiving, patient, reasonable and the next 4 months of getting back into the groove and rocking the jog/walk!  It is never to late to get in shape...and no matter what this pregnant chick looks like exercising or how slow I am going...I am always going faster than everybody sitting on the couch! :-)

(Somewhat related...I think I need to go into business for maternity active wear.  THERE ARE FEW TO NO good choices out there!  I found a full panel pair of pants that I like from Old Navy, but who wants to wear pants outside in this Texas HEAT?  If anyone knows of a good place to find stuff, let me know.  Momma needs some exercise shorts or capris!)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend with your family and friends.  We had a great weekend full of beautiful services at church, fun egg hunts with friends, dying eggs and baking and a lovely Sunday with family.  My Zachary made me smile Sunday morning when after opening his Easter basket, I asked him if he knew the REAL reason we were celebrating today, and he replied, "Because Jesus is Alive!"  Made this momma smile!  

Blessed and thankful, so very blessed and thankful!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

It was Senior Sunday a couple of weeks ago at our church. Our staff did an awesome job of showcasing the 20ish students from our congregation that will be graduating in a few short months. They had a video clip played of each of the students telling of their high school activities as well as anything from their fav church experiences, who their role model was, what their plans for their future were, and about how the church helped to shape their Christian life. I was incredibly moved listening to these kids, and I didn't even know a single one of them. Maybe it is pregnancy hormones...but I also think it was like listening to proof that although the day to day journey of mothering the little ones can be really hard...there is a grand payoff in just a few short years. I loved listening to one of the boys talking about how much he admired his parents for always being there for him, guiding his spiritual walk, playing golf and talking with his dad...and mom always have time for him and cooking food in the kitchen...and simply always being there.

I've done a lot of reading lately about mothering, especially through the little years. It's such a challenging job that God bestowed us as mothers, and so easy to become overwhelmed with the daily struggles. But seeing those kids, all grown up and on fire for God and their futures and the many awesome things they want to do...it really reminded me of just how very short this time is with them, and how lucky I am to be daily "challenged". It's a hard job to do, but I trust God to equip me the best He can to raise these boys!

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6