Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter weather strikes again...

All darn week it has been BEAUTIFUL here with Spring-like weather and we weren't able to enjoy it because we were working!  BOO!  And now here it is, Saturday, for the 2nd week in a row....and it turns all cold and windy again!  My trip to the zoo is foiled again!  Maybe it will warm up this afternoon and we can go for a short visit.  Really chaps my hide!

We have had a good morning just hanging out though.  Zach has been his usual smiley self and is really starting to enjoy playing by himself some.  We hung out and played all morning.  Zach got a book shelf from Grandma for Christmas and we finally filled it up.  It entertained him for at least 20 minutes just taking the books on and off.  So cute, thanks Mom!

Not sure what the rest of the weekend will have in store, think it will just be chilling which is fine by me!  :)  

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  1. I can't imagine going to the zoo in January ANYWHERE that I have lived, LOL. But hopefully you'll be able to go soon!


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