Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Nothing clever to come up with for a title.  Zach had his post-op appointment today and he STILL has an EAR INFECTION!!! WTH?!?!?!  ARGH.  She said it was not too bad, just a little oozy and that sometimes that happens when the kiddos have had a chronic serious infection.  So, on to new ear drops and this one has a steroid in it to hopefully heal the ear.  Ten more days of drops and another doc appointment in 2 weeks.  I am PRAYING this heals him. The weirdest part of all is that he never tugged his ears before the tubes and now since then, he is tugging so I know something isn't right.  We shall see.

I had my review today at work and am still an over performer.  Go M!!  I truthfully wasn't sure what to expect being as I was out for 4 months on leave.  And although I am still good at what I do and get the job done very well and on time, I don't have the same drive as I did before I had Zachary and I am sure that was noted.  Priorities shift and change.  I am very particular about my work and strive to have it perfect,  but I don't pull the long hours and do the extra work I used to do.  I try to have a hard stop on my hours as I want to get home to my husband and son.  I think one of the toughest part of being a working mom is trying to find that balance.  As an employee, you kinda assume that there is a career ladder and path to climb that is set out for you.  But how can I be trying to "climb the ladder" when I have to leave all the time for doctor's appointments and fevers and whatever else there may be going on.  You are left trying to succeed at working and mothering but not able to fully devote the time necessary to do either the best that you can! Would you keep me in your prayers too?  I may try to see if there is a way to reduce my hours some.  Even if just one day a week.  Its one more day that I am with Zach and I will take it if it can be!  We shall see what comes!

This month we are reading Twilight for book club.  As our lives have gotten more busy with family and work, we sometimes have months that we don't read like we used to.  Myself included!!  So this month we decided to try a super popular book that everyone raves about and see how we do.  I am on page  260 right now.  Bella and Edward are on their Saturday off together in the meadow.  I will say that I am definitely at least interested in this book and making time to read it. But it is still just a romance novel. Anyone else feel that way?  Oh well, at least it keeps me interested unlike last month's Revolutionary Road that I vow to finish SOME DAY!  

Think that's about it for now.  I have been tagged on FB several times about the 25 things about me so I may go do that now....


  1. He STILL has an ear infection??!! Poor Z and poor mommy. That's unbelievable. I hope these new drops FINALLY do the trick!

    I thought the Twilight series was okay, I think it was my strange new obsession with the Pacific Northwest that made it more interesting. I find the scenery just captivating, and I am totally dying to visit Forks! But I thought it was a bit juvenile... appropriate, I guess, since it's written for teens. :)

  2. So sorry to hear about the ear infection. Evie had one right after her first set of tubes but never had another one until the tubes fell out. Don't worry.

    Way to go on your review. I totally understand how you're feeling about work. I would love to go part time. It's such a great compromise, but it isn't an option for me. I hope it works out. Will keep you in my prayers.

  3. i really had a hard time getting through the book, too! BUT it gets pretty interesting towards the end... definitely grabs your attention and will bring you back for more :)


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