Monday, March 16, 2009

spring break traffic rocks

well its spring break down here in H-town this week for most schools...and let me tell you, its great for traffic! after bible study Matt and i stayed up chatting much too late past our bedtime and overslept this morning...We usually leave between 6 and 630 and today it was nearly 645! I was anticipating a terrible drive in being we were leaving so late AND it was very foggy...but despite all that I still made it in to work in 35min! woohoo! if only every day was like this.

We had a very good weekend despite the yucky weather. Did some major cleaning since we were hosting bible study on Sunday. A little bid of weed picking. Some shopping. And of course lots of playing with the Z Man, who treated his momma by sleeping till 8am on Sunday! We have still been visiting between a couple of churches but are definitely leaning towards one now. We really like the pastor and they have lots of activities from babies to high school which is very important too. it will be a big decision to finally switch our membership since we are so attached to FUMC, but we are really enjoying the 5 min drive versus 30min on Sunday and being more involved. So we shall see!

Hope everyone has a great Spring Break week. I am hoping for a nice and quiet one at work!

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