Friday, March 20, 2009

Deliver Me

Do any of you watch this show on Discovery Health?  I started watching it when I was pregnant with Z and then it was off for awhile but new episodes are on now!  Its a good show, reality type show about an OB/GYN practice.  The episode I watched tonight, one story was about a momma who wanted a natural delivery with no drugs.  Oh my, just watching her made me want to cry with pain!  She finally opted for an epi after 17 hours, but it was still another 23 before she delivered!  If you feel like smiling and crying and love baby stories, check out this show ;-)  I cry almost every time another little one comes into this world!

Makes me think back to my labor which all and all, I look back on pretty happily!  There were of course some tough and scary moments but overall I think I had a great labor and delivery!  So weird to think that was just a little over a year ago?!?  


  1. Ugh, I totally cannot watch that show. Not before I gave birth, and not now. I guess I feel other people's pain to acutely. :) And my labor was horrible (well, just the last part really) and ended with a C-section, and I don't think I'm quite "over" that yet.

  2. I love love love Deliver Me.

    Its a great show, and I wish I could have them for my OB for the next time around (a looooonnnggg way down the road!). They are just down the road but I think only take established patients at this point.

    anyway...I did two long labors. One with the epi, one without. And even though the one without was INSANE I loved being able to feel Eli come out and the sense of accomplishment. But, hey, I'm weird! :)

  3. Um, epi all the way. I just can't see the appeal of suffering through the pain of delivery when modern medicine is available. Not that I'm criticizing those that decide to forego the epi, but to me, it is like having a tooth pulled without the benefit of numbing it first. Plus, I had an epi with all three and felt PLENTY with the last two. It made me able to enjoy it an focus on what was happening instead of focusing on the pain and getting past the pain. Okay, just my two cents there.


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