Tuesday, March 10, 2009


That's right, poor Z Man got bit today at school! :( Guess its better to be the bitten then the biter but it still ain't cool! The kid bit him on the back too, ouch! Didn't break skin or anything, just a little red. Poor baby!! Better not happen again!

We had a long evening last night. When I picked him up at school he was actually happy but I could tell very tired and his teacher said he didn't nap well and was quite grumpy when he woke up. So I started poking around in his mouth and could see/feel at LEAST 3 teeth coming in! OUCHIE! So anyway, we got home and he was good but then was chasing after Max and fell and it was downhill from there. It was like he just couldn't console himself. Of course I scooped him up immediately but he was like, inconsolable crying?! He just wanted to lay on the floor and scream! :( So I got him and was just holding him very close to me and shushing and rocking and he slowly went to the whimper and then to sleep. I was really worried! This has happened a couple times recently and usually when tired. Is this just a 1 year old thing or something else? So he slept for about 45 min in my arms until something woke him up and here we went AGAIN! Just hysterical! By now it was close to 7 so we got some Tylenol, reapplied oragel, made a bottle and went to bed. He woke up once around 11pm and then slept the night through so I guess he was exhausted. I don't like the inconsolable part....like he can't control himself? I don't know if its just a tantrum thing or age or teeth or something else? Any thoughts??

Needless to say...I just didn't sleep well last night worrying.....


  1. sounds like he is just tired. Are you still keeping him up later at night? alex is a major grump when he is tired too. Maybe on those days that he does not nap well at school, he could come home and go straight down for a nap and then get up and have dinner, bath, play, etc. When Alex goes to MDO and doesn't nap well, he gets a late nap form 3-5 and that helps a lot.

  2. It probably has a lot to do with the teeth too! He obviously had a pretty big day with the bite and his teeth so I would contribute his disposition to that. Don't worry about the biting. It stinks, but in time you won't have to worry about biting after a certain age.

  3. I agree with the teething and tired theories. I can't imagine Bean getting 3 at once... it's a nightmare just dealing with one at a time! :P And I think sometimes they just need to get out some frustration. Express themselves. Primal scream. That kind of thing. I really don't think it's anything to worry about, although I know it's not fun from a mom's perspective! You handled it well, and Z is fine.

  4. yeah sounds like major overtiredness to me. Jayden will just scream and scream and scream late in the day when he hasn't had enough sleep and just needs to go to bed.


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