Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Enough?

Its been one of those days.  Life sometime can be so overwhelming knowing people's hurts and sadness that it can be easy to be consumed by it.  I am a "fixer" when it comes to my friends and family and more than anything I hate to see them hurting or in pain and sometimes those things are just out of our control.  My heart can literally ache.  Don't get me wrong, I live a blessed life with so many things to be thankful for, especially right now, but at the same time, I wonder does God hear little old me's prayers?  

I have been reading Angie's blog for some time now.  Just over a year ago she lost her daughter and her faith never ceases to amaze me.  She writes in such a way that sometimes just speaks to me, and definitely has such a gift for writing .  Anyway, her post today just hit home.   Go read it if you have time.  It made me think of Ayesha Woods song, Big Enough.  great song too by the way.  

Anyway, I need sleep so I am calling it a to you all! He is Big Enough!

And on an unrelated note, but also a very good post....

***Also....thanks for all the comments on the night time cryin!  Man, Matt and I both feel better knowing its not just the Z Man..and that its ok that we don't go in there every time.  I think it was Mary who said that sometimes it was worse going in cause then it woke him up!  So anyway, thanks so much!  I need to post for advice more guys are good (except for the Nubys!  LOL!)


  1. Loved the post you had a link to. I definitely feel that way. I also like to be a helper and the most recent news in the life of one of my friends has weighed on my heavily for about 24 hours. I think and I think and I think. What could be done? What could make this right? But in the end, I know there is nothing to be done. Nothing to ease her pain. Nothing to ease his pain. Nothing to explain the unexpected turns in life. I can only pray that He will comfort them and that He will bring joy and healing to their lives.

  2. I have been hooked on Angie's blog since you told me about it a month or 2 ago. I love her! I also read that blog yesterday and felt the same way. She has inspired me so much.

  3. Wow... what a powerful post you linked to. I was in tears!

  4. Thanks for letting me know about Angie's blog. Sounds like someone I can really connect with. Big Enough is a very big worship song for me right now. I know God is Big Enough for all of it and this song helps me to focus back on Him and depend on Him rather than my own understanding. Good job, Lisa.


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