Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Head is JUST right

If you remember from my 12 month check up post, the Pediatrician was slightly concerned that Zach's head had grown too much since his last visit and could have brain swelling or something going on! But then after he saw some of his older stats from original pedi wasn't as concerned but sent us home with a head measurer anyway. Well of course every time I tried to measure, it looked like his head had grown to me! Anyway, I got off a little early yesterday and decided to pop into the office and see if they could do another official measuring. Doc had told me to come back in a month or so to check for my own peace of mind. WHEW, still 48cm so all is well in the noggin department. One less thing to keep me up at night with now! ;-)


  1. Yea! I know how hard it is not to worry about stuff like that. ;O)
    Are you going to Dr. Worrall?

  2. Yes, he is the BEST! So kind and patient!!

  3. I think it is great that your dr is checking every nook and cranny so carefully, sounds like Z is in good hands!

  4. They did the same thing with Cooper for the past 6 months! I just wanted to tell them to stop worrying about it so that I could stop! I just wanted to say...look he is a genius and my husband has a huge head too! Glad that everything is a-okay.


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