Monday, March 16, 2009

All My Children and GO AGS!

One thing I did get to do on the rainy weekend was catch up on AllMyChildren....All I can say is what the heck? I am so disappointed in the storylines right now. I have watched AMC forever now and they are definitely in a rut. Usually in soaps, there are the typical "bad guys" and some kind of drama or tragedy going on with a few people...but right now it is EVERYONE! No is being nice, no one is happy, everyone is fighting or plotting, And everyone is just being really out of character I think. Very annoying. Hope something good happens soon or I may have to cut back on my DVRing....

And congrats to the Ags who made it into the Big Dance again this year. Matt was very excited, even if we are playing BYU again who we played last year. Hopefully we will make it farther than last year but at least we are dancing! Let the brackets begin!!


  1. AMC - All my children...the soap opera! ;-)

  2. Theresa I think AMC is All My Children.

    Go Ags!! I'll root for them since they aren't in the same bracket as XU!! I am so excited for March Maddness even though my Muskies are in a downswing, I hope they can get it together and pull it out, they actually have a good seed for once!!

  3. I am so mad that they keep killing everyone off. Why can't they keep people around? I am so frustrated. Plus, I can't stand David. He needs to go.

  4. I don't follow soaps or March Madness, sadly. I guess I'm a dork! I do know that Michigan State is a 2nd seed in the Midwest bracket, though, and as their performance has a direct relation to DH's mood, I have a direct interest in seeing them doing well. :)

  5. Sorry, I'm an idiot. I never even looked at the title of the post. Thanks for your patience.


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