Monday, October 19, 2009


Hard to believe the little guys is just barely over 24 hours hold. Seems like more than that already! Yesterday was a pretty good day. Mark was very sleepy and therefore sometimes not interested in eating, but right around the 24hr mark he has started picking up and on about an every 3hr schedule. I am pleasantly surprised to say that so far at least...he seems to be doing pretty good at the eating! He is interested and stays on for awhile, and although his latch is no where near perfect, I think it is getting better. So we shall see. I hope to see the lactation consultant today to go over a couple of concerns before we head home.

Speaking of home, just got off with my mom and Z is doing great! He told me hi mommy and bye mommy (awwww). She was excited to tell me that all last night, Zach was wearing his pirate hat (and nothing else) around the house! Pirate hat and why is that all that exciting albeit cute? Because for the first 20 months of his life...Zach has DESPISED hats! Hence why I decided he would be a pirate for Halloween because it did not require anything to be worn on the head in order for people to know what he is! So he seems to be doing well and enjoying life with the grandparents (who wouldn't when they do whatever he wants to do?) and his new trains they bought him. But I am hoping he is missing me too as I am excited and ready to see his sweet face!

I finally got some sleep last night. I was thankful for the nursery who would take Mark away and then bring him to me to feed when he woke up and then whisk him away again so I could rest. Feeling fairly refreshed which is a good thing. I have to chuckle you mommas know, when you are in the hospital, they come in and check on you all the time for your vitals, etc. So while I was up every 3 hours for either feeding Mark or checking the vitals...Matt was able to sleep through it all, just 2 feet away. I have had the overhead light and TV on since at least 7 when breakfast and my OB came in....and Matt has slept through it all. Impressive. Guess I wont feel too bad having Mark sleeping in the bassinet in our room since it wont wake daddy anyway! :)

So, now just sitting and waiting. Need to get the little fella snipped up and then maybe home this afternoon! Woohoo! :)

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  1. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! So happy that everything went so well - sorry to hear it was painful, but at least it was fast!! I texted Matt, but sounds like he probably slept through them! :)

    Can't wait to meet Mark - its times like these that I'm so sad that we are in Austin! :)


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