Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just a couple recent pics...I noticed there have not been many lately! Love this first pic, he has that coy little smile that he has oh so perfected!

Been a quiet week. We are keeping Z in school 3x a week, kinda of MDO hours, just to keep him on a schedule of sorts. And I think he likes playing with all his buddies too. So while he has been in school, I've either been cleaning, organizing, running errands, or if I am lucky, taking a nap!

ECI teacher came today so it was nice to be able to be home for that. We both definitely feel that Z is improving, probably just coming with age, not necessarily anything I think we are doing, but who knows. He talks up a storm to Matt and I, the problem is just we don't always know what he is saying, but apparently that too is very normal. It actually cracks me up and we just respond and hope that what we THINK he is saying, is what he is! :) All around, he is just a happy little toddler and he brings a smile to my face, even when he is throwing a short fit about diaper changes or not putting his cars in the right order, but that too I guess is all to be expected. I am enjoying all the extra snuggles he seems to be giving me and our time to be just the 3 of us!

Other than that.....just waiting for #2 to make his grand entrance to this world! We are ready!

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