Monday, October 5, 2009


Today we rested and it felt good! It was a busy weekend of traveling and wedding festivities and we were ALL pooped. What usually takes about 3.5 hours to drive home took over 5hrs....not fun. And with the lack of sleep for everyone too! We were worried about Z going down last night, but he went easy peasy at 8 pm and slept till 9:15 today! What a treat!

All we really did today was go to lunch in the afternoon and then headed to my parents' house tonight for dinner. Yum, yum! It felt good to have nothing planned!

Today also marked our 1 year anniversary in our house! Crazy how fast time flies.

Oh yeah, and Matt got a call for an interview tomorrow!! Please say a little prayer for him tomorrow afternoon. It sounds like it could be a really good position for him!

I am tired and need to get into work early tomorrow. This is my last week of work before my maternity leave starts next week. woohoo! And i have my weekly doc appointment too. Now that we made it past the wedding, I am ready for some progress! We can't wait to meet you, Mark!!


  1. That sounds like a lovely day! I hope you all are enjoying this precious time together while Matt is in between jobs. It is so stressful, that it is easy to forget that you've been blessed with an opportunity to really enjoy the time together.

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful time this weekend and so happy that you were able to go! way to stay in the womb, mark! ;-) can't wait to meet this new little man and see what he looks like! this year has flown by...

  3. Wow, I just saw 11 days to go on your ticker.


    Hooray for maternity leave and Matt's interview. Keep us posted!!


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