Monday, October 26, 2009

Here we go again....

Mark only gained an ounce in four days and isn't having enough poops either. Not good. Called and talked to the lactation consultant and she recommended that we start supplementing an ounce after each feeding. Do what you got to do but of course I am upset and feel like I failed again. I won't give up and hopefully my supply will pick up with the continuing of fenugreek and the MoreMilk but I have not noticed much of a change yet even with basically feeding the boy whenever he wants and for however long. Very frustrating. I will work on pumping more too but as I said before, it feels like SUCH a waste of time when I pump and nothing comes out. I just don't understand what the problem is?!? The LC reminded me that some things are out of our control either due to hormones or mammary tissue so perhaps that is it. I hope it is not for lack of trying because I DO feel like I have been trying!

Anyway...we will see how things look when we go back next week for his 2 week appointment.


  1. Oh Lisa, you absolutely HAVE been trying. I know it's so hard to deal with something like this in these early days; you are still on the hormonal rollercoaster from giving birth, emotions are running high. But Mark has already gotten the benefits of your milk -- the early days are the most important! You can either do both breastmilk and formula for a while (like you did with Zach) or you can pump like a madwoman (like I did -- are you renting a hospital grade pump, those are the BEST) and try to get back to 100% breastmilk. Either way, Mark will be healthy and loved. You have done all you can do!

    I can't remember, were you diagnosed with PCOS? Most women with PCOS don't have problems breastfeeding, but many who have it do struggle with low supply because of hormonal issues. Here is an interesting article:

  2. Lisa,
    I struggled with my daughter. I tried absolutely everything, but after 4 weeks decided to just enjoy my baby. I too have PCOS and there are some studies linking the condition to difficulty breastfeeding especially if one of your PCOS side effects is lack of breast tissue. If you are like me, try all that you can or want to and then make the best decision for you and Mark, but don't feel like a failure, you are just being an outstanding mom! All that matters is that he is healthy and that you are able to enjoy his precious few days as an infant.

  3. FIRST - You have not FAILED! You didn't fail with Z and you didn't fail with M. Hang in there! I second everything Sunny and Kim said. You are an amazing mom!

  4. you are doing great girl, and you are trying SO hard! Mark will be healthy and happy no matter what. I am so proud of you for giving it all you've got!

  5. ditto to what everyone else has will be so nice to have matt helping out, and it will give yourself a much needed break! maybe that's all you need! enjoy these days with mark, because you know he will be growing so big before you know it! :-)

  6. You have not failed at this in any way shape or form, so please don't feel that way! Don't be so hard on yourself! You are doing an AMAZING job. Your LC is right...some things are out of our control, but it's certainly not for lack of trying! Mark is going to be a healthy wonderful little boy no matter what! Try to enjoy your time with him and stress yourself out about this! I know....easier said than done, but hang in there!!

  7. mmmmmmmm...formula is good, its like ice cream according to my big brother Zach and I love it when my Mommy holds me close to feed me no matter what I am sucking from.



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