Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little yellow?

**UPDATE** Doc called back and Mark's bili level is just now just to work on getting his weight up and poos to turn color! We will go back Monday to recheck unless M turns yellow between now and then! ;-)

We had our 1st doctor appointment today. The hospital had said to go in 3 days after we got home since we are trying to exclusively bf and since I had issues the first go round. Guess it was a good thing. mark has lost about 12oz which isn't TOTALLY alarming but isn't great either :( And he looks slightly yellow although some of it I think is his olive skin tone....

We did a heel prick to test his billirubin and will have a better idea where we stand once those results get back today. Initial recommendation-1) start Fenugreek (check, Matt picked me up some yesterday...bring on the maple syrup!) 2) call lactation consultant (got # already, will call today after we get blood work results) and 3) start pumping after feeding (BLAH! I HATE PUMPING and was really hoping to avoid it until we needed to start introducing a bottle).

Trying to not be discouraged but of course I am a little. Doc did say Mark's pee and poo amounts were a good sign but we need the weight up a little and need the poos to start turning color today or tomorrow. Fun times in the Wittliff household!


  1. Drew had some mild jaundice as well, never bad enough to need bili lights but we did have to go and get heel pricks every day for 3 or 4 days. Not sure how to help you with the bf'ing, we were doing combo feeding from the start. Hang in there mama, eat and drink lots and hopefully C will pop on with some good info!

  2. I am sending you an email -- my response is too long. :)

  3. Put Matt in charge of making sure you always have a glass of water and something to eat--it will help that milk production!! Stay positive, girl! You can do it!


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