Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's go to the movies, Annie!

Since my maternity leave started this week and still no baby on board, Matt and I decided to take advantage of some of the free time while Z was in school and go to the MOVIES! The last two movies I have seen in the theater were Marley & Me and Sex and the City. Clearly we do not get out to the movies very often any more these days!! We are all about the DVR and OnDemand!

There actually is not much out right now so we ended up seeing Couples Retreat! Apparently it did not get very good reviews, but I thought it was quite funny and cute. And even though its a comedy, there were some definite truths about maintaining and sustaining a marriage in it too, even if being silly while telling about it. I love Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn so that also help with the enjoyment factor, funny dudes. The one thing that I always find amusing in movies like this though is the disparity between men and women in aging. There is a scene where the 4 couples are partaking in some of their couple's therapy and they have to strip down to their skivies. These couples are probably all supposed to be in their late 30s-ish? Of course, all 4 of the women are completely and totally fit and have smokin bods...and then men, well they are typical 30-40 year old men, with bellies and such. Just makes me chuckle. ANYWAY, I digress...the movie was pretty funny if you are up for a romantic comedy! :)

As far as the baby watch goes....still nothing going on. The due date is looming so I am still hopeful that something may happen any day now! Z Man has been extremely clinging these last few days, which I am loving but also wondering if maybe he is catching on that his world is about to change. My folks are on call and every time I ring my mom, she is thinking that is why I am calling, ha! :)

Oh, in other Z news....we are really noticing his increase in language and just overall interest in communicating and showing off his knowledge! He is all about pointing out body parts and animals and I think every day we hear a new word or at least attempt. Even when I cant understand what he is saying, I hear him mimicking the cadence and sounds of what we are saying which I think is a big step! The latest fav in this sports family of ours is "touchdown!", complete with arms raised move. Too cute! So proud of my baby boy and all the progress he is making and has already made!

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  1. I think the last movie I saw was Juno, how sad is that!?!? :-) Hang in there, Mark will be here any day I just feel it!


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