Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Progress

Went to the doc yesterday....still nothing happening down there so I guess baby boy is staying put for awhile longer. Everything is looking good though! The end is in sight though as Doc doesn't like to go more than a week past the due date. SO, I think at latest, Mark will be here by October 26th!! wow, that seems far away still and makes me achy and tired. I sure hope he comes before then!!

Matt's interview also went well yesterday. Thank you for the prayers and keep 'em coming!

I am very excited to be finished with work on Friday. I plan on sleeping a lot next week and working on the boys' rooms and some other crafty projects I need to tie up before Mark's arrival. I still feel quite unprepared. His room is not really organized yet (mom is coming over this weekend to help). Need to get my bag packed, car seat installed, etc.

Nothing else witty or important to say right now. I thought of things earlier but now that have totally left the brain. If I think, I will update! :)

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