Monday, October 12, 2009

Countin down

Met the ladies at lunch today for the supposed labor inducing pasta from Carrabba's! Actually had some contractions off and on for awhile after lunch but they just petered out. Seems to be the trend. They are sometimes quite painful, that sharp pain type of thing, but nothing regular or frequent enough to send me to the hospital. Bummer. I am trying to remember what it all felt like, labor that is, but figure if I am in enough pain, then that will be my cue to get thee to the hospital!

I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow at 2pm, would be nice to know that something had progressed a little at least! Is it just wishful thinking??? I hope not....

And for a couple of funny Z moments from today....
*we have been playing on this Starfall website with Z. Its an educational site that you can work on letter sounds and reading. Z really enjoys much so that he has wandered upstairs on his own and twice now we have caught him opening up Matt's laptop in his lap to play! of course he is usually on or some thing of that nature but still, how does he figure out what to do!!
*he also figured out how to climb on top of the bar stool in the kitchen. I tell you, my monkey is too tall for his own good and too persistent! He took a few minutes of hanging this way and that, but he figured it out!
*he ate a frozen waffle! Its funnier than it sounds I swear ;-) The kid loves his waffles and pointed to wanting one for dinner. I handed it to him to put in the toaster oven like he likes to do, but I guess he was impatient tonight and did NOT want to warm it. So he ran off with it laughing and proceeded to sit in the window seat giggling while he ate his plain frozen waffle! What a delish dinner! :)

I guess that's it for tonight. Unless I have the baby tonight, we shall have another update tomorrow! :)


  1. We have starfall too! I need to check it out a bit more. Luke loves it.

  2. I have never heard of that web site! I'll have to check it out. Bean is always trying to play on the computer. :) The frozen waffle story is hilarious. Strange, but hilarious!

    Oh, I also realized I forgot to answer a question from your email. About having twins -- yes, I am doing *much* better with it now. It's one of those things, I can either continue freaking out and worrying, or I can embrace it and focus on all the fun we can have as a "bigger" family. I still have no illusions of enjoying those first 12 months, but hopefully after that we'll have it down. :)


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