Friday, October 9, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

"All my bags are packed...I'm ready to go...."

Ok, so I am not leaving on a plane nor are my bags quite yet packed.....BUT I do finally have everything I need FOR my bag! Went and bought some new jammies for the hospital this week and a comfy casual outfit to wear home and then around the house for awhile. Not sure what it is, but new jammies always make me feel good. I project that onto Zachary as well since he prob has like 30 pairs of pajamas. Or maybe for him its really my dislike of doing laundry and the more jammies we have, the less often I have to do laundry! :-)

I digress! My last day of work is going pretty well. My group gave me a $150 gift certificate to Babies R Us this week which I promptly spent in one trip buying final touches for Mark's nursery (diaper pail, changing pad, hamper, binkies, bottles, etc). Amazing how fast the money can go!

My old boss made pie for me today too which was a delightful addition to the afternoon. Who can pass up pie? All and all, I am feeling very ready to go. Was a bit apprehensive a couple of weeks ago, but the transitioning to my back up has gone very well and I am sure she will do just fine while I am out. And whatever she doesn't know how to do, I am confident that she is competent enough to figure it out! :)

And finally I got my flu shot today so Mark and I should be all vaccinated up against the seasonal flu now. Go us!

Not much planned from here on out. My mom is coming over on Saturday to help work on organizing the nursery and possibly putting the crib back together. I think that Zach is adjusted enough to his new bed now that he would be okay if he saw the crib again. Especially if it has different bedding, etc in it.

Next week I have a lunch date with the ladies on Monday to eat some pasta that supposedly induces labor. We shall see how that works out. Then I need to work on my tutus and letters and sleep and perhaps get a massage and REST! Other than all that, I am ready to meet this little guy!


  1. Where did you get your jammies? Motherhood or just a regular store?

  2. Congratulations on maternity leave! Are you going to be able to stay home until the New Year?

    I can't believe Mark is almost here. I am so excited to hear the good news and see lots of precious newborn pics... I'll be watching your blog carefully! Good luck hon!!!


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