Saturday, October 24, 2009

why is something so natural so tough??

Well we had our visit with the lactation consultant and she didn't seem too discouraged so I am trying not to either. We did a before and after feeding weight check and at that one, mark had gotten about .5oz. She said it wasn't terrible, but would like to see closer to 1oz. Good news, mark's latch and desire to nurse seem to be good, so we really just need to work on my supply!

Plan was to nurse as much as he would and pump after. I hate pumping. So defeating to me cause I get nothing! Anyway, been talking with another friend who struggled in the beginning and went on to exclusively bf her son for a year, and she has suggested to keep nursing if mark is still sucking in leiu of pumping since that should technically stimulate better than the pump anyway. I am kind of doing a combo of both now. Yesterday evening through this morning, I feel like he was hungry about every hour. Ugh. Makes a tired and sore momma.

Anyway, this afternoon has been better and we've been every 2 hours. Also went out to store and bought some MotherLove supplement roxanne told me about. I am taking more milk special blend which in addition to fenugreek and blessed thistle, contains goats rue which supposedly is strong enough to help pcos women specifically as well as women who have had breast surgery and even adoptive moms wanting to breast feed! Tastes like crap so hopefully that means it is serious stuff! The lady at the vitamin store said the last mom she sold it to was trying to up supply to nurse triplets...and worked for her. I just have one little dude to feed, bring on the milk! All in the name of feeding the newest man in my life! Ill let you know if it works! :) and monday we have our reweigh and bili check so we will see how we are doing then too!


  1. You CAN get through this... just imagine how easy it will be he's hungry, you can nurse him easily until he's full, and DONE!

    This is the toughest part.

    Oh, I should mention that he will go through some growth spurts, too, which can mean a LOT of nursing for 24-36 hours. The web site has AWESOME information on tons of BFing topics, it's like the bible for nursing moms. Here's what she has to say about growth spurts:

    And here's the page on newborn nursing:

  2. i put that motherlove supplement in about 2-3oz of orange juice and took it down like a shot.

    just my 2 cents so take it at upside to pumping is that you will be able to monitor how much your supply is growing, and you can do that hands free 15 min after M is done eating (so you might get more with waiting 15 min).

  3. Sounds like you are doing awesome. I know pumping sucks, but I do agree it helped my supply. I was able to nurse Pea till she was 19 months. I pumped after every feeding for 7 minutes, I had a double pump, but man it helped. I think I did that for at least 6 months because I was always building up for storage since she only ever had breast milk. Even when I went back to work. You can do it momma. Don't get discouraged. Praying for everything to work together.

  4. Remember that EVERYONE is different, so what works for some may not work for others. Do what is best for you and Mark, only you know for sure.... and whether that means nursing, pumping or formula, Mark will be PERFECT either way!

  5. Thanks guys! the toughest part of pumping for me is...I get NOTHING! So its like, whats the point? Im not getting anything that I can store, etc. I have been trying to do it a couple times a day just to stimulate but most just been giving the boy the boob when ever he wants and letting him stay on however long too. Guess we will see how things are going tomorrow when he gets re-weighed!

  6. I'm the same way Lisa. Make sure Mark is around to stimulate let down. Good for you for really making an effort to get it all going. You are a great mom!


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