Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nice Day for a White Wedding

We survived the trip to Dallas without having a baby, whew! Good thing too cause I had forgotten all my prenatal records that I had requested! Oopsie!

Zach was great all weekend and I guess was having so much fun he decided he did not need sleep! ;-) About an hour nap Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and up till like 11pm on both Friday and Saturday evenings. I didn't even know that was possible?!?! The crazy thing is, he was not even crabby, just excited and having a blast with the cousins both nights. The night of the wedding, we were just going to play it by ear as far as when to leave. I figured he would make it till 9 or so and then get cranky. But 9pm came and went and we actually made it to the 10:45 sparkler exit! I was very excited to be able to spend as much time celebrating and sharing in Lec & Rikki's special day.

Sleeping in the hotel was definitely interesting. We got a king bed and a love seat which we had made up as Z's bed thinking he would want to sleep there (it was about the same size as his toddler bed!). Um, no such luck. He spent both nights in between us, often sleeping horizontally with his head and feet in our ribs! Needless to say, we were definitely all glad to be back to our own beds on Sunday night!

Anyway, I am so glad we decided to chance it and make the trip to Dallas. I would have hated to miss the wedding and seeing all the family together! And wishing a lifetime of happiness to the newlyweds! We love you guys!

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