Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still Nothing Going On.......

No progress, BLAH. The due date looming ahead...not much is going on still. I am hoping that something will just kick in and get things moving but am feeling like we may end up inducing 2 weeks from now. So for now, I shall just enjoy being our little family of three and keep waiting!

Had a bout of mommy guilt today too. As extremely excited about meeting Mark that I am, and knowing full well what a blessing he is to our whole family...I am feeling guilty about Zach not being "the baby" any more even though at 20 months, he is definitely still my baby!! I guess with Mark still being in the womb, it seems so far away to think about sharing time and attention and love with someone besides Zach! But as a wise woman reminded me yesterday when we were talking...love multiplies, not divides!! Guess I will see that first hand very soon.

Any tips or words of wisdom from you mommies of 2+ out there, especially with introducing the new baby into the family, would be appreciated! :)


  1. it can happen so fast, ESPECIALLY with #2. just start walking as much as you can. I walked and walked and walked that last week with Eli. I had nothing going on at my 39 week check and them BAM 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced at my next appointment and went into labor that night.

    and as for #2 coming into the family, take it a day at a time. and be gentle with yourself and those feelings of guilt. they are NORMAL. and its true. you'll be amazed that you can love two little boys so much. it truly does multiply!!!

    hang in there, you're gonna make it!

  2. I have no advice, but I send lots of labor vibes your way. I agree with Sarah, it can happen fast! That's how it was for me with Bean... once minute the shop is closed, the next minute I'm having productive contractions. Thinking of you!!!

  3. I wanted to cry reading your post. I feel the same way. It is just amazing the amount of love that I have for Cooper and I never want him to feel like the love is divided. I love that you heard that it multiples. How awesome. I know that my grandmother and aunt said they felt the same way...how can I love the new child just as much as the first...and how amazing it is, when the other kids come...and you are able to love them each the same...and no one feel left out! You will be an amazing mom of two...and I look forward to hearing about it and learning from you!

  4. Someone alleviated my guilt by reminding me
    that luke had all of my attention until Evie arrived and Evie will never be lucky enough to get all of my attention all of the time. Really the kids will not even remember feeling jealous or shorted of your time or love because God grants us enough for every precious child.


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