Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New things for baby?

Sue asked me yesterday if there was anything that I would need/want for baby boy (we really need to decide on a name, getting tired of this generic talking of him....) and it got me thinking! It is different when the second is the opposite gender because you need new clothes, decor, etc....but what about when its the same? Do I need any new things? Obviously my bouncer, swing, play mat, stroller are all still good....and I don't think there has been any major new baby invention invented in the last year that I would need? I bought a double stroller which I am excited about and new bedding which is totally adorable.

So, any suggestions for things I need the second time around that I may not already have or need to replace?? Only 4 more months to go. I need to get working on the room before I am too tired to do it! :)


  1. bottles, pacis...diapers! wee need to schedule this baby boy's blessing!

  2. only 4 more months, how did that happen! He is already going to be one very blessed little boy and little brother :) ...and yes we need a name!


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