Monday, June 1, 2009


It is official....I am a mommy to two boys! Just as I predicted, there is another Wittliff boy on the way!  The ultrasound was good and all looks good and healthy!  

Baby boy is weighing about 14oz so far.  He looked very cramped in there to me though, is he a big boy?  The tech was a little speedier than we would have preferred but he did check all the parts out at least.  We were waiting on pins and needles even though we both already felt he was a HE as the tech went through everything.  And then he says very matter of factly, "Looks good, have a nice day"  And we quickly replied "well, what is it?!?!?"  " don't know?  Its a boy"  Well thank you very much!

So, good thing I have saved everything cause this boy has a full wardrobe ready and waiting.  I will redo the nursery though,  want something a little brighter this time.  Got my eye on a train crib set from land of nod....too cute!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! They are going to be bestest buddies, how adorable. HOORAY!

    I was totally wrong. What else is new. :)

  2. It is SO much fun to have two boys! And boy do they love their mommas! :) Congratulations!!

  3. CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you, but you're totally outnumbered now. I guess you'll have to have two more to even things out. Girls rule!

  4. Thats Awesome!! I know you liked the idea of a girl, but 2 boys - they will be so close - how great! Congrats again! And happy to know that he is healthy!


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