Friday, July 3, 2009

The Weekend of the Pool

That is what I am calling it cause I think that is about all we will be doing all weekend!  After work yesterday, we met Kerri and one of her neighbors for an hour or so.  Z loved the water sprouty things on the splash pad and just being in the pool splashing around.  We decided he was trying to swim because he kept falling forward in the baby pool on purpose and really looked like he was trying to swim!  Which is great except for that he can't so we were constantly pulling him up which he found HI-larious!  ;-)  Thanks for the invite Kerri, it did wear Zach out and he slept good!

Matt and Randy are playing golf this morning at the course in the neighborhood so Sue and I are heading to the pool behind our house.  It doesn't open until 11am so chilling for a bit.  Zachary is running around the house talking to himself....if only I knew what he was saying!  So weird, he is so independent now.  He just went upstairs to get some of his balls and is oooh and ahhing to me from the balcony!  So cute!

We watched Gran Torino last night.  I know, that movie came out like over a year ago.  That is how far behind me are in the movie world.  It's just now OnDemand so that was our choice last night.  It was very good...and definitely better than our last 2 rentals (Pineapple Express and He's Not That Into You).  I would like to see Bride Wars, Doubt, maybe 7 Pounds and Taken and The Reader.  Anyone have opinions on any of those or any other movies we should rent this weekend?

Let's see what else has been going on...currently The Boy is OBSESSED with my shoes!  If they are laying anywhere around the house, he will bring them too me and put them on me.  Or, sometimes he will just go into our closet and find a pair (which is really quite impressive if you have seen my closet) and bring them to me.  Let me tell you, heels and my PJs is QUITE the look!  He is also obsessed with the it the baby pool in our backyard or going to the neighborhood one.  As soon as he goes outside, he walks over to the hose and puts it into his pool.  Thank goodness he hasn't figured out how to turn the water on yet! 

As for the talking....I think he may be progressing on his own just in the last couple weeks.  Zach is saying bubble now and Da (dad) and generally just vocalizing a lot more.  He has his ECI apt on Tuesday which will be more paperwork the 1st time and then we will set up an evaluation from there.  I am curious to see what comes of it.  I also got the DVD and book I ordered in this week.  Haven't watched the Baby Babble DVD yet but the book I got has some great activities in there and I am looking forward to trying them out!  

Well, that probably catches us up for now!  Looking forward to the extra long weekend and Happy 4th of July to everyone!  We will be spending tomorrow with friends at where else...but a POOL!  :)

Now back to Sesame Street (Doogie Houser is on it today, interesting!  He is the "shoe fairy"....)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Don't forget sunscreen!

  2. I haven't seen Gran Torino yet... I think it was filmed in Detroit, so I'm looking forward to it.

    I thought 7 Pounds was kinda slow, and it's very sad -- even if there is a "message" in it. Have Kleenex handy and watch at your own risk.

    Many people thought Bride Wars was funny, but I couldn't get past the fact that it was about GROWN WOMEN being downright torturous to each other on the most important days of their lives. I suppose if you can suspend that reality, you'll laugh.

  3. Gran Torino was awesome. Justin and I saw Taken and like it, too. Very violent though.


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