Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Pool at the Neighborhood Pool what is the rule on the baby pool in the neighborhood?  Is there an age limit there?  I find myself turning into that "old lady" lately!  I don't mind older kiddos being in there...but when they start running and jumping and splashing and are surely old enough to be in the big pool....I think they need to be in the BIG POOL!  The baby pool ALWAYS fills up with kids during Adult Swim.  Which is fine but then when adult swim ends, shouldn't they go back?  A couple of weeks ago, Z and I were there on our own.  Adult swim ended...but these three 8ish year old did not.  They decided to start swimming in circles to create a "whirlpool".  It was fine at first because Zach was siting on my lap watching.  But when he was ready to play again, I could not let him go because of the under toe they created!  And then, one of them swam into him and knocked him over!  That's when I finally had to say something "You kids need to be careful when there are babies in here!"  And that's when I got the "mean old lady look" as they scurried back off to the big pool!  

So, what would you say? When kids you think are too big are in the baby pool, would you say something or wait for their parents to notice?  Would it be okay to mention it to the life guards?  Thoughts!  What do you think?


  1. Hi Lisa! I love reading about your family's adventures! I can never respond to your advise requests because I have no kiddos. But this blog brought up a question I have been wondering. I was at a public neighborhood pool lately and was pretty shocked at how many of these bigger kids do not know how to swim. They are either in the kiddie pool or using floaties in the big pool and they look to be 5-7 years old. My brother and I were in swimming lessons at 2 years old and were swimming on our own by 3. Has something changed over the years? But, if I were you I would have told the kids to get out of the baby pool and go to the big pool. But that is just me. ;o)

  2. I would do the same. If you wait for their parents to notice you could be there all day. There is probably a shallow end of the pool that would be fine for kids that age even if they don't swim. Ask the lifeguards if there is a rule about kids playing in the baby pool unattended. There might be.


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