Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day weekend

We ventured over to Austin this weekend to visit Matt's dad and step mom for the weekend.  We had not been to visit since, gasp, Hurricane Ike when we escaped our powerless town home.  The weather seemed cooler to me than the Houston heat so for that alone it was nice!

It was so nice for Zach to spend some time with his grandparents and I definitely think they enjoyed seeing him too.  Manda did a fabulous job of baby-proofing before we got there so I was able to let Zach roam freely without having to worry at every turn what he was going to get in to.  They have a fabulous back yard full of lots of stairs, paths, bridges, plants etc and Z totally enjoyed just wandering around the yard and checking it all out.  Also spent some time at their neighbor's pool and the baby pool the g-parents bought.  The highlight for Zach probably was the Cozy Coupe they bought for him!  Manda and I put it together while Zach was napping and the men were off golfing.  We opened the box while Z was still awake thinking it would be a simple process...and about 100 pieces tumbled out of the box.  I decided perhaps nap time would be a better time to try!  But Z had just as much fun sitting and playing in the body of the car before it was all put together then he did when he woke up and got to ride in the real thing!

All in all, we just had a lovely time hanging out with family and watching everything that Z Man does!  

And of course a very Happy's Father's Day to my dad, Matt, and Dan!  You guys are the best and such a great example to Zach and soon to be little brother of what a man should be! :)

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