Monday, June 8, 2009

Hair Puller?

I could a face so adorable be so feisty?  He pulled Charley and Julia's hair on Saturday when I was opening presents and that's really the first time I had ever seen him do that, besides occasionally to me.  In fact, he hardly even pulls my hair at all anymore so I thought that was the end of that phase and Saturday was perhaps just because he was tired or just being a boy.  Well apparently, he had a big day of hair pulling at school today.  

His teacher said he was intent on doing it all day.  Apparently he will randomly do it but today it was like an all day affair.  I think he knew he had done wrong because when I picked him out of the high chair he was having his snack in....he buried his head in my neck as we talked about his day with his teacher.  Usually when I pick him up he is chatty and smiley but today he was almost shy.  His teacher came over to give him a hug and he gave her his sheepish/guilty grin...the reason no one can stay mad at him!  He is one of his teacher's favs and she takes him along with her places during the day so perhaps he is just wanting more of her attention?

I called mom cause I was upset and she googled it did some research and everything came back that at this age it is merely a means for attention, not anything malicious or mean.  I guess when he is used to getting our undivided attention at home, going to school and having to share the time, it would be hard!

Any words of advice on this one?  Unfortunately when I am not with him most of the day, it is hard because I am not the one disciplining him.  And at this age too, I don't know that he even understands most discipline actions?  Thoughts?  Add this to the mommy guilt for the day....

Here is what babycenter had to say,  Guess its fairly common if they have articles on it too! ;-)


  1. Brody did this at the same age. I was also working then and I would hear about it at daycare. I was so worried about it, but he eventually just stopped. Now we've moved on to pushing!! :)

  2. thanks rachel! that makes me feel a little better! In my head I know he isnt the first little boy to pull hair but in my heart I was feeling like a bad mommy! :(

  3. At least he isn't biting. I think that is worse. You should not feel worried about punishing him - he knows he the difference between good and bad on a very basic level already and can appreciate when you tell him no. I would encourage you to use time out (one minute for every year he is old - so just one minute). It may seem like it isn't working, but it will take about a day or two and he will get the message. Just designate a spot (we had a 1 foot by 1 foot carpet square) as the time out spot and tell him he has to sit there in time out after he pulls hair - even yours. Be stern - don't smile. If he gets up, put him back until he fulfills his 1 minute - it will seem like an eternity to you and him. Then if he gets up and does it again, put him right back in time out. This worked really well for our kids even at this young age and I was not convinced (at the time) that the kids were old enough to understand it, but they are. Oh, and don't ever feel like a bad mommy! Kids are kids and do these things, the important part is that you make every effort (within reason) to put an end to the bad behavior. Good luck. I know these times can be frustrating.

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