Thursday, June 18, 2009

Room Re-dos!

Bedding arrived and it is super cute! Can't wait to start working on his room! Now will come the hard out that room, and more importantly the CLOSET!, and getting furniture for Zachary.

The great debate over twin vs. full is still going on. The issue is a twin would definitely be a space saver as Zach does love to play in his room....versus a full which he would prob have for the rest of his life...or at least college! ;-) Mom told me to get over it and we could get another bed in 10+ years if he needs it. LOL. Or I guess could pass on to #2 or beyond if there is a beyond. I went to Babies 1st yesterday and found a set I really like, PLUS it is 15% off through the end of the month. Need to get M over there and see what he thinks I guess. Takes 4-6 weeks to come so I guess we have a little bit of time still to decide.

We are headed to Austin tomorrow to see Grandpa Dan and Manda! Last time we went up there was during IKE so it will be quite a different experience with the walking tornado there now. Last time he was barely scooting. Hopefully we can find some activities to tire him OUT! :)

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