Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks to my family and friends for a good birthday weekend!  Zach and Matt gave me some lovely James Avery earrings, a Carlos Lee shirt, and a book!  Good job boys!

Saturday we had our 1st book club babies play date and it was a BLAST!  Becky had her house and yard all decked out with toys and we each brought a dish for the brunch.  Food as always was delish as was the company!  The girls were all super sweet too with some birthday presies for me and some goodies for little guy #2!  What a surprise!  I was not expecting that and very touched!  So blessed to have such thoughtful and kind girl friends!  What would I do without you girls?

I don't now about all the other kids...but the morning wore Zach out!  He snoozed in the car and then for awhile at home too.  Unfortunately it was not long enough for me!  HA!  We ended up spending most of the rest our afternoon in our own backyard too playing in the pool and running around.  Z was definitely tuckered out from the day and was down for bed before we even left for the night.  My folks were nice enough to come and watch Zachary for the evening too so Matt and I could go to dinner.  We went to Damian's and it was DE-lish!  And of course always nice to get out for some one on one time and to eat a meal without a little person on my lap ;-)  

Nothing major today, just some much needed chores around the house and errands.  Zach was such a delight today, we had fun just running around and being together.  

All and all, a very nice weekend!  Only bummer is I have to work tomorrow.  Too many people out this week so I am working my Monday off....but the following week I am off Monday AND Tuesday so I guess it will make up for it :)  Matt and I's 5 year anniversary is this week too so let the celebrating continue!!

And here's a cute pic of my little guy...he was having a blast in his tunnel this morning!!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy birthday and anniversary! Enjoy the wonderful evening.


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