Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommy & Me Monday....+ Daddy!

Today was the day of get crap done.  We had appointments this morning with an electrician and the pest control man.  Both came in their allotted times and were finished by noon.  Zach had a bad night sleep.....but that equalled an over 3 hour nap!  Can I get an Amen to that please? :)

Electrician hung our 2 new chandeliers (breakfast and dining area) and they look really good.  Very happy to have no more builder lights there!  Pest man came a bit later and all good there too.  Glad to have those 2 things checked off my list.  After pest left..we still had time since Z was napping so I was able to organize laundry room with the new Target storage bin thingie we bought, clean the hardwood floors, sweep, and some other odds and ends while Matt mowed and tended to the lawn.  Go Us! :)

When Z finally woke up, we all had a late lunch and played around the house for a bit.  The pool behind our house is closed on Mondays so we packed up and went to the other neighborhood pool.  It has one of those water mushroom/splash pad thingies.  Z was scared at first when I took him over by the shooting water but when Zach went with Matt, he liked it!  We spent almost 2 hours at the pool.  I think Z would have stayed longer but it was getting close to dinner so momma called it a night.

We ended the evening enjoying fajitas with my parents and simply being entertained by the antics of Zachary.  He was quite funny tonight!  My parents got to see the very cool toy box that Grandpa Dan built for Zachary.  It is beautiful, I need to take some pics of it.  Z likes it more as a climbing device now or to throw anything he can get his hands on into it.  I can also envision a day when one or both of the boys will be in it for some kind of "magic trick" or something too!  

Anyway, all in all a very good family day!  I am off tomorrow too but Z will have to go in to school while I attend my appointments.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy the week!

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