Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nice afternoon

Had a half day today and spent the afternoon with my mom doing some shopping! It has been FOREVER since we have done that, especially sans Zachary!

I stopped in at GAP and got a couple of cute t-shirts for Zach and #2 on sale.  I love their onesies. They are so soft and cute.  I don't want to buy too much for him because I have TONS from Zachary still but then I want him to have some of his own things too.  I picked up 2 pair of jammies at Macy's this week and now the 2 onesies.  Zach had a wardrobe by this point so at least the little fellow has a couple of things!  

Mom and I met at Sur La Table and she bought me some presents for my birthday.  All things which she felt I really needed but I also wanted too (hahaha)....a tomato knife, a new ice cream scoop, and new place mats!  I love my quilted ones I have...but mom is right, they aren't really functional since Matt and Zach are messy...unless I want to be doing wash every day!  So these are these cool ones that look almost basket weave like, but they are washable, hypoallergenic, and something else they say.  Tested tonight and just rinsed under the sink and wa-la!  Thanks mommy! :)

Then we happened to pop into a lighting store...I have been looking for chandeliers for the breakfast and dining room since we moved in.  The house has the builder brass ones in and I like more of the wrought iron look.  Anyway, walked in and saw this one that I immediately loved.  Checked out the price and thought...oh well...but low and behold, they were having a sale and they were all like 40-50% off!  SO, not only did I find one for the dining but the breakfast area too!  I cannot wait to get them installed, it will be a face lift for the rooms!

All and all, good afternoon with my mom.  I am so lucky to have a great relationship with her and I cherish all the time we spend together.  Love ya, mom!  

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