Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the tush....

Umm, yeah, I think that was me today.  I have never taken a spin class before...and after my fitness assessment with one of the trainers today, she suggested I stay for her class.  I couldn't really say no...right?

Wow, it was definitely a new kind of workout for me.  I think I actually did pretty good, but holy heck, that bike seat HURTS!  A little cushion on there wouldn't hurt??

It was a good workout though, and something new.  I definitely be back again....even if I am not walking normally for the next couple days! ;-)


  1. give it a couple of rides and i don't know exactly what happens, but something magical and it never hurts after that!

  2. That bicycle thing is not worth the pain. But O laughed that pic there :)


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