Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When life gives you mushy bananas....

Make banana bread, of course!

Somehow at least ONE of the bananas always goes bad before it gets eaten....right??  Cause, ya know, you don't ALWAYS reach for the banana first when you need a snack!  Well this time I had 4 bananas go bad.  So banana bread just seemed like the right thing to do!

I did a little searching and came up with this recipe. I did not have 1 1/4c sugar so I made mine with 3/4c sugar and 1/2 c brown sugar.  I also did not have any buttermilk on hand.  But apparently, you can make your own!  Just put 1 TBSP white vinegar or 1 TBSP lemon juice in a measuring cup and add milk to just about the 1 cup mark.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  Wala!!  Then measure out and use desired amount.  Excellent!  Very cool when you only need a small amount (1/2c in this recipe)...saves a trip to the store and a few $$!

Anyway, I made my bread in a large meatloaf sized loaf pan and am counting it as 12 slices=6pts per slice.  Not super low, but for a treat or breakfast, I can swing it.  

Verdict from the family= delish!  

Next time don't throw out those mushy bananas...go make some bread! :)


  1. I Love some banana bread!! Around these parts though I have to buy extra bananas and then hide them so they don't get eaten before they get mushy! Its also yummy to throw in some nuts for protein (and some chocolate chips for sweetness but that probably adds ww points and won't get you closer to the smoking hot bod you've got going on ;) ). You are looking amazing, I didn't recognize you at first in that post where you were wearing your big pans, very inspirational!!

  2. P.s. I'm not a creepy stalker, its Mary with the twins, not sure why it posted under my google profile vs. my name.

  3. You can also put mushy nanas in the freezer and save them up for a loaf.

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  5. It is letting me post! Must be my computer, bc the iPad is allowing me.


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