Thursday, September 1, 2011

observations from the gym

I started my challenge off right by heading to the gym for lunch, a first on many levels.  I managed to get in 3.5 miles in 40 minutes.  day 1-complete!

I totally need a lesson on machines...I am clueless.  I could barely figure out how to work the treadmill so just did the "quick start" to go!  And I realized I definitely like running outside better!  Am going to need to figure out different things to do so I don't burn out on the treadmill!

I am not the biggest person in the gym.  Big change from probably 4 months ago!  And helped with the whole "gym intimidation" factor...

I made it back to ww today after skipping 2 weeks due to vacation....and had lost 4.8lbs!  I now have about 12lbs to go before the first big goal.  I can do this!!

I need to bring make-up remover with me.  Raccoon eyes is not a good look for going back to work.

I wish the towels were softer.  And bigger.

Some people have no modesty!  Even in small spaces...grab a towel, people! ;-)

Apparently my hair looked good with the very rough dry I did after work out.  A co-worker complimented my new hair-do, ha ha!

But all and all, it wasn't too bad.  I wasn't totally scared being there...and it felt good to get the exercise DONE for the day.

How did you do on your first day of the challenge??


  1. At first I was too tired do anything when I got home from work but my Luke wanted to ride the elliptical machine so I went up with him and rode the bike for 20 minutes. That was not enough time to get a piece of my star in the President's challenge but it was something. This morning I did my 25 minute run - I'm almost back up to where I was at.
    Anyway sorry for the book... thanks again for organizing this and I'm impressed with your gym membership. Way to go!!!

  2. Unfortunately, all I did was clean house vigorously in preparation for the maid. I tried to take the stairs quicker than normal and I even worked up a sweat. Hoping to get a workout in this evening after I put the kids down.


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