Friday, September 2, 2011


Well I really did not want to go....tried to find someone to have lunch with, thinking about other things I could....but finally just said, "quit the excuses and just GO!"  So I did!  Gym was fairly empty too which was nice.  I am a creature of habit so I went back to the exact same treadmill...and 40 minutes later, all done. 

The Food Network was on again today which I find to be a completely ironic channel to be watching in the gym...picture Paula Dean slathering butter ALL over delicious things and baking delicious sweets.  All the while the sweat is dripping off your brow and I am thinking how all that butter and sugar got me to this point in the FIRST PLACE!  #must learn other things to do in the gym besides the treadmill....

On a more interesting note, the fam is going to an Astros game tonight!  Matt got tickets from a vendor awhile back so we decided to take the boys.  They are great seats (front row on 1st baseline) so hopefully keeps the boys interested.  We figured if they are bad and we need to least we didn't pay for the tickets!  This will be Mark's first game!  On a related note....I have had this Astros shirt in my closet for about a year and a half....tags still on.  I grabbed it one day at Target assuming it would fit.  Got home and it looked HORRIBLE so there it sat in my closet...never worn.  Tried it on last night, and what do you know, it is almost BIG now! Whoopideedoo to that! :)

Have a great weekend everyone and stay active!  We can do this!

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