Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A bunch of randomness

oh, where has the week gone already?  A whole lot going on so I will just make a big list of random for you! Here we go!

1) Yesterday was Matt's birthday....the big 35!  I was going to make a nice post about the 35 things I love about him...but I will leave you with just a couple instead.  I love that he is my best friend.  I love how he encourages me.  I love how he plays with the boys and can get some of the biggest laughs out of them ever!  And I love that he has a heart for the Lord and a great love for me and our family.  We are so truly blessed.  Happy Birthday, honey!  Here's to hoping 35 is the best year yet!!

2) Monday was Esther day!  E-day, as we call it, is the day we adopted Esther and we became her forever home.  7 years ago!  She is truly the best dog evah!

3) Did you know it was fall already?  One would not know it by the weather here in Texas...but I am a fall/winter kinda gal and really ready to start wearing sweaters and scarves and corduroy and boots!!

4)  I have another blog.  It's a recipe blog.  It is nothing fancy.  I don't know how to take good pictures of food.  BUT, I have eaten every recipe on it and  if it is on there, then we liked it.  I started it as a place to be able to go find my recipes in one simple place.  If you are in a cooking rut, go check it out.  And leave a comment if you liked what you made!

5)  Speaking of cooking.  I HATE dealing with raw chicken, beef, pork, etc.  It totally grosses me out.  But, as the chef in the house, I must do it.  I have no issues once the stuff is cooked...but touching it raw...EEEEEWWWW!!

6) And speaking of eating...I have hit the dreaded P word.  PLATEAU.  Ever since vacation back in August, the scale has been moving ever so slightly back and forth.  I don't know if it because I have become more lax?  Indulged in more celebrations?  Had time off of exercising with being sick, other commitments, etc?  I do not know.  But i AM FRUSTRATED.  But I am also committed and determined to lose this last 12lbs to get to my goal.  Any suggestions out there for  what to do when you have hit the virtual weight loss wall?

7) And Saturday...I run my first official 5k with Race for the Cure.  I ran tonight, 3.5 miles in 39 minutes.  Not the fastest (being sick last week and not running for nearly a week was NOT good for my stats)  I am 100% sure I can complete it, but wishing I was a little faster.  And if you want to donate for this great cause....go to my race page!  Every dollar counts!

I think that is about it for now.  Tomorrow is Thursday, almost through with the week.  Hang in there, friends! :)

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  1. Point number 5...ME TOO! I dislike raw meet, actually can handle beef but chicken...nasty. Something about how slimy & the film looking stuff over it...gross.


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