Monday, September 26, 2011

So Pinteresting!

Ahhh, pinterest...I think you quite possibly have replaced facebook on levels of time lost on....  LOL.  A couple of the girls were at the house over the weekend and I gave them a quick tutorial on "pinning".  It is so fun and just  full of great ideas and inspiration!

Over the weekend, I made this (pics coming, turned out ADORABLE!) and cooked this tonight (which was delish!)  And tomorrow...will be cooking this for hubby's birthday dinner.

One of the best things for sure is that I no longer have to send links back to myself for things that I want to make or try or just can just pin it in one place and go back to it when you are ready.  Genius, I tell you!

Are you on Pinterest yet?  If not, sign up or I will send you an invite.  Especially great at this time of year.  You WILL BE INSPIRED for Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas decor, gifts, crafts, etc!

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