Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge

**Update...thanks to Kathy's question, I did a quick online search for an activity tracker...and wouldn't you know it, there is one!  I started a group at the President's Fitness Challenge (remember those from way back in elementary school??)  I guess now they are expanded to get ALL ages moving! **

Go to the below link:  Create a FREE account.  Then you should be able to go to Groups and do a search for : 30 Day Challenge.  I tried it and it brought it up.  From there, I think you can join the group!  You should be able to track what you are doing as wel as see what else the group is doing!  Seems pretty cool!
Ok, September 1st is just 1 day away...and I am ready to get down to business and  see what all we can do in 30 days!  I think I am about to bite the bullet and join a gym.  With working downtown now and Bible study every Thursday night, I am struggling to get my workouts in and I am certain that the exercising is definitely what has been helping me lose the weight.  I have about 15lbs to go (need to get to a meeting this week to confirm!!) before I hit the top range of my "healthy weight" according to ww and this will be a great boost for me. 

So, consider me a soon-to-be (gasp!!) gym person now.....The gym I visited today is fairly small, not a bunch of scary hard bodies or hotties, and hopefully that will keep me from being TOTALLY intimated at first. I will probably stick to the treadmills as I am getting acquainted with this new routine....but am considering using a personal trainer for a couple weeks just to learn what else I can do.

If you are with me in joining the challenge, I would love to have some accountability partners!

Grab the button code on the right if you want to share on your blog too! :)


  1. I tried to add the thing to my blog, but it didn't work. I'm sure it's user error. Can you instruct me?

  2. Nevermind. Got it by using the the button on the side and not the one in the post.

  3. How are we doing this? Is there somewhere we need to post our activity or should we just keep track of it ourselves.


  4. Thanks for setting up the group... i just logged my progress for today.



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