Saturday, April 30, 2011

swimming lessons

today was our first swimming lesson for the boys.  I took z to mommy and me lessons when he was younger but this was the first real lesson on his own.

Swimming Lesson:0 Zach:1

My headstrong son refused to get into the water.  He isn't afraid of water, in fact ever since he first got into the pool at about 4 months old, he has LOVED water.  He does not however, like strangers sometimes.  We have talked about lessons since we signed up, boasting how some of his friends are swimming across the pool, also taking lessons, what fun things we could do after lessons and just generally pumping up swimming. But clearly that did not help.

There wasn't much I could do either as I was in the pool with Mark for his Mommy & Me I watched from across the pool as Z sat pouting on the bench next to dad while all the other kids were swimming.  And other parents were looking on at the poor kiddo who wouldn't get in the water.  Ugh.  (Mark cried for a few minutes when we first got in but after he warmed up, he loved it and didn't want out!)

So....what do you do?  The lessons we signed up were for 4 weeks.  The plan is to go back next week and try again!  Hubs was frustrated sitting there for 30 minutes in the warm pool room.  Afterwards I was trying to stay positive and  reassure Z and talking up trying again next week.  I think learning to swim is really important as I want him to be able to be safe...but is sitting on a bench counterproductive with him possibly feeling our frustration with him not participating?  I am hoping that as he gets more familiar with the process/teacher/place....perhaps he will warm up to the idea?  My other thought is to finish the 4 weeks and then maybe sign up for some private lessons at our neighborhood pool as that would be more familiar?  Anyone else out there have issues with things like this?  Z is really outgoing and friendly once he "knows" people, but definitely can be very withdrawn and stubborn when he is not in the mood for things.  Any suggestions appreciated!

Update on the sleeping got better in the middle of the week.  I have started leaving the door open upon suggestion from several people and that has seemed to help. (Although it did allow him to be up and awake at 6 am this morning...YAWN! (I took it as an opportunity to get my hiney in gear and finished my workout before 8am! WOOHOO!)

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  1. Oh man Lisa...I feel your pain. Zoe was the same way. The first time just pouted and sat with me not getting in. The next few times she would go back and forth but really not every doing anythign or learning anything. I was so frustrated but I made her go every Saturday just to show her we finish what we started even though she got nothing out of it. I will get her back into it when she is a little older, but I refuse to put myself through that again. For now she is great with the floaters and I know she will get there, but I remember Kai didn't really learn till he was around 6 and 7. I kept thinking though, of course it would be my kid, the ONLY one refusing to get in. Maybe the mommy and me classes would've helped if I thought to do it when she was smaller but ah well. Good luck my friend.


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